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Old Hollywood Diet

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Advertisements for diet plans seem commonplace today, but in the early 1950s—especially right after the war, when food was rationed and otherwise scarce—commercial diet aids were still rare.

Old Hollywood Diet

Old Hollywood Diet

Proven practical ways to remove fat, sent by return mail in plain envelopes at special prices.

Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool: The Tragic Life Of Hollywood Sensation Gloria Grahame

Here’s an early ad for a weight-loss book aimed at women, which the publisher promises will come in a plain jacket.

Mmmmmmmmmm! What a delicious dinner! Soup – roast veal – green beans, asparagus – lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad – bread and butter and potatoes too! And cream and coffee!

Who ever heard of a woman losing weight and enjoying 3 delicious meals a day at the same time? No practice. No pills or drugs. No massage…

Believe it or not, the woman in the picture above is shrinking! This may surprise people who think you can’t lose weight unless you feed the bird unsatisfied food.

Michelle Pfeiffer Reveals How She Looks So Fabulous At 62

This woman is just following the fun, sane, scientific way of downsizing. Soon her bumps will soften and magically disappear. She enjoys the admiring glances that a slender figure always attracts. And this miracle of weight loss can be achieved quickly and safely for overweight people – whether you are male or female, young or old. And best of all – without denying 3 delicious meals including a delicious breakfast every day.

Some foods are high in calories from fat. Others are high in energy-boosting calories. Science has found that if you eat the first type of food, your body burns less energy and stores more fat. But if you eat the other kind, you burn more energy and store less fat.

This simple scientific fact explains why the most common “diet” fails… and why “The New Way to Eat and Lose Weight” (as described by Donald G. Cooley in his book) produces incredible results.

Old Hollywood Diet

Since no two people are exactly the same, it is impossible to estimate the exact number of pounds you will lose on the “10-Day Miracle Diet” given in this book. But while the average overweight person can lose 5 pounds in 10 days—and some can lose up to 10 pounds in 10 days—the diet provides the same daily allowance as the average American diet!

Strict Celebrity Diets: Stars Who Eat The Same Meals Every Day

Then the book gives you a diet to lose 10 pounds a month; And the “stay thin” diet, so once you’re attractively thin, you can stay there. You don’t have to stick to a menu every day. The substitution chart gives you dozens of other meats and foods you can eat instead. These foods will give you a slimmer figure and (for scientific reasons) more health and beauty!

Is it any wonder that 300,000 people in the country bought a copy of this wonderful book? And did the exciting results that many wrote about come true? (Only a few of these letters are shown on this page. And each letter is an original – available in our files for review.)

No need to send money now. “The New Way to Eat and Get Thin” (in plain cover) is sent with the understanding that you will keep it for five days without charge or obligation.

This book has been approved by leading medical authorities. We believe your doctor will too. Show Him Unless you believe this book will provide you with a quick, safe, and fun way to get rid of “laziness,” return it without obligation. Otherwise, it’s yours to keep for just $2.00 plus a few cents in postage. Send free test coupon at once. Wilfred Funk, Inc, Dept R262, 227 East 44th St, New York 17, NI.

Year Old Clint Eastwood: Plant Based Diet Is Critical For The Planet

From a registered nurse: “I am a registered nurse. Yours is the most perfect discount plan I’ve ever seen.” -Miss PJK, Detroit, Mich.

Truly a miracle: “The smartest way to lose weight and enjoy life at the same time.” Lost 10 pounds in 10 days. The 10 Day Miracle Diet is a miracle. LVM, Chicago.

Doctors approve book: “Last August I was 242. Today, May 5th, I was 142. My doctors approved your book.” Feel better now, look years younger. -Ms. FB, Sale City, Ind.

Old Hollywood Diet

She surprised her husband: “I sent for the book without my husband’s knowledge.” He started noticing that I was losing weight. So I let him in on the secret. Was he delighted!” -Mrs. EJ, Taft, Cal.

Golden Age Hollywood Had A Dirty Little Secret: Drugs

SOUTH BEND, INDIANA – A report comes in from a 36-year-old homemaker from this city, weighing 196 pounds; However, in less than 4 months she became so thin that her own brother could not recognize her! Here’s how she describes it herself:

“I weighed 196 pounds,” she says, “and you can imagine what a sight I was. My friends always told me I was stupid for even trying to lose weight.

“But I decided to try.” And oh, what wonderful results after only three and a half months. I now weigh 119 pounds and wear a size 12. And what wonderful compliments I get on my look and shape!

“My brother came home from abroad and followed me. ‘Habba Habba! Who is she?” he exclaimed. Well, I wish you could have seen the surprised look when I turned around. ‘Oh! God, is that really you? You look like a million bucks!’ He couldn’t understand that I looked like a little girl.

The Odd, Often Unhealthy, Weight Loss Methods Of The Past Included Smoking Cigarettes And Eating Tapeworms.

“Oh, I could go on. Best of all, my husband fell back in love with me. He is so proud, always taking me places so he can show me off to his friends.

(The above letter relating to nutrition given in this book – as well as all other reports reprinted on this page – is in our files, available for inspection.)

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Old Hollywood Diet

Note: It contains authentic historical information and is not intended to represent current best practice on any subject, particularly in relation to health and safety, but also in terms of outdated cultural descriptions and social values. The material on this site is provided for the purposes of education, criticism, commentary, cultural reporting, entertainment, historical reference, and news reporting/analysis. Now that you know, enjoy your sightseeing!

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Related To Old Hollywood Icons

Note: Contains authentic historical information and is not intended to represent current best practice on any subject, particularly health and safety. The material on this site is intended for education, criticism, commentary, cultural reporting, entertainment, historical reference and news reporting/analysis. Now that you know, enjoy your sightseeing! I have been on a diet for the past week, something I have never done before and I feel like I need to lose a few pounds. I was very smart and restricted my calories and carbs. Unlike some of the women featured in today’s book review, I didn’t go on a crazy fad diet or restrict myself too much. The book in question is Vintage Secrets – Hollywood Diet and Fitness, an excellent guide to the diet and exercise regimes of screen actresses from the 1920s to the 1960s.

This book explores the history of 20th-century dieting and the ways in which Hollywood’s most famous actresses maintained their figures in accordance with the weight restrictions in their contracts and the desired beauty of the time. The way a woman’s body was supposed to look changed easily, as did the forms of clothing and fashion. From the child’s rake of the 20s to the perfect hourglass of the 50s, this book tells us about the crude methods sometimes used to achieve ‘perfection’.

I found this book so fascinating that I couldn’t put it down in two sittings. This book tells the story of nutrition and fitness through photos and articles, with explanations, meal plans and expert opinions. It amazed me how things hadn’t really changed. Many women’s magazines today are still as obsessed with celebrity bodies and the latest weight loss methods as they were 80 years ago. We still strive to look like famous women, but reading this book makes it clear that they too struggle to maintain their perfect selves.

I have read many books about fashion in the 20th century and reading this book gave me a better understanding of the social history of women. Awareness of the clothing worn by women contextualizes the book. The book is really well written and gives a terrifying insight into the world of Hollywood studios and the strict rules that actresses have to live by.

Figure 16 From Yummy Mummy?: (re) Appearance Of The Maternal Body In Popular Women’s Magazines In New Zealand

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