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Protein In Urine Diet Plan

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Protein In Urine Diet Plan – When it comes to treating kidney disease and preventing further kidney damage, the first thing you should pay attention to is a low-protein diet. Why? Because protein is very harmful to your kidneys.

What exactly is a low protein diet? How can we explain this? Who should follow it? What are the risks involved? And how do I know I’m doing the right thing? Let’s explore these and other questions!

Protein In Urine Diet Plan

Protein In Urine Diet Plan

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A low-protein diet is a diet in which the daily intake of protein is limited under general dietary guidelines.

A low-protein diet ranges from 0.6 to 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. The specific amount determined within this range will include factors such as age, activity level, stage and cause of kidney disease.

Fats and carbohydrates should be adjusted if you are on a low protein diet. Fats and carbohydrates are the other macronutrients in our diet. (Although technically alcohol is considered something else.)

And while I’m not a fan of the traditional ketogenic diet, I believe that a modified version can be very beneficial. Read more about the keto diet and kidney disease here.

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Research shows that a low-protein diet can reduce the amount of protein in the urine, improve cholesterol and lipid levels, and even improve glucose control for people with diabetes and in the early stages of chronic disease. in the kidneys.

For many people with kidney disease, urea is a big problem. With a low-protein diet, the amount of urea produced by protein metabolism is reduced. It lowers blood urea nitrogen (BUN) levels to protect the kidneys.

Additionally, a low-protein diet combined with a low-sodium diet has been shown to improve blood pressure.

Protein In Urine Diet Plan

By reducing the amount of protein, you run the risk of not eating enough calories. This can lead to unintentional weight loss. If you lose weight too quickly or in an unsafe manner, it can lead to muscle breakdown.

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Another risk is increased inflammation. This can be caused by insufficient calorie intake or when muscle is broken down. This inflammation can also cause poor blood sugar control.

A low-protein diet generally requires avoiding or severely limiting animal meat (more on that below). This is why a diet low in protein can lead to anemia, one of the first signs and symptoms of kidney disease.

While this type of diet may be beneficial for chronic kidney disease, that doesn’t mean it’s something everyone should try.

Studies have found that a low (or even very low) protein diet is beneficial for those in the late stages of kidney disease, such as stages 4 and 5. Read our comprehensive guide to stage 4 CKD here.

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Research also shows that people with diabetes and early stages of kidney disease can benefit from a low-protein diet. However, the KDIGO guidelines state that people with diabetes should be careful with a low-protein diet.

If you have diabetes and kidney disease, it’s important to work with a dietitian to get individual guidance on the best amount of protein for your body.

People with kidney disease on dialysis should not follow a low-protein diet. The dialysis process involves filtering the blood, which removes some of the protein. That protein needs to be compensated.

Protein In Urine Diet Plan

A dialysis diet requires approximately 1.2-1.4 grams per kilogram per day. But don’t worry, you can still follow a plant-based diet even on dialysis.

Low Protein Diet: Foods To Eat, Foods To Avoid, Recipes, And Safety

A low-protein diet is not recommended for cancer patients. However, this can change if there is also kidney disease.

In these cases, it’s especially important to work with a registered dietitian to get enough—but not too much—protein.

Although not a guarantee, many with late stage kidney disease should limit potassium. Obviously this is something to watch out for when it comes to increasing your fruit and vegetable intake.

Remember – there are many low potassium fruits and vegetables that you can enjoy. You can include some potassium-rich foods, but it’s best to work with a dietitian to learn how to do this safely.

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Heart-healthy fats are important when it comes to a low-protein diet. Some of my favorite sources of fat include;

The food with the highest protein content comes mainly from animal meat. So when we talk about a plant-based diet for kidney disease, it definitely fits the bill!

By cutting out animal protein, you are cutting out some of the biggest sources of protein in your diet.

Protein In Urine Diet Plan

In addition, high-protein plant foods such as tofu, legumes, and beans should be limited. It’s not just about the source of protein in your diet; it is the number.

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By eliminating these extremely high protein sources from your diet, you are giving your kidneys a break from dealing with high protein intake!

Here are two tables that show the standard amount of protein for some high-protein foods. The tables are divided into food categories of animal and plant origin.

Some studies have shown that adding a keto analog (not to be confused with a ketogenic diet) to a low or very low protein diet can help delay dialysis.

Adding keto analogs can be a useful way to get enough protein without the uremic waste that comes from dietary protein.

Alkaline Diet Plan ( Indian Ph Balance Diet Chart )

Ketoanalogs are protein amino acids, but without the uremic toxins that the body and kidneys usually deal with. Learn more about keto analogues here.

One of the other supplements you may want to look into is a kidney-safe multivitamin. Although diet should always come first, many people with strict diets can benefit from multivitamins that help cover nutritional deficiencies.

Some common multivitamins for kidney health include ProRenal and Renavite. Be sure to discuss any supplements with your doctor and dietitian before starting.

Protein In Urine Diet Plan

Lunch: Veggie wrap with avocado, lettuce, sprouts, red onion, cucumber, carrot and hummus and a side of chips and corn salsa

The Low Protein Diet For Kidney Disease: Everything You Should Know

Dinner: roasted, marinated Portobello mushrooms with roasted green beans, rice and a side salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Chickpeas instead of chicken are a great cheap substitute! And honestly, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried “pulled pork” jack fruit.

Whole wheat pasta is great, but don’t forget that it also contains protein. Try using spaghetti squash to lower the protein in your diet.

Did you know that chicken has 26 grams of protein in a 3-ounce serving? Your palm is the same size, maybe bigger. Try tofu for a great protein-saving trick. (The key to tofu is to marinate it!)

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Tracking your food can be a great way to gain insight into your dietary guidelines. A dietitian can help you interpret your diet and make sure you follow the guidelines to keep your kidneys safe and healthy.

One of my favorite trackers is Cronometer. You can use the free tool, but I think the real information is in the paid version. They will tell you more and you can set goals when working with your dietitian.

You should be as specific as possible when tracking. It can be tedious, but if you use a system like Cronometra, you can set up some of your most common meals and reuse them for quick entries.

Protein In Urine Diet Plan

Be sure to compare your food diary with your lab test results. Test results can show you more details about your progress.

The Alkaline Diet: An Evidence Based Review

To determine whether or not you should be on a low-protein diet, it is important to have a comprehensive nutritional assessment with a renal dietitian.

It is recommended that you work with a dietitian when restricting anything in your diet. Ask your doctor for a referral to a dietitian or find one through resources like the National Kidney Foundation – or me!

A low-protein diet has risks, so it is not recommended that you try it yourself. Work with your doctor to get the support you need and reduce the risks of malnutrition.

Always let your nephrologist know about your health goals. And always talk about yourself and your health!

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A low protein or very low protein diet can be a good way to preserve kidney function and avoid dialysis as much as possible.

With less protein comes more dietary fat. Make sure it still comes from healthy sources and not processed foods.

To follow a low-protein diet in the safest and most beneficial way possible, work with a dietitian. Find a dietitian who specializes in kidney nutrition!

Protein In Urine Diet Plan

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Low Protein Diet

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