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Military Diet 1 Month Results

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Unlike mainstream weight loss diets such as the ketogenic diet, vegetarian diet, and detox diet, little is known about the military diet.

Military Diet 1 Month Results

Military Diet 1 Month Results

It appears to have leaked online in mid-2012, but where it came from and who created it is a complete mystery, even to fans.

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Aside from the basic military diet meal plan and meal schedule (which we’ll get to in a moment), there is no official military diet, and recommendations and rules vary depending on who you ask.

The diet does not have an official website and the main argument in its favor is the rumor that Khloe Kardashian used it to lose weight. . . At some point. . . maybe

Despite its dubious track record, it is still popular, with 150,000 online searches per month.

For starters, the meal plan you’re supposed to eat is like the diet of a hungry raccoon rummaging through restaurant trash.

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There’s no rhyme or reason to the food choices, and it’s almost like someone put them together to troll people who don’t know any better.

For example, a meal on the third day of the diet consists of 1 cup of tuna, half a banana and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream.

The diet is also designed to provide you with 1000 calories per day for the first 3 days of the diet, and you are not allowed more than 1500 calories for the remaining 4 days of the week.

Military Diet 1 Month Results

The thing is, there’s a core of dieters who want to learn more about the military diet, and bloggers, influencers and bush league diet gurus are happy to spread the good news.

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You probably know enough about diets to be skeptical. Actually, I’ll have a hotdog and half a cup of vanilla ice cream if you have a lot of questions about the military diet. . .

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Contents What is the Military Diet? Military Diet Menu Day One Military Diet Menu Second Military Diet Menu Day Three Why do people follow the Military Diet? Will the Military Diet Help You Lose Weight? You can’t lose 10 pounds of fat a week. t Stick to a military diet. The best way to lose weight fast 1. Use an aggressive (but not reckless) calorie deficit. 2. Eat a high protein diet. Heavy compound lifting. Use high-intensity interval training to burn fat faster. 5. Take supplements proven to accelerate fat loss. The Bottom Line of the Military Diet Do you have a difference in the military diet? Let me know in the comments below!

There is no official definition of what a military diet is, but there are many basic principles:

The Military Diet: A Beginner’s Guide To The 3 Day Plan

You can exercise on a military diet, but you don’t have to. If you exercise, most advocates recommend that you walk.

The most common promise associated with a military diet is that it can help you lose 10 pounds in 7 days—a relatively common claim used by many crash diets (Google “grapefruit diet” and you’ll see the same claim).

As for the name, no one knows exactly where the “military” part of the military diet came from. It’s also called the “Army Diet” and the “Navy Diet,” but no one really knows why.

Military Diet 1 Month Results

The US military does not promote any particular diet and has never endorsed a military diet, nor does any other branch of the US military. The military diet cannot be found in any other military in the world.

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If you are in the military, this diet may be impossible to follow because many of the foods will not be on the same menu.

The most likely explanation is that the word “military” is attached to this diet to make it sound reliable and acceptable.

Claiming that something was used or made by the military, such as backpacks, watches, mirrors or flashlights, is a common marketing ploy used to give credibility to products and ideas.

Many people also associate soldiers with being fit, lean, and tough, qualities that most people aspire to achieve, and this arouses interest in training techniques, daily routines, and servicemen’s diets.

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The explanation of where the name “Military Diet” came from is that the creators wanted to take advantage of the growing interest in everything.

When it comes to the specifics of the diet, it is very similar to other crash diets in that you are forced to eat a certain number of calories instead of deliberately planning.

That is, instead of calculating how many calories you need to eat each day to achieve a consistent, sustainable weight, you provide a laundry list of restrictions that may not be possible in a severe calorie deficit.

Military Diet 1 Month Results

What sets the military diet apart from other diets, such as the ketogenic diet, vegetarian diet, or low-carb diet, is the unique meal plan you must follow.

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After you complete your 3-day tour of duty on the military diet, you can eat whatever you want the other four days of the week, as long as you don’t eat more than 1,500 calories a day.

The basics of this eccentric meal plan vary depending on which military diet website you stumble upon.

Some proponents claim that this combination of foods speeds up your metabolism or helps keep you out of “starvation mode.”

Others offer no explanation and encourage you to follow the plan because it “works”. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it and so on.

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The main promise of the military diet is that it will help you lose 10 pounds in 7 days (or 3 days depending on how optimistic you are), an attractive proposition if you are overweight and want to lose weight.

Like water fasting, detox diets, and health-cleansing dress-up diets, people who follow military diets seem to know what they’re doing.

Military Diet 1 Month Results

The first three days are self-starvation, and the next four days are in a caloric deficit to give you a mental break to lose weight. Then, you repeat the process until you reach the desired number.

The Warrior Diet

If you know anything about how your metabolism works, you know that if you cut your calories for a few days, you will lose weight.

Does the military diet fail to deliver on its promise that it will help you lose 10 pounds in 7 days?

It depends on how much you weigh and what you usually eat (more on that in a moment).

Any diet that involves cutting calories for days or weeks will result in rapid weight loss.

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If you’re a regular here, you know that if you want to lose fat, you need to consume less energy than you burn, and no pill, powder, or special diet plan can change that.

Why every controlled weight loss experiment has been done in the last 100 years. . . including countless meta-analyses and systematic reviews. . . Have you concluded that meaningful weight loss requires more energy expenditure than energy intake?

Why are bodybuilders different? . . Sandow to Rivesca Schwarzenegger. . . How to use this knowledge to systematically and regularly control the level of fat?

Military Diet 1 Month Results

And why is it that new brands of “calorie denial” appear every year and are not accepted in the weight loss literature?

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Centuries of metabolic research have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that energy balance, which operates according to the first law of thermodynamics, is the primary mechanism controlling body weight.

A specific eating plan that you use to maintain a negative energy balance will not help you lose weight. Eat fewer calories than you’ve burned in a few months of the foods you love, and the scale will drop. No exercise required.

Let’s say you’re like our YouTube commenter mentioned above – you don’t say anything when the scope tells you what you want to hear.

There is also a problem with this approach: most of the weight lost on the military diet is not fat.

Military Diet Results: Before And After

You see, when you reduce your calorie (and especially carbohydrate) intake

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