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Low Oxalate Diet Side Effects

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Low Oxalate Diet Side Effects – You are on a safari in Africa, and a game warden brings the car to a halt. The lion chases the gazelle at high speed, in front of the car. As they fly down the path in front of you, the lion jumps onto the antelope’s back, holding on for several seconds as the antelope’s fight continues. You hold your breath. You think you will witness a murder. But the gazelle made a comeback, finally breaking free from the lion’s grip and leaping into the thick bushes, leaving the lion in awe. The gazelle fought back, escaped his hunters and lived to see another day.

Now, take a moment to think about plants; the natural ones and the ones you pick up at the grocery store for dinner. They can’t run, and they can’t hide, so they have a bit of a problem when it comes to fighting predators, like you and me, and animals in nature. But plants have developed a good defense mechanism that does not require running or hiding:

Low Oxalate Diet Side Effects

Low Oxalate Diet Side Effects

. Plants have machinery to produce powerful chemicals known as antinutrients. These substances are very well designed to cause adverse effects in animals that ingest them. This is the plant’s way of escaping from its predators, just as a gazelle can escape from a lion.

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Plants don’t like us. They don’t want us to eat, or their children. So you can’t blame them for producing these compounds to keep the species apart. Lectins, phytates, oxalates and gluten are some of the main antinutrients found in plants. By causing intestinal discomfort, widespread inflammation or interfering with the normal absorption of nutrients, they can cause harm to those who eat them.

Nutrients are found in all plant foods so avoiding them can seem like a daunting task (as if dieting wasn’t hard enough!). But in this guide we will cover lectins, phytates and oxalates; what they are, where they are found, how to know if you should avoid them or not and how to reduce their effects.

Natural chemicals produced by plants that can cause adverse health effects and interfere with the normal absorption of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Nutrients are a plant’s defense mechanism to prevent animals from eating them, causing damage, poisoning and sometimes death. Animals evolved to cope with these chemicals, or they stopped eating a certain plant when they realized it made them sick.

We have been led to believe that all plants are healthy, nutritious and a great ‘health food’. “Eat your fruits and vegetables!” Yes, we’ve been saying that for years. But although we know that plants contain many nutrients that are healthy for us, there are thousands of research studies that confirm the fact that plants contain anti-nutrients – compounds that oppose the action of all the beneficial nutrients found in plants.

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These nutrient-depleting chemicals prevent us from getting everything we need from ‘nutritious fruits and vegetables’ because they inhibit our ability to absorb things like calcium or magnesium. Not only that, but they can also enter our blood, bind to certain cells and cause an immune response that causes cell damage, inflammation and other unwanted symptoms.

Now, not everyone needs to eliminate all nutrients from their diet. We are all unique, and it is amazing how I can be sensitive to the lectins in tomatoes, and feel severe joint pain the day after eating them, when you can eat tomatoes all day without experiencing any ill effects.

There are diets that aim to avoid all or specific nutrients, and there are certain preparation techniques that we can use in the kitchen to try to reduce the antinutrient content of food. It all starts with knowing what they are and where to find them so we can make more informed decisions about what constitutes a healthy, nutrient-dense diet.

Low Oxalate Diet Side Effects

Some people are very sensitive to lectins, while others are not. Factors such as the health of your immune system, digestive system and your gut microbiome play a role in how you will react to lectins in food. Many health professionals swear by dietary management to avoid lectins because of the possible damage to one’s health.

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Often cited as the cause of many autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammation and obesity, lectins have received a lot of media coverage and attention in the past few years. They are a type of nutrient that plants produce naturally in an attempt to prevent anything from trying to eat them. Lectins were first discovered in castor beans which contain a lectin, ricin, which is highly toxic and can cause death. Some lectins are not as toxic as ricin, fortunately, but they still have negative effects on our health.

Lectins are ‘carbohydrate proteins of non-immune origin that bind to cells’. In short, they are proteins that, when ingested, look for carbohydrates to be stored in the intestine, in the blood or in any tissue of the body, forming groups of cells that can cause immune effects and other health effects.

They can also attach to certain cells, such as cells that line the gut, damaging enterocytes (cells that line the gut) and inhibiting normal cell function. These enterocytes are closed together and act as a barrier, preventing toxins and bacteria from entering the blood, and when they are destroyed, various proteins that are meant to stay in the intestine, enter the blood. The gap between the cells becomes large and causes “leaky gut” (which is often known to cause digestive problems).

Unwanted proteins in the blood can cause an immune reaction, which for immunocompromised people is a particular problem. When this happens often, chronic inflammation sets in, further strengthening the intestinal tract.

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Lectins are stable in acidic environments, such as the stomach, and cannot be broken down by any of the enzymes in our stomach. Because lectins are resistant to digestion, they can reach the small intestine where they can enter the bloodstream.

So, in summary, lectins destroy intestinal cells when they bind to them, and they bind to any carbohydrates found in the body, causing more protective effects. For example, eating even a small amount of raw or undercooked kidney beans can cause side effects in some people such as severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhea due to phytohemagglutinin, a type of lectin that binds to red blood cells once it passes through. in the bloodstream.

*One of the carbohydrates that binds to lectin is called glucosamine, a carbohydrate that coats your joints. Lectins found in wheat bind specifically to glucosamine, causing inflammation and pain in the joint.

Low Oxalate Diet Side Effects

But lectins can also cause weight gain. Strangely enough, this was used to the advantage of our ancestors. When the winter months came when food was scarce, we deliberately gained weight by eating lectin-rich foods such as wheat. Nowadays, lack of food is not a problem for many people.

The Low Oxalate Diet

Interestingly, mucus – the thick liquid that lines the nasal passages and intestinal wall, for example – is a ‘lectin-detecting’ agent. Mucus is technically a ‘mucopolysaccharide’ which means it is made up of long chains of sugar molecules and therefore traps many lectins in its path. Our body detects when we have eaten a food containing lectin, and we immediately start producing mucus to clear the lectin. When we have excessive mucus production, we feel swollen and ‘congested’ as a result.

All plants contain lectins but the highest amounts are found in raw legumes – the fruits or seeds of plants – including peas, beans and lentils, and whole grains such as wheat. Different plants have different levels of lectins and knowing which ones are higher can help you avoid them.

Humans never ate seeds or beans until we discovered agriculture, and since then, genetic engineering has progressed greatly resulting in new types of foods and different foods containing lectins. This makes it difficult to identify which food is the problem. And when we started eating wheat, rice and barley, we soaked them, fermented them, grew them with yeast, and reduced the level of lectin.

There is no way to measure how much lectin is in a particular food. Foods high in lectins include:

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, and is known to cause joint pain, arthritis and digestive problems. Although they may not be a problem for everyone, people who already have compromised immune or digestive systems are more likely to be affected by nightshades. They contain alkaloids such as solanine (in white potatoes), nicotine (in small non-addictive amounts) and capsaicin (in hot peppers), which stimulate the body’s immune response and cause more serious problems in people with autoimmune diseases. In addition to these alkaloids, nightshades usually contain many lectins and are very important in the diet of many people, they will be the cause of intestinal leakage, digestive problems, inflammation and other diseases related to people who are more sensitive, when love . to be healthy people. they can handle them well.

Because lectins cause an immune response, you can do a simple blood test to look for specific antibodies in the blood. Another one

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