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Slow Carb Diet Supplements

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If you believe the hype, the Slow Carb Diet will make your body burn fat, increase your sex drive, and minimize decision fatigue by allowing you to eat only a small list of approved foods.

Slow Carb Diet Supplements

Slow Carb Diet Supplements

The Slow Carb Diet is supposed to be a healthier alternative to other diets by limiting carbohydrates and eating foods with a high protein content. But does it work? There is no research to support this diet.

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Worth a try. In this blog post, I’m debunking the slow carb diet in favor of—you guessed it—intuitive eating. I’ll also cover what intuitive eating is and how you can use it to eat healthy without restricting yourself or counting calories!

, is the creator of the Slow Carb Diet. It has been around since 2010 and is a discussion about how to achieve the best possible results in your lifestyle and fitness goals with minimal effort.

It includes things like how to sleep 2 hours a day and feel completely rested, as well as the Slow Carb Diet.

Before we dive into the Slow Carb Diet, it’s important to note that Tim Ferriss lists zero health and nutrition training on his website. While I’m 100% all for personal experimentation to find foods, drinks and eating habits that can do this

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Feeling and moving your best doesn’t equate to being able to give nutritional advice to others: that’s what registered dietitians like me are.

It’s a bit like going to therapy and reading self-help books. Great for your personal growth and healing, but doesn’t really equip you to provide therapy to others.

Ferriss claims that the slow carb diet is effective for rapid weight loss and suggests that it is possible to lose body fat by optimizing one of these three factors: diet, exercise, or supplement regimen.

Slow Carb Diet Supplements

There is overlap with the ketogenic diet and the low carb diet because both are lower in carbohydrates. Speaking of fad diets, feel free to check out my post Does Keto Work? Before hiring a Keto trainer, read the risk-benefit analysis. Dr. Micro: Weight Loss Supplements

The Slow Carb Diet is based on five basic rules. It generally involves eating a limited list of foods for six consecutive days, with a day off once a week. This kind of “good food vs. bad food” mentality sets you up for a restrictive and overindulging cycle – yikes! My blog post Why Binge Eating Happens: 2 Types goes into more detail about what this cycle is and strategies to stop it.

Meanwhile, what are the five rules of the Slow Carb Diet? Let’s explore what they are (and also be prepared to discover them, because that too will come).

While following the diet, you are limited to a list of approved foods for six consecutive days per week. Here are five rules for the slow carb diet.

The Slow Carb diet avoids all processed carbohydrates, including pasta, bread and grains. The only exception is if you’re focusing on building strength, you can eat “white” carbs like pasta if it’s within 30 minutes of your workout.

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The creator of this diet claims that out of the endless amount of food available, there are few that people will not gain weight. This is 100% bologna.

While I’m all for reducing the stress of meal planning and decision fatigue, I’m not advocating narrowing down your regular meals to a shortlist. We need a variety of meals and snacks to optimize our nutrition and satisfaction. At the end of the post, I have some tools to share about it – read on!

Ferriss advocates drinking only water, coffee, pure tea, etc. No room for a latte or a glass of juice. Or fruit at all (we’ll talk about that later). The diet plan allows for the occasional diet soda and glass of dry red wine.

Slow Carb Diet Supplements

While I agree that water is a healthy drink and coffee is a regular part of my routine, there is room for fun drinks. An example is my Easy & Quick Banana Protein Shake.

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Practice Bad fruit. What earned it this bad reputation of being too high in sugar and not an essential part of a healthy eating plan?

Ferriss advocates cutting fruit to promote weight loss. I disagree 1000%. That’s because I have science on my side – huzzah!

Fruit not only tastes great, but is full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals that nourish our body from the inside; fruit is also hydrating and satisfying to eat. Fruit promotes mental health, clearer skin, and … dun dun dun … and doesn’t cause weight gain, as study after study shows. Bananas say that the fruit prevents weight loss. B-A-N-A-N-A-S (hit, Gwen!)

The Slow Carb Diet allows for one “cheat day” each week. Not only do I hate the term “cheat day”—eating fun foods isn’t cheating—labeling foods as “good” and “bad” sets us up for unhealthy, complicated relationships with food.

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One of the misconceptions about intuitive eating is that we are no longer about health; “eat all the chips and donuts you want.” But we also know—intuitively (ha!)—that if we only ate these foods, we wouldn’t actually feel as good.

Instead, Intuitive Eating is a way to learn to eat what works for you in order to nourish your physical body

. Scoffing donuts and other indulgent fun foods takes a toll on your mental health. If you want a donut – eat it! And if you need a new recipe to try, check out this recipe for Easy Glazed Blueberry Pie Donuts – they’re delicious.

Slow Carb Diet Supplements

As an intuitive eater, I’m an advocate of giving myself full permission to eat what’s good 100% of the time, not just one day a week. And I know it’s hard to believe, but…chances are NOT all foods that are considered “unhealthy”! Our bodies are smart and know that this would not be good.

Slow Carb Diet: The Ultimate Guide + Survival Tips

The Slow Carb Diet allows for five food groups, with the exception of a cheat day once a week. The diet allows a very limited number of foods from the following groups: proteins, legumes, vegetables, fats and herbs.

… and that is all. This is a complete list of what you can eat six days a week on this restrictive diet plan. The Slow Carb Diet cuts out dairy, fruit, fried foods, and most anything remotely fun…except for cheat day.

I already mentioned that the diet plan recommends several supplements. A quick note about supplements: they can be a tool in the wellness toolkit, but I don’t recommend just a blanket approach to all of my clients. We’ll talk about what your usual foods are and then I might decide to fill in some of the gaps with quality third-party approved supplements.

The Slow Carb Diet plan recommends that participants take the following four supplements. Goals here? All about weight loss and metabolism… even though there is no science to back it up. They recommend these four:

Slow Carb Foods: What You Need To Know

They also recommend boosting electrolytes with the following three, with specific advice on when to take them and how much:

Food supplements are a very individual matter and are not suitable for everyone. If you are concerned about taking a nutritional supplement, I recommend that you speak with a registered dietitian for more legitimate and individualized advice. I would hate to see you not only risk your health by taking something potentially harmful, but also waste your $$$.

Allowed foods on the Slow Carb Diet are quite limited. Slow carbohydrates are mainly from legumes. Vegetables provide some carbohydrates, as do nuts. Other than that, no other carbs are allowed! Boo!

Slow Carb Diet Supplements

. You may have heard of this diet under one name or another, but both refer to the same diet and lifestyle.

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FYI – Ferriss is also the author of a book called The 4-Hour Workweek, which you may have heard of, as well as several other 4-Hour books.

I’ll cut to the chase: I’m not advocating any restrictive diet. They simply don’t work and cause damage in the meantime. This includes the slow carb diet as discussed here, but no diet will be promoted in my community. I am committed to what works: developing a healthy relationship with food, my body and eating.

Still, I don’t agree with everything about the Slow Carb Diet. There are several benefits to consider incorporating without actually following a diet.

The Slow Carb Diet has some useful features, but we can incorporate them into our intuitive eating lifestyle without going on a restrictive diet and opening the door to these risks.

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One advantage is the focus on beans. Most of us don’t get enough fiber in our daily diet and beans are a surefire way to increase that number and enjoy it

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