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Low Purine Diet Indian Food

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Low Purine Diet Indian Food – When uric acid accumulates in excess in the body, it turns into a crystal form between the joints and leads to health problems. Generally, food contains the chemical compound purine. Purine is made up of carbon and nitrogen atoms and when your body digests purine, it produces a waste product called uric acid. However, when you consume food rich in purines in excessive quantity, your body is unable to digest it, and the level of uric acid in the body increases which can cause gout, a form of painful arthritis.

To prevent gout, it is necessary to make changes in your diet plan and stop eating certain foods. You should use those foods that have less amounts of purines. You should also maintain a healthy weight by following good eating habits.

Low Purine Diet Indian Food

Low Purine Diet Indian Food

We must stop consuming beer and liquors such as vodka and whiskey. This helps in controlling the level of uric acid in the body.

North Indian Diet Plan For High Uric Acid Levels And Gout

Red meat, lamb and pork contain a good amount of purine. Gout sufferers should stop eating these foods to stay healthy.

It is recommended to take low-fat and dairy-free products, such as yogurt and low-fat milk in his diet to cure gout

Gout patients are also advised to drink plenty of fluids – 8 to 16 glasses a day. A healthy diet plan can help you control uric acid in your body; However, you may still need medication to cure gout. You can also consult your doctor for a prescription. Do not give up cucumbers, tomatoes and spinach to fight high uric acid. Instead avoid sugar, chocolate and alcohol

What we eat, especially fruit, vegetables and even legumes, has very little to do with increasing or decreasing uric acid levels.

Diet For Nephrotic Syndrome By Dr. Rajesh Shah

It is widely believed that the level of uric acid in the blood depends on the type of vegetables and proteins that we consume in our daily life. And higher levels of it lead to pain. So when the feet swell or the back starts to hurt, it’s the tomato in the fish curry that takes the blame or the cucumber and onion in the salad or the pomegranate in the raita. If your uric acid levels are really high, it may actually be the alcohol you consumed or even half of the chocolate bar.

Uric acid is a chemical in our body, high levels of which can cause chronic problems such as gout or arthritis. Excessive amounts in the body can cause the accumulation of urate crystals in the joints, resulting in severe pain. High levels of uric acid in the urine can cause kidney stones and can even be a sign of something more serious such as nephropathy or kidney failure.

In fact, says orthopedic surgeon Dr. Tanmai Datta, “In cases where patients suffer from nephropathy, uric acid can build up in the body, resulting in joint pain.”

Low Purine Diet Indian Food

But it turns out that what we eat, especially fruit, vegetables and even legumes, has little to do with increasing or decreasing uric acid levels.

Starting A Low Carb, High Fat Diet

Ranjini Datta, dietician and head of the department of clinical diet and community nutrition, KPC Medical College and Hospital, Calcutta, has come across many people with high uric acid levels who have given up eating leafy greens, all kinds of vegetables and seed fruits (cucumber, tomato, brinjal, lady’s finger, pomegranate, watermelon) and all kinds of legumes because they think that the consumption of these leads to an increase in uric levels acid. “This is a misconception,” she explains. “Surprisingly, people also believe that any plant in the night plant category (those that grow in shady places and have the chemical, solanine, which apparently worsens uric acid) will raise the a person’s uric acid level,” she continues.

Dr. Datta, associate professor at the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (IPGMER) in Calcutta, clarifies, “An increase in uric acid levels is not directly proportional to the food we eat. The chemical substance rises even if there is an excess production of it in the body or a deficient secretion of it from the body [as in nephropathy].”

Says Dr. Bastab Ghosh, senior consultant urologist and uro-onco-surgeon at AMRI Hospital in Dakoria, Kolkata, “In rare cases, uric acid levels change due to a genetic syndrome. In hyperuricemia or uric acid with a lot of serum,” says Dr. Ghosh.

Dr. Datta believes that while fruits and vegetables do no harm, certain foods with high levels of uric acid should be avoided. “It is essential to control some things that are rich in purines such as beer, red meat and seafood,” he says.

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What is a purine? “The purine is created by breaking down the protein we consume,” explains dietician Datta. “The higher the amount of purine in the body, the greater the chances of an increase in uric acid in the serum. But purine is not only created by what we eat, it is also produced in the body. ” While the purine produced by the breakdown of food is removed naturally, it is the endogenous purine that is the problem that dominates. Chocolates and alcohol activate the production of endogenous purine metabolism and interfere with the level of uric acid in the blood. Simple carbohydrates such as sugar also increase endogenous purine metabolism. So it is better to avoid them, especially if your uric acid level tends to be high.

To the list of foods to avoid, Dr. Ghosh adds liver, shrimp, beans, peas, asparagus, spinach, and mushrooms. “But that doesn’t mean you have to cut back on any kind of protein intake. Milk and eggs are low in purine. Plant protein is good; You can get dairy products and lean fish,” he says.

The second thing you need is coffee. “Coffee helps keep uric acid levels under control and so does vitamin C,” says Dr. Datta.

Low Purine Diet Indian Food

But all these precautions should be taken only if you have borderline levels of uric acid – 7 mg per deciliter for men and 6 mg per deciliter for women. Otherwise there is no reason to ban anything from your diet. In fact, it may be a bad idea to cut out legumes and vegetables from your diet “to avoid getting uric acid.”

What Is The Ayurvedic Diet? Benefits, Downsides, And More

A lack of legumes or vegetables can lead to a deficiency of vitamin B, niacin or vitamin B3 and folic acid. Niacin deficiency can cause pellagra – leading to dementia, diarrhea and dermatitis, also known as the “three Ds”. Low levels of folic acid can cause one anemia. Therefore, it is better to follow a balanced diet and eat a little of everything unless the doctor specifically forbids it. Is there a high level of uric acid? Stop taking dal, milk, eggs, red meat, lady’s finger, alcohol, white rice, etc. Sound familiar?

But the question is what do we eat then? What are the common foods available in India which can be safe in condition like high uric acid? Look, it’s easy to say no to food but finding five other safe alternatives is always a challenge.

This blog is designed to guide you in getting enough alternatives to make your daily Indian diet nutritious and balanced for people with high uric acid.

If you are nodding off because of any of the above conditions, this may be the cause of your high uric acid problem.

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However, whatever the reason a change in diet is necessary along with a few lifestyle changes. Otherwise more joint pain, swelling and progression to gout, kidney stones, etc. are likely to occur in the near future.

Uric acid is a metabolic waste in our body produced from purine-containing foods. The level of uric acid increases the most when the kidney fails to remove uric acid from your body.

In the Indian diet, carbohydrates are the main source of energy. Therefore, no matter how overweight you are, you cannot ignore carbohydrates. 60% of the calories in your diet must come from it. However, you can choose the right form of carbohydrates to control uric acid as well as prevent insulin spikes.

Low Purine Diet Indian Food

Research shows that insulin resistance (meaning sugar stays in the blood instead of entering the cells) plays a role in the development of high uric acid and gout, which in turn makes the resistance for insulin worse.

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Although refined flour has a low purine content, it shoots up insulin levels like crazy. So, if you are keen to see a difference, stop consuming foods containing refined flour such as biscuits, bread and other baked goods, instant noodles/pasta, etc. for better insulin response. Get ready to say bye to all packaged, delicious, easy to eat, highly processed foods and try to incorporate whole grains.

Digesting brown rice on a regular basis is not easy. Especially if you suffer from acidity, digestive problems, IBS, etc. Try having one polished steamed rice instead of brown rice. This type of rice is a perfect balance of fiber, nutrition and taste that also helps to keep insulin under control.

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