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Low Potassium Vegan Diet

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Low Potassium Vegan Diet – Wondering what is the best breakfast for a kidney diet? If you’re on dialysis or don’t eat a very low-protein diet, scrambled eggs are a great option! Adding veggies to your scrambled eggs is a great way to add more nutrients and fiber. If you’re avoiding eggs, read on to learn about some great plant-based egg replacements!

Want to learn the secret to taking a kidney-friendly breakfast from boring and bland to downright adorable? And it also nourishes your kidney health?

Low Potassium Vegan Diet

Low Potassium Vegan Diet

Well! I would like to say It’s easy – add fresh veggies and herbs (and lots of garlic for me). There are many egg and veggie combos that you can make for a great kidney diet breakfast, but this is one of my favorites!

Renal Diet Cookbook: Mediterranean And Healthy Recipes To Stop Kidney Disease With Low Sodium And Low Potassium Food By Allison Covelli

Before clarifying the spinach, I know the question will come! Spinach often appears on kidney diet “no” or “limit” lists when it shouldn’t. Here’s why: COCCA spinach is high in potassium per cup. Fresh spinach is really good for potassium. This is because the spinach becomes very concentrated when it is cooked. We used fresh spinach for this kidney diet breakfast recipe!

I also used cauliflower – which I like sautéed or roasted (not so much), yellow peppers, onions and garlic. Delicious!

Note on cauliflower potassium content: Using frozen cauliflower instead of fresh cauliflower saves time and reduces potassium.

Not everyone with kidney disease needs to forgo potassium, but if you do, we recommend using frozen cauliflower rather than fresh.

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One last piece of advice. Fresh herbs are one of the best ways to take every meal in your kidney diet and take it from blah to hooray. Fresh cilantro and parsley are quite cheap. I buy a few of these every week.

To store fresh herbs, I cut off the stems and put them in a glass jar in my fridge (like a bouquet of flowers). They stay PERFECT all week and I slice what I need for different recipes. Fresh herbs have many health benefits, but I especially love them for the flavor they add to any recipe.

If you have CKD but are not on dialysis and are on a low- or very low-protein diet to protect your kidneys, you can take a plant-based approach. Then you can easily swap eggs for scrambled tofu, like our vegan breakfast scrambled eggs or even chickpea scrambled eggs!

Low Potassium Vegan Diet

This is a great basic recipe to increase your veggie intake! Other spices/herbs that would be delicious with this include herbs de Provence, red pepper flakes, extra garlic and basil. I also like a little lemon juice with my eggs to bring out the flavors instead of using salt.

Plant Based Recipes To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Calories: 240 kcal Carbohydrates: 9 g | Egg white: 15 g | Fat: 17g | Saturated fat: 9 g | Polyunsaturated fats: 2 g | Monounsaturated fats: 4 g | Trans fats: 1 g | Cholesterol: 372 mg | Sodium: 194 mg | Potassium: 616 mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 3g | Vitamin A: 5345 IU | Vitamin C: 63 mg | Calcium: 121 mg | Iron: 3 mg

Yes – this is a great easy recipe! There are many ways to diversify with different vegetables or spices. Other veggies you can add are corn, eggplant, leeks, spaghetti squash, other peppers, broccoli, and sautéed radishes. I also like a touch of lemon and red pepper flakes on my eggs to boost flavor without adding too much salt.

Want to learn more about making your kidney diet worth living and loving? Arrange an appointment with me! I’m here to end the overwhelm and confusion so you can rely on your meals and keep kidney disease progression at bay. The Department of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention found that 99.4% of American adults consume more sodium each day than the United States recommends. AHA (<1500 mg) and less than 2% of US adults met recommendations for potassium (4700 mg per day). (Source)

Potassium lowers blood pressure in adults, reducing the risk of stroke and coronary artery disease (source). Based on this information, the American Heart Association tested more than 12,000 adults for potassium intake because of the correlation between potassium deficiency and heart disease. The results, which indicate a significant shortage among participants, are concerning given that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States (source).

