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Science Diet Employee Program

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Science Diet Employee Program – Earlier this month was National Sick Day in the UK. The first Monday in February is traditionally the day most people call in sick, hence the nickname. It got me thinking about employee health and well-being and how employee wellness programs, if done right, could bring an end to a sad phenomenon like National Sick Day.

In a society where more and more people are health conscious, it’s no wonder that this mindset is finding its way into the workplace as well.

Science Diet Employee Program

Science Diet Employee Program

Employees who are trying to make healthier lifestyle choices — for example, choosing their diet wisely and trying to exercise regularly — will want to work in a place where their lifestyle is supported, or even better facilitated, by an employee wellness program.

Catchy Employee Wellness Program Names

But the health and well-being of employees not only has benefits for the workforce, but also many benefits for employers.

In today’s article, we take a look at some of the benefits of employee wellness for both employees and employers.

In this Learning Bite, we discuss the benefits of employee wellness programs on employee experience and organizational performance.

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Employee Wellness Program: The Ultimate Guide

Exercise increases the release of endorphins, the “happy” hormone. Even a little exercise a day – just like a game of table tennis – has a positive effect on the work ethic and productivity of the employees. Even a short walk during the lunch break has a positive effect: Studies show that a 20-minute walk stimulates creativity in our brain.

Happy employees are more productive, more engaged and less likely to quit – or get sick – so do we really need to say more?

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Science Diet Employee Program

Another benefit of employee wellness programs is that they contribute to a healthier workforce. A wellness program creates—or at least it should—a culture of healthier lifestyle choices. For example, it increases awareness of our diet, the amount of exercise we get and the importance of sleep.

Reasons School Wellness Programs Are A Smart School Strategy 2022

If your employee wellness program facilitates (some of) these things like exercise and nutrition in the workplace, it will have a positive impact on employee health. Not only physically, but also mentally.

Take lunchtime food, for example. Research shows that the bacteria in our gut—which is affected by our diet—affects our brain and can even affect anxiety and depression.

So what we put in our mouth not only affects us physically, it also affects our state of mind; another reason to incorporate nutrition awareness and the consequences of what we eat into your employee wellness program.

Ultimately, this favors absenteeism and sick leave, which (can) cost companies a lot of money.

Our Employees Are Committed

There is a lot of talk these days about employer branding and the importance of a strong employer brand. Every detail counts to attract top talent in a competitive market.

21st Century job seekers see more than just the salary and hours of a job. They want to know what learning and development opportunities an organization has and whether or not the company offers a great employee wellness program.

A wellness program is a huge asset for companies looking to attract these rare top candidates, and as such, has a positive impact on your employer brand.

Science Diet Employee Program

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Nutrition For Shift Workers

The first two benefits that we described above for employers also apply to employees: enjoying a little exercise during the day makes them happier and a health and wellness culture contributes positively to their (mental and physical) in one way or another. health at .

There are a variety of tools for employee health. Some of them are so simple – and relatively cheap – that you might not even think of them at first glance, while others are completely digitized technological tools.

Since we call ourselves Digital HR Tech, we always want to include a digital element in our articles. When it comes to employee health and wellbeing, there are many tools that have been developed to improve (some of) the health and wellbeing of your employees. Below we look at some digital and non-digital examples.

Well, this is usually one of those simple yet effective things that’s easy to overlook. The first company I worked for left a basket full of fruit in the corner of the hallway a few days a week. I was always amazed to see how many employees took at least one piece of fruit (often more) from this basket.

Pdf) Physical Activity And Adherence To The Mediterranean Diet Among Spanish Employees In A Health Promotion Program Before And During The Covid 19 Pandemic: The Sanitas Healthy Cities Challenge

This is a very simple yet not too expensive way to contribute to your workforce’s five a day!

Many companies offer their employees a (significant) discount on gym memberships. While this might seem like a good idea – and don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly a step in the right direction – it doesn’t work as well as you would expect.

In reality, it turns out that it is often the employees who already go to the gym regardless of the company discount who use the company membership.

Science Diet Employee Program

An option, depending on your budget, could be an on-site fitness facility. Or, if that’s not possible, for example standing desks, a table tennis table and exercise balls.

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A team outing can boost employee health and well-being tremendously. This does not have to be very expensive either. Think, for example, of laser games, bowling or trampolining.

These offsite activities are not only a great way for teams to get to know each other outside of the work environment, they’re also a lot of fun!

Now to a real digital health tool. There are tons of them, from wearable technology (such as Fitbit) to mindfulness apps and everything in between.

The Outbreak is a good example of how digital technology can make corporate wellbeing (much) more fun. Developed by A Step Ahead, the game is a team-based, 6-week step and practice challenge where co-workers must survive in the harsh world of a zombie outbreak. In order to survive, team members must perform real steps and physical activity.

Employee Wellness Programs

Of course, teams’ progress is tracked and teams are rewarded with bonuses and extra points if they play well.

The employee wellness tools mentioned in this article don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to the possibilities out there. However, they do give you an idea of ​​the many different options you have when it comes to creating a wellness program.

Whether you have a large or small employee budget for health and wellness, there is always a good (digital) solution for every organisation. Hopefully this brings us one step closer to a free world with National Sick Day!

Science Diet Employee Program

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Employee Health And Wellness: The Benefits Of A Wellness Program

Neelie Verlinden is the host of the popular talk show/podcast All About HR and co-founder of the Academy to Innovate HR. She is an expert on all things digital in HR and has written hundreds of articles on innovative HR practices. She is also an instructor for several popular HR certifications. Connect with Neelie on LinkedIn. With people leaving companies in droves and a tight job market, there has never been a more urgent need to focus on employee wellbeing and engagement. How can employers ensure their wellbeing efforts are working? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about employee wellbeing.

Employee wellbeing metrics are data that help you assess the state of employee wellbeing in your organization and/or the success of an employee wellbeing program.

Historically, HR programs have focused on wellness, specifically lifestyle management and physical fitness activities such as smoking cessation, regular exercise, and healthy eating. Organizations would focus on these activities as they are quantifiable and known to reduce healthcare spending. We know that someone who doesn’t smoke is usually healthier than someone who does. Therefore, the smoker spends more money on health care.

But this approach misses other fundamental elements of well-being. Gallup, an American analysis and consulting firm, found that employee well-being consists of five parts:

Employee Wellbeing Metrics To Track Right Now

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We’ve already discussed that physical health can be tracked with simple numbers, but how you feel about your physical health cannot. Employee perceptions and attitudes towards the quality of their work life and financial well-being are also difficult to measure, but not impossible.

Employee well-being and employee engagement are closely linked. People with high wellbeing are more engaged than people with poor wellbeing. In short, employee

Science Diet Employee Program

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