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What’s The Best Diet For Gastritis

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Gastritis is an acute or chronic inflammatory process of the stomach wall, associated with acidity or not. The classic symptoms of the disorder are heartburn, which the brain generally interprets as a “bloated stomach feeling.” Digestion becomes slow and laborious, with sour eructation, bitter taste in the mouth, or rather pain, burning and spasms in the stomach. , accompanied by vomiting and nausea, with a feeling of dizziness and cold sweat. At other times, the patient eats and lies down and after a while feels that the food is coming back into his mouth in the form of acid regurgitation, with a bitter sensation in the mouth, and suddenly wakes up with palpitations.

What’s The Best Diet For Gastritis

What's The Best Diet For Gastritis

It is clear that in all these conditions nutrition must be appropriate and an integral part of patient care. But the cause of gastritis is not always found in the hypersecretory dyspeptic syndrome, that is, in the excessive production of acid, but also in the abuse of alcohol, which is the basis of the same gastritis, called “alcohol”.

Foods To Avoid During Gastritis

In fact, we start drinking sweeter and tastier liquids, those advertised on television, mixed with soda and fruit juices or digestive bitters to become alcoholics and drink spirits!. Those who are mentally fragile, those who are depressed and under stress must absolutely avoid so-called “social drinking”, that is, drinking on a Saturday night in a bar, when friendship is sought. But back to us and the topic, we will say that alcohol (except for two fingers of red wine that contains antioxidants) is the basis of digestion; in other cases, the use of gastroleptic drugs, such as aspirin, pain relievers and anti-aggregation drugs can cause ulcers and gastritis. In addition, smoking is one of the main factors of gastritis and acidity.

In the presence of stomach pains and slow and laborious digestion, with a feeling of acidity, the first thing you should do is:

Go to the doctor and do instrumental tests, paying special attention to the approach to the gastroenterological patient, comparing the appropriate laboratory tests of the case, e.g. to assess the presence of hyposideric microcytic anemia.

In fact, behind the symptoms can be hidden pathologies that range from stomach ulcer to specific gastritis and duodenal ulcer, up to cancerous stomach ulcers, chronic gastritis associated with Helicobacter pylori, that is, to infection with this deceptive bacterium that causes between the folds of the stomach and which causes recurrence of gastritis. In these cases, it is recommended to implement the so-called “eradication” therapy, that is, the use of 3 antibiotics and a proton pump inhibitor twice a day. To specify that even a simple test of fecal antigens of Helicobacter pylori can already refer the doctor to a stomach infection caused by this bacterium. But if we assume that you have done a gastroscopy, that you came out with acute gastritis, that the doctor has already visited you, which diet will be correct?

Pancreatitis Diet: What To Eat And Avoid

The diet for gastritis is primarily based on following some very simple rules of conduct such as:

Eat slowly. “The first digestion fits in the mouth,” wrote the Latins, so good chewing is the basis for proper digestion and not overloading this poor stomach, which, as you know, functions as a kind of machine for crushing food, especially in its antral region. . What’s more, when you eat, you are calm, you don’t talk nervously with your partner about money and euros, about this damned euro that has impoverished us all and creates stress and gastritis and irritable bowel syndrome! Especially when the mortgage payment is approaching and there is acid and bitterness in the mouth! Meals will be small and frequent in order to use the buffering effect of food on stomach acidity.

Milk for breakfast, preferring skimmed milk, with barley, no coffee, not cappuccino that is integrated with espresso! Milk, as an alkaline food, has an immediate positive effect because its basicity works to counteract (buffer) the acidity of the stomach contents. In fact, coffee, tea and chocolate are “nerve” foods that stimulate acid secretion; some biscuits, not greasy, made with jam on bread, can complete the breakfast, without the excess of fat, sausages, bacon and eggs used by the English! Instead, you prefer yogurt and light food.

What's The Best Diet For Gastritis

Lunch will always include light food, not processed, not cooked with sauces! To understand pasta with fresh tomatoes and raw oil, mostly topped with a basil leaf and a little parmesan, not spicy pecorino!

