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Low Sodium Diet Menu

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Low Sodium Diet Menu – .” The Mediterranean diet has recently been heard, in 2019, which used to hold the top spot eight years ago, beating it, the DASH diet, dropped to second place according to US News and World Report. Nah, that’s not interesting…

DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop High Blood Pressure) emphasizes eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables and reducing salt. The Mediterranean diet also emphasizes fruits, vegetables and whole grains, with moderate alcohol consumption. Both encourage lean protein such as chicken or fish.

Low Sodium Diet Menu

Low Sodium Diet Menu

Pause for a moment. Long, period, mom Pause: May I take a very serious story and throw in sarcasm/mom jokes for a hot minute? If you’re basically the same foodie and you’re actually telling me that I can trade wine consumption for concern about salt intake, how on earth did you get to number one? Of course I would like to enjoy a glass of wine and cut the salt. Don’t get me wrong, I love chunky sea salt and crispy chips…it’s not an option I want to make. But when push comes to shove, you can be salty. I’m not a dietitian or doctor, but clearly these food judges are not their top priority. I’LL JUST MOVE ON. But slowly.

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This child. This tip-sporty, cool, sensitive, dyed-redhead, proud-pink-supported-by-our-Ballet-X-wearing-friends, bookworm-of-a-brainiac, crazy-comic-loving, critical-thinking, -old soul bear, loyal AF (I’m his mom, I’m allowed to say that) and sometimes grapes with chronic kidney disease.

And March just happens to be National Kidney Month. Every month for the past nine years and every month going forward is kidney month in our household, but we’re going to take a calling month to share, why not, right? His illness is complicated, we might have a post about that another day. But when it comes to food:

In feeding a family, with special needs, with 10+ years of experience. (And in this particular case of low sodium, I get it, and I don’t even have a bag of chips.) Other than an off-label treatment with big drugs to keep their disease at bay until some brilliant scientist finds a cure, it There really is only one. another thing we as his family can do to “help” him physically: we all live on a sodium restricted diet.

For AJ this is life, for all of us it is a choice; It’s easier than you might think and the sweeter life is to choose.

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If you ever want to play a trivia game, just ask us how much sodium is in the food. Any food. Any type of food. We can probably give you a straight answer. Or at least we’ll be really close. Anyone living with AJ (and/or sharing this set of illnesses or similar) can probably gamble with the chance to “win”. The sodium content turns out to be common knowledge. And once you get it… it’s easy to handle. We promise. So if you are a mom who needs to feed the family, and you have a lot of work besides feeding the family, and you want a little cheat sheet on easy ways to DASH Food for your whole family, (and feed delicious food that they actually want to eat) , we have some ideas to share.

What do we eat? I strongly believe in YES first, and NO, only when necessary. So starting with the aces, here’s a cheat sheet, it’s basically just an organized shopping/pantry list for our weekly Instacart order. And then we get to what to do with it all (spoiler: not much other than just eat it!)

Take all the words meant in the following statement. Love salt more than sweets as I am, I don’t say it lightly, but I say it with all my heart, and you can take it with a grain of salt: cook at home, eat real whole foods, and just wear ‘t. Do not oversalt what you cook. Cook all food at home and salt gently. This is easy to handle sodium at its basic core.

Low Sodium Diet Menu

We have learned to live without much salt in general. The taste buds adjust. They do it. I promise you. It takes a while depending on your starting location. You can actually live, eat and love outdoors, or at least with a pinch of salt. You just need some time to train your body for it. In the end, it’s fitting that the one I promise has a lot of trouble breaking old habits. And … not all. Even people on a sodium-restricted diet need some sodium. You want to know how many times retired nephrologist AJ’s advice at 2am for a side effect of a painful cramp from long term, high steroid treatment would be – “give the kid some chips!” (I promise, because of this, I always called her after I gave the baby water, a whole banana AND some chips.) And some people…some people actually need more sodium than others to stay healthy.

Low Sodium Diet Plan And Cookbook For Beginners: 550 Newest Time Saving Low Sodium Diet Recipes With 4 Week Meal Plan For Fast & Healthy Meals By Elaine Tarver

Sodium, in moderation, is not the enemy. And it’s not hiding from Whole Foods. When you cook it yourself, you control how much is in each bite. There is an appropriate amount of sodium in some whole foods and none in others. You can add less salt when cooking and still be able to maintain a low sodium diet. And you can leave a pinch of table salt to add some real flavor to the meal on the plate. Balance is the key to many things, right?

Salt hides in places where you don’t need it: frozen food, pre-packaged food, pre-seasoned food, take-out, regular restaurant meals, red meat, over-salting of already salted food. , soy sauce, milk, sweetened yogurt, white bread. It’s very easy first steps…cut it all out, or moderate if needed. There is still much to enjoy. We promise.

If you keep your pantry and refrigerator stocked with all the healthy foods listed in the table above, cook at home, and avoid takeout, frozen, and prepackaged foods, sodium is effectively controlled.

Some other things we always have in the kitchen to help pull it all together: lemons, limes, fresh ginger, olive oil, canola oil, honey, onions, garlic and lots of spices and Celtic or Himalayan salt, balsamic vinegar. , white balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar and a pantry full of all kinds of beans and vegetables!

Low Sodium Diet: The Benefits Of Reducing Salt And What Foods To Eat

Social media junkie that I am, friends sometimes send me memes that they think I really need to see. My favorite of them lately has been a picture of a cute kick with the words “When you’re wearing your Nikes and you’re Just.

There are times when I love to cook. There are times when I love a new recipe and new food, and experimenting in the kitchen. There are times when good taste comes from whatever is left in the fridge and creatively reworked. It’s not many days (except the last one) to just live with three kids and a few jobs, it’s really a short 24 hours every day. And these days we don’t have time.

It’s been crazy times in my life. Ask Shana about the two-year full moon program “we eat something new and different every day of the month.” That my friends is not where we are these days. These days I have an automatic. I choose other activities for a limited number of hours each day instead of planning meals on those days. And below has become a standard. It’s almost like a closet for your fridge and pantry. There are special foods, but mostly, when I can’t spend hours coming up with something new and special, this is what we do with the grocery shopping list above, to feed our family for a week. And if we have two of those weeks, or 20 of them in a row, we’re still buying the same food, and we’re just shaking it up and interacting with it in new and different ways.

Low Sodium Diet Menu

Here’s how we organize our shopping list into a balanced meal, which keeps everyone healthy and energized even when dinner usually doubles as school lunch the next day. It’s easier to make leftovers for lunch than to cook a lot, and it’s a great way to make sure you don’t waste food.

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Season the protein with fresh or dried herbs, pepper and olive oil, maybe a little garlic or lemon, in a frying pan and then pop it in the oven. Simple, done, good. We chop the vegetables and toss them with olive oil and pepper, maybe some garlic directly in the frying pan and then throw it in the oven. And sometimes we add a pinch of salt…a pinch for the whole pan.

Cook the meat/fish slowly

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Sarah Hi I'm Sarah, I like to write anything about health, healthy food and other health tips. Healthy living has become a necessity in this day and age, where the body needs good nutrition. Hopefully my writing can be useful for all.

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