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Skinny Ulzzang Diet

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Skinny Ulzzang Diet – Korean ulzzangs usually have a very specific ‘framework’ that they must follow to become a perfect ulzzang. If you want to be like that person, you need to work on these physical attributes. You can have a unique ulzzang!

In Korea, having a good facial expression is not seen in Western culture. In Western culture, when looking at famous people, jaw types such as “He has a beautiful heart” and “A square chin” are considered natural. However, in Korea, everyone tries to have a V-line face. Here are some pictures.

Skinny Ulzzang Diet

Skinny Ulzzang Diet

Another beautiful feature of Ulzzang is her flawless skin. Koreans (and all Asians) find pale skin very attractive, so it should be very light because ulzzang is the definition of beauty.

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This is important in Asia. Asians are not afraid to say things like, “You look heavy.” Because weight is something that is closely monitored in Korea and other Asian countries. Ulzzang is the image of a slim body and has become an idol for many people with a small and slim body.

Ulzzang looks like a mature doll. Finally, their eyes should be as cute as a baby’s. These include large eyes with double eyelids, a small nose with a high bridge, and a small mouth. Here are some examples.

Eyebrows are not something that people look at when looking at a person, but they are very different. Koreans love straight eyebrows because they look innocent and cute. Look at the picture below and focus on the eyebrows. Do you know that eyebrows play a big role in making ulzzang look cute? Even in the photo above to show other body features, you can see the eyebrows that make it look less ulzzang and innocent.

Guys, I got requests from ulzzangs how to keep a slim and slim body. Here!

How To Be Slim Like Ulzzangs

The most important thing for good looks is long and thin legs, and the clothes and photo angles of handsome men emphasize these legs.

So, how can I get the long-awaited beautiful body? First, I want to point out that many uljjang have received plastic surgery such as liposuction and calf reduction, so they cannot claim to be the same as us. But today, I will tell you how to have a beautiful body.

Ulzzangs are very physical through many foods and lifestyles. We will explain below.

Skinny Ulzzang Diet

Korean ulzzangs have another advantage over us living in Western countries as they have a healthy lifestyle. First, the food they eat is 10 times better than the average food in the US where I live. Take a closer look –

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This is what Korean food is like. It is very different from western food. There are many dishes but they are all small and mostly vegetables. There is a bit of meat in the middle, but the size is small, and it looks like a table for 2-3 people.

When it comes to food, most Korean food is fish. Fish is known for its omega-3 fatty acids and is very healthy. It’s better than the hamburger you eat in America. Most Korean side dishes are boiled and drained vegetables. Korean people don’t eat sweet food, they have a lot of garlic in their diet. Garlic can help you burn bad cholesterol. Basically, Koreans like kimchi, which provides cabbage with nutrients, and its spicy taste boosts metabolism.

Unfortunately, when I type “American food” into the search bar, the first thing that comes up is right. So don’t think I’m picking this picture or anything else. look at that Potatoes are vegetables. However, when you fry them in a deep fryer, most of them remove all the nutrients from them, leaving only carbohydrates. The burger features bread (carbs), beef (protein and fat), cheese (calcium), and OH LOOK lettuce. There aren’t many vegetables in this American food, and I think it’s easy to tell the difference between Korean food and American food.

This is the first reason why the Korean ulzzang is small. Although they have a daily diet that is healthy and low in fatty substances such as sugar and carbohydrates, in the Western diet, carbohydrates mean everything.

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Of course, eating ulzzang- Korea’s healthy food choices make no sense if you eat them.

I honestly don’t believe in crash food like all the kpop food you hear. If you want to lose weight, I think you need to change your lifestyle. You have to train your body to eat better to get really thin. However, some people still want to hear about kpop food and more, so I’ll include it in this post with Asian food tips.

Here are some kpop songs I’ve heard over the years. If you want to follow them, go ahead.

Skinny Ulzzang Diet

I hope these 10 diet tips help those trying to lose weight, and I hope you enjoy them! We have other tips, so if you want, leave a comment like “Make a food post” below, thanks for your interest!

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Note: For those of you who want to look like ulzzang, don’t feel pressured to look at any style. The following posts describe the standards of beauty.

And I’m not trying to change their attitude, you don’t like them because you don’t like them. Now enjoy!

First, thinness is important to Koreans and Asians. Before going into the details of ulzzang, let’s start with a brief cultural explanation. As someone who regularly travels to countries like Japan, Korea, and China, I find that my perception of body image is much more rigid than in the United States, where I sitting. People aren’t afraid to say to themselves, “Oh, you’re overweight.” It might be bad in other places, but not in Asia. In America, all body types are beautiful, and more, but unfortunately there is only one body type that Asians find attractive.

Weight is one of the most important aspects of beauty for ulzzang (stay tuned for the next post to cover the “beauty criteria” that ulzzang must meet!). As it is necessary to look young like ulzzang, thin legs and narrow waist are very important. Not only that, ulzzang can show a V-shaped chin (an important part of ulzzang beauty).

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To be honest, all ulzzangs are a little heavy. All of their BMIs were around 16.8, which is below the healthy line (cut off at 18.5). this is theirs

Asians have thinner bone structures. In other words, I have light bones, so I weigh less than a white person, who weighs the same as me.

All of this goes back to culture. In Korea, people who weigh more than 50 kg (about 111 lb) are considered fat. (If you’re above this weight, remember that Asians are also shorter than most Westerners, so don’t underestimate this. And if you’re Asian, you’re short or more, above this cut, that’s just an opinion. Remember, if you love your body, it’s beautiful.) But even this opinion should apply to short women, especially tall Korean women ( around 170cm) and still try to stay under 50kg. It’s a bit harsh, but that’s the level of beauty in Korea.

Skinny Ulzzang Diet

To be honest, height is not important to Ulzzang. How you use it is important. For example, Hong Young-gi is 146 cm tall and Choi Soo-young is 170 cm tall. The height is not important, but the ratio is important according to the height of the ulzzang. One important thing about the ulzzang (besides the face, of course) is that they often have long, small legs.

The Ulzzang Diet: Korean Dieting

I won’t talk about this, but in Korea, the s line is a feminine “s” shape.

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