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Skinny Girl Diet Band

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Skinny Girl Diet Band – Pulling a headline announcing that you “…could be the killer bikini of our generation”(1) and Viv Albertine saying “Finally, real girls, young and confident , sing with their own voices.”(2) the achievements are very beautiful. used to. You just released your first album! Skinny Girl Diet is a London-based trio of Delilah and Ursula Holliday and Amelia Cutler whose music is feminist and political punk that reflects the experience of growing up as a young woman in 21st century Britain. With a slot at this year’s Geography Festival and an album, Heavy Flow, coming out in September, I contacted them for an interview, and they graciously agreed.

(((o))): I am in the middle of reading Cath Bunyard’s book ‘The Illusion of Equality’ (3) which looks at the lived experiences of women in the UK and elsewhere, where it’s like a woman inside. A sexist culture, a patriarchal culture Controversy, sexism, violence – are there any issues you face in your music?

Skinny Girl Diet Band

Skinny Girl Diet Band

Without a doubt. They are problems that you cannot avoid and become a part of your life and experience. In a way, it helps you become a person. No SIS man knows that a woman is as mentally strong as a woman because of all the reasons we face in life. When you make music, you put a lot of yourself into it, music is a way to put all these experiences in one place. We are not ashamed to talk about our experience of sexism because it is important to use our voice whenever possible and not stand on the sidelines or sit on the wall. Whether you’re a feminist or a masochist, choose your side. These unfair things like objectification, sexism, cat-girling that every woman faces every day, must be confronted because people don’t think it’s just a part of the life of a woman.

Latitude 2016: Skinny Girl Diet

(((o))): Was the reason for creating the group because you wanted to see the unknown of women? Facing society with unpleasant facts?

This is a heavy burden that we carry on our shoulders. However, we like everything we do against people with cool facts and find people’s behavior funny because it forces them to think. Even though we’re very political, outspoken and funny about our community, we don’t understand why people come to us for answers, we’re just musicians at the end of the day .

I think we all hope that politics is like us. But after interviewing, we slowly realized that no one else really cared about putting problems in their music or worried about expressing their opinion. So we are faced with all these questions that other musicians don’t know where to start to answer. We started with our name, we didn’t think it was so amazing, it shows how women care and see music, when we want to play music, the idea ends politics. We all enjoy being together and singing together. Of course, there is anger with the lack of representation of women and discrimination against women, but it is not our political opinion that drives us to make music, but it is a part of us.

(((o))): How and when did Diet Skinny Girl form, did you have a clear idea of ​​the sound you were aiming for or was it slow or ever changing? How would you describe your sound?

Rockmusik Von Frauen: Zeit Für Einen Saitenwechsel

Something developed from just playing and jamming for 6 years. We were influenced by the music we listened to, raised by our parents on alternative music and punk, but we didn’t really want to sound like a special band or anything. As we grow and learn new things, the sound will always change.

(((o))): You are a self-described feminist and political group – how did your politics evolve? What are the results? Where do you place yourself politically or is it a constant change of mind?

We are all very lucky to have politically vocal, outspoken parents who always talk to us about issues and who are not shy about exposing us to politics from a young age. We were taken to political marches as children and festivals like the Rise Up Festival (anti-racism festival 2006 – 2008) at a young age shaped our outlook on life. We may be opening up for our family and each other. We will always leave the wing.

Skinny Girl Diet Band

Amelia: The list is huge. I really like Angela Carter’s writing. His books are well written, his attitude towards women is truly fascinating. It made me realize how wrong male writers are in making reliable women.

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Delilah: Sylvia Plath is probably my favorite author, I hold the bell box very close to my heart, at one point in my life she was the only thing I could relate to. One of my favorite authors is Margaret Atwood, who shaped both how I see myself as a woman and how I create art.

((o)): Capitalism tries to create a sense of insecurity and concern about the appearance of women and encourages them to develop a sense of self-identity about to an acceptable community. Do you think it can help to explore your creativity and thinking in society against these problems?

As a result, just knowing is not an idea, and knowing is only part of a great helper. Thinking and being part of a community helps build self-confidence. Self-love is the best protection.

(((o))): It seems like positive stereotypes for young women in mainstream culture have gotten worse in recent years, I’m thinking of the Divergent movies and The Hunger Games series, do you think this passive Twilight style is rejected by most young women?

Who Is Skinny Girl Diet?

It is very difficult when women talk about the disadvantages of the image. In the main culture, the woman has become a household word, which is good for the younger generation, hoping that they will not think to criticize themselves as much as the older generation. The choices made in movies about female characters have a positive effect, so there are more women, female directors, female first roles, women of color, etc. equal pay for female actors in film is a good start.

(((o))): Originally Riot Grrrl, it was a response to the US punk scene, which was dominated by white men, with all the problems that came with it. How did you find the UK Lo Fi DIY/punk scene, was it an easier place to be a woman than the mainstream culture?

It has two sides. The LGBTQIA side of the scene is cool and good to get into. That’s where we started and we got support from companies like Shopping. Then you have the other side, which is very machismo, with rich white boys who think they are punks. This page may be similar to the main culture in terms of ease of access if you are like them. They can put us down and think we can’t play and understand our instruments because we’re women.

Skinny Girl Diet Band

(((o))): In ‘One Chord Wonders’, Laing explains that the punk wave created a space for women to open up and find a man (4). Do you think this has to do with the punk/DIY scene or are hegemonic male stereotypes re-enforced?

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Punk doesn’t mean much now. It was white and male, and looking back it didn’t give women in punk the exposure they deserved. The word punk and punk disappeared when the movement was subverted by white supremacy. It’s a scene that doesn’t really make sense.

(((o))): You have released two releases (the most recent being Girl Gang State of Mind) and you have an album out in September called Heavy Flow. The album art is very interesting, you can talk to us about the ideas you searched for in the cover art. And what do you think about the album?

Another laugh from us. It is a natural phenomenon that is viewed with disdain. Women are expected to hide and avoid natural things. Women are bleeding all over the world, and we wanted to contrast that image with the ultra-glamorous image sold by the media. And it’s really funny because that’s what we call our Heavy Flow style. The album is a combination of 6 years of work, with Delilah writing all the songs, it’s us as a whole group.

(((o))): Last question! What are your plans for the rest of the year, are you looking at an album in the fall?

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