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The Paleo Diet Foods Bar

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The Paleo Diet Foods Bar – The growth of the paleo market has been tremendous over the past year, with new products and companies popping up left and right every month.

One of these startups was launched in October 2013 by a couple from Fort Collins, CO. Todd and Shauna are the brains behind the Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet Foods Bar

The Paleo Diet Foods Bar

Bar, a protein bar made with 100% paleo ingredients. In fact, this bar was developed by one of the world’s leading paleo diet experts, Dr. Also endorsed by Lorraine Corden.

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Natural ingredients are the basis of the Paleo Diet TM Bar, rich in high quality protein sources. Some brands cut corners, but The Paleo Diet TM breaks bar boundaries and goes the extra mile to blend the perfect balance of nutrients to promote health and wellness.

Of course, we were very curious about how this bar would taste and got our hands on both flavors:

As with most Paleo bars, the base is made from almonds and dates, making it high in sugar (about 22 grams).

Both bars have a chewy texture, they are more solid than most almond/almond based bars. Cranberry Almond is drier than Cinnamon Raisin, but not much drier.

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It’s a little hard to tell the 2 bars apart by smell, but the cranberry is sharper.

Sugar content — Sugar content is high, as the base is from dried fruit. This is again a paleo bar based on dates and nuts, which you often see.

100% Paleo – There are many protein bars that claim to be Paleo, but are not. These bars are made with materials that are

The Paleo Diet Foods Bar

In short, they are a tasty, protein-rich bar that falls into the 100% Paleo category. And they are running 2 interesting specials to try:

Paleo Diet Explained

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It was lucky enough to attend Paleo f(x) in Austin, Texas last April (2015). It was a 3-day paleo-palooza, with talks throughout the day by leading paleo movement experts, scientists, authors, athletes and bloggers. There was also a large expo floor where paleo-friendly companies could give out samples, promote their products and get some new customers. I may have eaten too many sample foods that weekend… I have no regrets.

One of the businesses I came across while perusing the trade show floor and stuffing my face was the Paleo Diet Bar. Started by Shauna and Todd Sledge, the spin-off company that came from Braup Nutrition, LLC has worked long and hard to create a bar that uses only the best ingredients, with no major allergens. . The founders Dr. It also got Lorraine Corden, founder of the Paleolithic movement, to jump on board with production and work with the company to ensure its validity as a true paleo product.

All the research, time and trial batches that went into producing the Paleo Diet Bar ultimately led to a snack that is soy, gluten, grain, legume, dairy- and preservative-free, while maintaining the high standard of being. Has a good balance of macronutrients. free Each flavor contains healthy fats from nuts and seeds, carbohydrates and fiber from fruit and protein from eggs and hemp. It can also be used as a post-workout refuel, a healthy snack, or an occasional treat. Sledge and Dr. Corden really worked to create a versatile product. I got a chance to grab a few bars in their Cinnamon Raisin and Cranberry Almond flavors – two real ones – plus Shauna threw in a free shirt for me (thanks!). Two new flavors were also announced: Cherry Apple Walnut and Blueberry Pear Pecan. There is also a poll on their website where customers can vote for the third new flavor.

Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut Nutrition Bars 12 Count

I was excited about the name of this flavor, because I automatically think of a warm cinnamon raisin bagel when I first visited New York City. I know from experience that it can’t be replicated 100% in anything, but I was looking forward to the normal taste. Don’t get me wrong, this bar is delicious. The cinnamon isn’t very detectable though, so it’s a fruity flavor from the raisins. I’m sure it’s hard to find a good balance of cinnamon with overly sweet ingredients like dates and raisins, but I think it should be promoted as an antioxidant benefit in this bar rather than a flavor component. That said, it’s tasty and fun, but don’t expect too much cinnamon flavor.

Ingredients: Dates, Egg White Protein Powder, Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Raisins, Apple Fiber, Hemp Protein Powder, Sesame, Coconut Oil, Water, Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract.

The taste of this bar is very precise. I can taste the tartness of the cranberries balanced by the sweet dates, mixed with crushed almonds. Like cinnamon raisins, it has a very balanced macronutrient ratio and one of these bars can keep you going for a few hours. I used all of my samples as pre-workout snacks after a long day of class and they allowed me to bulk up and get in a solid lifting session!

The Paleo Diet Foods Bar

Ingredients: Dates, Almonds, Egg White Protein Powder, Apple Fiber, Sunflower Seeds, Dried Cranberries (Cranberry, Apple Juice Concentrate), Hemp Protein Powder, Strawberry Juice Concentrate, Coconut Oil, Water, Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon.

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These bars have a consistent structure between the two. The chewiness factor comes from using dates as a base, and includes a hint of crunch from the discarded nuts and seeds. I’d say this is definitely one of the better date-wise bars I’ve tried. It doesn’t fall apart as annoyingly as some bars that rely heavily on grains or nuts as a base. Basically, it holds well but doesn’t clog your mouth – a difficult balance to find in other products with similar ingredients.

To learn more about this fast growing company, visit their website. If you are interested in purchasing any of these flavors, click here. The new flavors I mentioned in my introduction will also be available soon.

*I receive a small compensation and/or free product for these reviews. I may also receive a commission based on sales made through links on this page. This does not affect my honesty about the product. Companies interested in having their product reviewed can email me at* Want my top five secrets to making healthy eating easy and delicious so healthy food doesn’t have to taste like cardboard?

These easy-to-cook at-home paleo protein bars are just 7 ingredients and are healthy, gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free! Perfect for on-the-go snacks!

Day Paleo Friendly Meal Plan

Leeee, when Mr. FFF and I first started dating/married, every time he made a food choice that I considered “unacceptable” (meaning every single day of his life, all day long) I looked at him and went “What? You really eat? This?”

This usually happened when she decided to eat a meal of 100% carbs (she considered homemade cereal or healthy chewy granola bars or chips and salsa for dinner on a very regular basis) and Z-E-R-O protein.

I think you’re probably well aware that I’m obsessed with protein. If I could eat Blueberry Paleo Protein Waffles for breakfast, Paleo Homemade Protein Bars for a snack, Mango Chicken with Coconut Cauliflower Rice for dinner, and Funfetti Protein Cookies for dessert every day, I would.

The Paleo Diet Foods Bar

Protein = muscle. This is why I never understood why he just didn’t care. Does he want me to start picking him up?

Easy Paleo Meals Ready In 30 Minutes

Says the girl who curls 15 pounds and she can still curl 1 million. I guess he’s pretty sure that will never happen.

Your married friends probably know that after 5 years you calm down when you’re restless and let things slide a little. So this question usually doesn’t come out of my mouth. How-ev-er, don’t think I don’t care about the condition of his muscles anymore. I’ve discovered a super secret way to make sure he gets his protein while looking like a superstar mega-fabulous wife.

Snap snap snap. They win. <- Don't know why the snaps happen. It just felt like a necessary thing.

If you make delicious, super-portable, extra-snackable little bars of protein-packed BLISS, filled with crunchy, rich chocolate and slathered with creamy almond butter in every bite, and then L-E-A-V-E them in the fridge. Without saying a word, the always carb-eating husband gets curious. Especially when they look softer and chewier than the usual sugar-free keto low-carb granola bars you see in the fridge.

Refrigerator Paleo Protein Bars You Can Eat All Week

Your man will be asking for easy, healthy, portable protein bars all day of his life. These really are the perfect bar recipe.

* Make sure only the egg whites are included. I haven’t tested it with anyone else

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