Gastritis Symptoms And Treatment

Frozen meat is, in fact, a powerful acid secretagogue, that is, it stimulates acidity and you have a burst of stomach pains and a feeling of fullness and nausea and belching!

By the way, never use spices without chili peppers and paprika or “piparelli”, which are not a classic Sicilian almond biscuit but chili peppers from Calabria, southern Italy!

The second course will consist of tender beef, preferably grilled meatballs or burgers, skimmed; even better cooked fish, white meat, fresh digestible cheeses, fresh ricotta cheese from Sicily, with a high calcium content. A boiled egg is also good. The fruit is good; also Italian grapes, ripe apples, ripe pears, ripe bananas;

Never consume citrus, oranges or lemons because they are sour, never vegetables that itch your stomach while digesting like artichokes

Subway Saved Me

Do not eat sweets, no nougat, nuts, nuts and hazelnuts. Do not drink alcohol, carbonated drinks, Coca Cola, Pepsi, cinema, orange juice. Gastritis is an unpleasant inflammation of the lining of the stomach. If you have this condition, you will benefit from carefully following a gastritis diet plan to reduce heartburn.

However, breakfast can be a challenge, as the typical drinks and foods that come with the morning meal, such as coffee and fruit, can be irritating to those with gastritis. What you end up eating depends a lot on your taste and personal tolerance. Pay attention to what foods agree with you and do not irritate your sensitive stomach lining.

Keep a food diary to help you identify foods that irritate gastritis and avoid them for breakfast. For many people, low-fat, high-fiber, mildly spicy foods are best for breakfast and at other times of the day.

What's The Best Diet For Gastritis

When you have gastritis, or inflammation of the stomach lining, you produce less of the thick mucus layer that lines the stomach and protects it from caustic digestive juices. As a result, the acid in your stomach irritates the lining and leads to acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term) pain and discomfort.

A Super Breakfast To Heal Your Body

Some cases of gastritis are caused by an autoimmune condition. Your immune system attacks the cells lining your stomach, mistaking them for foreign invaders.

If you have been diagnosed with gastritis, you are all too familiar with the symptoms of this unpleasant condition. You may have upper abdominal pain, belching, lack of appetite or feeling full, bloating, heartburn and nausea – sometimes with vomiting.

Gastritis symptoms may come and go or be relatively constant. What you eat can make the condition worse and cause your symptoms to worsen. That’s why breakfast for gastritis is so important: it sets the tone for the whole day.

Not all people with gastritis suffer from the same food. Harvard Health suggests keeping a food diary and keeping track of which symptoms arise in relation to your meal choices. Once you’ve identified the link, eliminate the offending food for a few weeks to see if your gastritis symptoms improve.

Ways To Treat Gastritis

You still have a wide variety of foods available for breakfast and other meals, even if you have gastritis.

Infection may benefit from adding certain foods to your diet. Research published in a Polish journal,

When preparing breakfast or any other time of day, you can benefit from adding these foods. Top an egg white omelet with fresh broccoli sprouts or enjoy a glass of blueberry juice – delicious on its own or in a smoothie.

What's The Best Diet For Gastritis

Start by eliminating the foods that make you worse, explains Harvard Health Publishing. Skip the orange or tomato juice, and certainly the mimosas and bloody measures, as alcohol and juice together are even more likely to irritate the inflamed stomach lining. Quit coffee or limit yourself to one cup if you just can’t give it up.

Gastritis Diet: Foods To Avoid

Opt for healthy, low-fat options to settle your stomach on your anti-gastritis breakfast plan. Oatmeal, for example, with a little milk and chopped apple and cinnamon or sliced ​​banana is easily digested without irritating gastritis. Alternative hot cereals that may be acceptable to your stomach include cooked quinoa or cream of wheat.

An omelet made with egg whites, chopped peppers, mushrooms and onions is another digestible meal. Change the filling to include spinach, chopped broccoli and

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