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The Science Diet Dog Food Review

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The Science Diet Dog Food Review

The Science Diet Dog Food Review

Most people are familiar with Hill’s Science Diet dog food, which has been around since the 1930s. That’s when Morris Frank introduced the concept of using dogs to help the blind – with Dr. Mark Morris, Sr.

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Frank’s dog was suffering from kidney failure and Frank was looking for a way to save him. dr. Morris discovered that the problem was a lack of proper nutrition and the solution was a dog food that he and his wife made in their own kitchen. This dog food brought Frank the dog to recovery, and it was during this time that Dr. Morris realized how diet can affect health problems in dogs. So in 1948, he decided to team up with Burton Hill to mass market the dog food recipe he created for Frank the Dog.

In the year 1976, the Colgate-Palmolive Company (you may know him) bought the company but continued the tradition of nutritious dog food for puppies with health problems. Each recipe is created with the help of nutritionists, veterinarians and scientists to ensure the best quality.

And while there are many good things about Hill’s recipes for dogs with certain health conditions, there are also a few downsides to the brand.

Hill Science Nutrition dog food has been around for a while, so you’re probably familiar with the brand (or at least heard of it). Although it is always a good idea to learn about food before buying it. Hill specializes in creating dog food recipes based on the common health issues that dogs face, so while it may suit many dogs, it may not be right for every dog.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Senior Vitality Small & Mini Chicken & Ri

And while they say they focus on nutrition, much of their diet includes peas and legumes (which have been linked to heart disease in dogs) and whole grains that don’t add much fiber.

Hill Science Nutrition is made in Topeka, Kansas. Not only do they have a food processing plant, but they also have an animal hospital and a feeding center where they study how food affects dogs. Their Global Pet Nutrition Center employs nearly 200 scientists who research the best foods for dogs’ nutritional needs.

Hill is perfect for any dog ​​out there. They are suitable for dogs of all ages from puppies to seniors and also for all breeds. Their food is especially good for those with health problems as they contain a variety of dog foods designed to help with common health problems such as obesity, joint problems, food sensitivities, digestive issues and more.

The Science Diet Dog Food Review

While most dogs should do well on Hill’s, overweight dogs may do better on another brand simply because many Hill’s recipes contain grains that add extra calories. If that’s your pup, you’ll do better on a grain-free diet, such as Merrick’s Grain-Free Healthy Weight Recipe Dry Dog Food.

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And dogs with no health issues that need to be addressed can do well on healthy, regular dog foods like Blue Buffalo Lifeguard Formula Adult Chicken and Brown Rice Formula Dry Dog Food.

Some companies use less than great ingredients, so it’s important to know what’s in your pet’s food, so here’s a look at the pros and cons of Hill Science Nutrition dog food.

Most Hill Science Diet dog food recipes use real meat as the first ingredient, meaning your pup is getting an excellent source of protein. That’s always a plus! However, for dogs with food sensitivities, there can be issues as the sensitivities are often caused by common protein sources such as chicken. (Many of Hill’s recipes include chicken for sensitive dogs.) However, there are a handful of other options to choose from, such as turkey and lamb.

And while most of Hill’s recipes list real meat as the first ingredient, a few recipes (like lamb stew) list the first ingredient. This is a good source of protein for your dog, just not as good as real meat.

Hills Science Diet Canine Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food

The downside to Hill Science Diet dog food is that many recipes contain ingredients such as yellow peas, pea fiber, soy flour, and other legumes. Why would this be bad? Because peas and legumes are linked to heart disease in dogs. More research on this topic is needed to determine the magnitude of the compound, but you should keep this in mind when purchasing food for your pets.

After the main ingredient of meat or meat dishes, pulses are the most common ingredients in Hill. However, they are not necessarily better than whole grains, especially those that contain fiber. While many are whole grain ingredients, such as whole grain wheat, there are others such as sorghum and corn gluten meal. While not harmful, they provide more empty calories than fiber, so these nutrients can be enhanced. However, many recipes contain dried beet pulp, which gives your dog more fiber.

While recipes targeting certain health and nutritional concerns can be a good thing, if your dog is generally healthy, they may not benefit from these recipes (and may be on the unhealthy side for them). Puppies without specific health problems may do better on a diet with better grains and fewer grains. However, dogs with digestive or urinary problems can benefit greatly from Hill Science Nutrition dog food.

The Science Diet Dog Food Review

Hill Science Nutrition dog foods have been around for a while, which means they’ve had a few recalls in their history as well.

Jual Hill’s Science Diet

In March 2007, Hill saw dozens of foods recalled as part of the melamine scare. Thousands of animals have died from feeding pets containing this chemical in plastic, but it’s not known how many were caused directly by Hills.

The next recall occurred in June 2014, when 62 bags of adult small and dry toy prescriptions were recalled due to possible salmonella contamination (this was only in Nevada, California and Hawaii).

While not memorable, Hill broke through in 2015 with a few canned recipes. The cause is unknown, but it is thought to be due to a labeling problem.

The recent recall of the Hill Science Diet It was in 2019. More than 30 packaged foods have been labeled as rich (and toxic) in vitamin D. Hill’s company blamed the supplier for vitamin D levels. While the exact number is unknown, hundreds of pets are believed to have died as a result, and lawsuits were soon filed.

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This Hill Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Chicken Dry Dog Food is formulated for adult puppies with digestive problems or dry, itchy skin. With real chicken as the first ingredient and added fiber in the form of beet pulp, it promises easy digestion for your dog.

It is also rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin E to improve the look and feel of your pet’s skin and coat.

Yellow peas are listed as the third ingredient, but you should weigh the implications of peas and heart disease when making your decision.

The Science Diet Dog Food Review

If you have a dog that needs a little help managing their weight, this food could be for you! Hill Science Nutrition Adult Perfect Weight Chicken Dry Dog Food is specially designed to be low in calories and high in protein to help your furry friend maintain a healthy weight and lean muscle mass.

The Best Dry Dog Food

Real chicken and chicken food are responsible for the added protein, while added fiber keeps your pup feeling full longer.

Do you have a large breed dog? Then Hill Science Diet Large Breed Chicken and Barley Dry Dog Food might just be the perfect combination. Like most of Hill’s recipes, it features chicken as the key ingredient for high-quality protein. It also provides a blend of antioxidants proven to support your pet’s immune system and overall health.

And because it’s designed for larger breeds, it also contains glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint and cartilage strength and health, so your dog can stay mobile for life.

The above information will help you decide if Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food is the best

Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Large Breed Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food

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