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Special K Diet Before And After Pictures

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Special K Diet Before And After Pictures – Many women look back on their younger years and loathe the ridiculous diets they put themselves through to lose weight – when they didn’t even need to.

The challenge, which gained popularity in the early 2000s, suggested that people could drop a jean size in two weeks if they only ate Special K for breakfast and lunch. Kellogg’s, which owns the Special K, has since abandoned the project.

Special K Diet Before And After Pictures

Special K Diet Before And After Pictures

But the diet resurfaced when Kayleigh Ann, 29, from Manchester, tweeted: “Anyone remember in the early 2000s when Special K came out with a ‘diet’ where you only eat Special K for breakfast and lunch and Then there was the food? . Small meal for dinner? Wtf was that all about? Damn hell”.

Glass Fragments Found In Special K, Kellogg’s Recalls

Speaking to HuffPost UK, Kaleigh says the memory just “popped into her head”, and she thought she saw someone else do it. In high school, she said, aged 14, she carried a sandwich bag full of special K “to lose weight”.

Her tweet quickly garnered thousands of likes and encouraged other women to share their stories. “Apparently the diet was popular with the schoolgirls,” he said. “I remember being a teenager and trying this for a week,” wrote one. “Yes, I remember that – I was at school too,” wrote another.

Another woman said her 13-year-old son was “constantly” on the Special K diet. “I felt guilty if he got away with it,” he wrote. “I think many young people were in the same boat. I hope that girls will no longer be subjected to something like this.

Others remembered the ad for the diet with its “lady in a red swimsuit” – an ideal aimed at many girls. “I think about this all the time,” one woman tweeted. “I remember being a kid and thinking I’d always be as skinny as the woman in the Special K commercial as much as I’d do that diet growing up.

Special K Kellogg’s Cereal, Vanilla Almond, 18.80 Ounce

Some said they stayed with her, even though during the day they “starved to death”, because their friends were doing the same.

Kayleigh was amazed at how many people responded to her saying they had done the diet too – and at such a young age. “It’s annoying to feel like we have to change our bodies, alone as teenagers!” she tells HuffPost UK.

A Kellogg’s spokeswoman previously said the challenge is “just a two-week kick-start, not a permanent way of eating.”

Special K Diet Before And After Pictures

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Kellogg’s Special K Rebrands Dieting Image With Self Empowerment

Sign up and we’ll email you a daily dose of lifestyle stories, including sex, relationships, health, fitness, money and green living. The Special K Diet is well known in the weight loss industry for its visible results. She claims to have shed about 6 pounds in just two weeks. But how can this be possible?

This diet was created by Kellog’s, a company known for its breakfast cereals. The central idea of ​​this diet is to eat two cups of special K cereal with low fat milk. While one cup is for breakfast, the other can be for either lunch or dinner. A well-balanced third meal should also be eaten.

Eating less and losing more fat is a key principle here, as the diet claims to help you feel fuller for longer. Well, it doesn’t have to be boring. His meal plan is very strategically designed, and you can also include low glycemic foods that are also nutritious.

However, this diet plan should not be followed for more than two weeks, as it only addresses short-term weight loss goals. Learn more about this diet from this article and start your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Friendly Rice Varieties (and How To Further Minimise Its Calories)

Now that you know the science behind the Special K diet, let’s unveil a specially designed 6-meal-a-day diet plan with calorie and time counts.

This diet plan is flexible and gives you 1200-1500 calories per day. Be sure to include special K in every two meals a day. Avoid fatty foods. Eat foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Follow the Special K diet plan for two weeks and see visible results.

Pay attention to portion sizes. Using too much of a particular K will not produce the desired results. Limit the portion to the size of your palm.

Special K Diet Before And After Pictures

If you have an allergy to any of the foods listed or simply do not want to eat the same vegetable or fruit for 14 days, here is a list of food alternatives to help you break the monotony.

Calories In Kellogg’s Special K Chocolatey Delight Cereal And Nutrition Facts

If this list is not enough, the next section contains a list of foods you can eat (in measured portions) while on the Special K diet.

While trying to eat healthy foods, be sure to avoid foods with a high glycemic index or heart disease.

Avoid added sugar in special K cereals. Add fresh strawberries or 2 chopped dates for sweetness.

By the end of Day 1, you will feel good about yourself as you have successfully completed the first day of this diet plan.

The #1 Best Cereal For Weight Loss, Dietitian Says — Eat This Not That

However, for 3 days, you may feel a little tired as you must avoid all carbohydrates and high sugar temptations. Don’t give up so easily. Sticking to the plan will not only help you lose water weight and fat but also help you become mentally strong enough to overcome any cravings for fatty foods.

Day 6 will be difficult as you will be tired of eating healthy food. The best way to deal with this is to add special K to the recipe in creative ways.

By the end of day 8, you will notice a big difference in your body. You lose at least 4 pounds. Once you see the results of your hard work, you’ll be able to tackle the last 6 days with vigor.

Special K Diet Before And After Pictures

The 12 days will be tough because most successful dieters feel the urge to eat a lot of junk food because they have lost a good amount of weight. Wait for the reward. You have not reached your goal weight. Be patient and stay hydrated.

Special K Cereal: A Processed “health Food” In Disguise

Day 14 will bring a big smile on your face. Weighing about 6 pounds, you will feel much lighter, and you will be able to wear any outfit!

It is not advisable to stick to this diet beyond the second week. Your body’s immunity and health levels will be low, and continuing this indefinitely will lead to serious health problems. If you want to follow this diet plan again, take a two-week break and then start the Special K diet again.

The best part of this diet – you can lose weight quickly without depriving your body of any nutrients, or killing your taste buds.

This diet plan is very simple and easy to follow. All the ingredients are easily available in the supermarket, and do not need to be cooked for a long time. For example, if you are tired and do not feel like cooking, you can bank on a bowl of special coffee and milk. However, if you are in the mood to eat interesting food without disturbing your diet, the next section gives you two special K recipes that you will love to eat.

Low Fiber Diet: Tips And Foods To Eat

Here are some special K recipes that are simple, easy to cook, and fun. Who knew multigrain flax could taste so delicious!

This recipe is super delicious, healthy, easy to make. This recipe can rock your house party as finger food. Also, you can use any vegetable or meat to prepare this cutlet.

Although it’s not easy to resist your food cravings, Special K Nachos are definitely a healthy way to satisfy those cravings – they’re easy to prepare and are the perfect healthy and crunchy snack.

Special K Diet Before And After Pictures

I hope these recipes satisfy your desire. Remember, simply following a special K diet will not help you lose weight. You also need to exercise to expend energy, mobilize stored fat, and look great. Check out the recommended exercise regimen that should be followed for at least 30 minutes a day.

Kellog’s Special K Chocolatey Strawberry

Exercise is very important to keep you active and healthy. Since the special K diet is only a 1200-1500 calorie diet, do not choose vigorous exercise. Rather, stick to yoga and stretching exercises. Practice yoga at least 20 minutes a day. Here is a list of exercises that will keep your muscles toned and your cells active.

Eating the right foods in the right amount and exercising will help you lose weight. But, you must eliminate other mistakes in your practice. The Dos and Don’ts will tell you exactly where you can go wrong and how to get the most out of a special K diet plan.

Stick to the diet plan. You can substitute and make some small changes, but the basic calorie intake should be the same.

So, now you know the practical mistakes you can make and stop your weight loss. But do you know why we strongly support it?

The Special K Diet

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