Polycystic Kidney Disease Diet: What To Eat

Enjoy amazing food that will leave you full of energy and never feel like you’re missing out with customizable meal plans, grocery lists and quick-to-make recipes!

“…with increased consumption of processed foods, thereby eliminating potassium, coupled with a reduction in fruit and vegetable consumption, potassium intake has fallen sharply…” – Science Cardiac and Vascular, St George’s, University of London

Enjoy the benefits of a more plant-based diet, cutting out processed foods and eating more fruits and vegetables to increase potassium levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Low Potassium Vegan Diet

There are some signs and symptoms of potassium deficiency, but even if it’s not a deficiency, you can be on the low side. They suggest tracking your diet with a timer to get an overview of all the nutrients. Not only does this show your potassium intake, but it could also reveal other areas of neglect in your diet. To use the tool, just create a free account and write down the foods you eat every day. You can also scan the barcode of your groceries to make it easier.

Pulses, High Protein Content

Another way to determine a deficiency is a blood test. With the timer tool you have a nice overview of your nutrients and the optimal supply.

Since only 6% of Americans are vegan and 98% of Americans don’t get enough potassium, I assumed that potassium deficiency was not a vegan-related issue.

However, after 6 months of a vegan diet, my blood count showed low potassium levels. One might assume that vegans would be deficient in calcium, iron, protein and so on, but to my surprise these levels were all very good. The protein was also on the high side.

My potassium was 3.6 (mEq/L) and the average is 3.5-5.0 (mEq/L) (source). While I’m not deficient and don’t have any signs of potassium deficiency, I definitely don’t want to be at the lowest level. So I went back to my stopwatch tool to track my diet again and found that some days I was consuming about 85-95% of my DV in potassium.

No, You Won’t Starve On A Gluten Free Vegan Diet

When you restrict calories to lose weight, for example, your potassium can suffer. You can check out this vegan weight loss food pyramid for more information on vegan weight loss.

When it comes to plant sources of potassium, potatoes are the foods rich in potassium, followed by beans, sweet potatoes, squash, chickpeas and bananas. These are all plant foods and high in carbohydrates. Again, this shows that high-carb foods are not bad and are even necessary for good health.

1 cup of cooked brown rice contains 173 mg of potassium and 1 cup of cooked potatoes contains 1493 mg of potassium. The same amount of potatoes is also higher in fiber and contains fewer calories. So, starchy vegetables are better than grains.

Low Potassium Vegan Diet

One mistake people make when starting out on a vegan diet is eating very starch/grain based meals. This is probably one of the reasons why potassium deficiencies are common. So make sure you’re eating more starchy veggies like your grain base, plenty of fruits and veggies, and legumes. Go lighter on rice, noodles and so on. If you choose the latter, make sure they are integral.

Low Fat Vegan Recipes

Bananas, honeydew melon and avocados are the three most potassium-rich fruits. Even a glass of orange juice has similar levels of potassium as a banana, but I always recommend eating whole foods, especially anything processed. Orange juice is higher in sugar and contains much less fiber than a banana. Kiwis and oranges are other great sources of potassium.

Although walnuts are healthier than almonds (more omega 3), they contain almost half as much potassium as almonds. If you are potassium deficient, I simply add more almonds to your diet. Chia seeds contain more potassium than flax seeds, but it’s not the best source.

2 cups of fresh spinach contains 334 mg of potassium and the same amount of kale contains 157 mg of potassium. When making your smoothie, use spinach as the green base leaf, which also provides your daily vitamin K needs.

When comparing different types of beans and legumes for their potassium content in 1 cup cooked, kidney beans (Northern beans) are the winners. They also have slightly more protein and fiber compared to beans. All beans and legumes are a great source of potassium, which means you should consume at least 3 servings per day (1 serving is 1/2 cup cooked beans).

Low Potassium Leached Mashed Potatoes With Roasted Garlic

For the same amount of calories, choosing kidney beans as your protein source gives you more bulk to eat, as well as more potassium, calcium, iron, fiber, and less fat. Another note if you’re concerned about protein in a vegan

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