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Losing Weight 70 Diet 30 Exercise

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Losing Weight 70 Diet 30 Exercise – You can train like an athlete, but if you don’t eat well, you just won’t lose weight.

The truth is that we cannot eliminate bad nutrition. If you’ve ever found yourself hitting the gym with a religious zeal but not changing your weight, that might be the reason. Success in losing weight comes down to the 70/30 rule.

Losing Weight 70 Diet 30 Exercise

Losing Weight 70 Diet 30 Exercise

70% of weight loss comes from fundamental dietary changes, and 30% comes from exercise. Diet is absolutely essential and is the real key to fat loss. Instead of cutting calories, just try adjusting your diet.

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It takes 5 minutes to eat 500 calories, but it can take up to two hours of exercise to burn them off! Consuming calories from food is easy, but burning those calories through exercise alone takes a lot of time and hard work. It is entirely achievable to reduce your calorie intake by simply eliminating one dietary defect per day.

Protein for breakfast is vital for weight loss. Protein keeps us full for longer, and therefore you will eat less throughout the day.

Have you tried poached eggs, avocado and spinach? Yogurt, seeds and berries? Smoked salmon with avocado on buckwheat toast or porridge with flax seeds and a spoonful of yogurt?

A new study shows that constant grazing during the day is unhealthy and hinders weight loss. Stick to three hearty meals a day that include protein, healthy fats, whole grains, and vegetables.

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If you go more than 4-5 hours without food, you can choose to snack on unrefined, whole foods. Choose apples dipped in nut butter, hummus with carrots, or plain boiled eggs.

30 minutes of daily exercise is optimal for weight loss; for example, a combination of cardio and strength training such as brisk walking and Pilates.

A study of 1,700 people found that food diaries can double your weight loss! The simple act of writing down what you eat encourages people to eat fewer calories.

Losing Weight 70 Diet 30 Exercise

* Try writing down your food intake on sticky notes, take a photo on your phone, write in the notes section on your phone, send yourself a text message, or take notes in the app.

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Whether you’re the bride or groom, a summer wedding is the time to look and feel your best. Say hello to glowing skin, shiny hair and… Matthew Riggs, a 33-year-old Essex IT professional, knows only too well how painful the loss of a father can be.

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After his father died of cancer when he was only 11 years old, he began to put on weight. His coping mechanism was comfort food that got out of control. “When I was 16, I weighed 140 kg,” he says.

According to him, his work in IT played an important role in his weight gain, because due to a sedentary lifestyle, he stared at the screen all day and hardly moved.

But, he shared, the real problem was that he spent years in denial, telling himself that was how he was made.

Losing Weight 70 Diet 30 Exercise

“I had to wear a heart monitor at home because the doctors thought I had an irregular heartbeat.”

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It also affected his psychological state. “When I was overweight, I was also depressed,” he admits. “I couldn’t do all the normal things a dad would do with his kids, which meant I avoided doing things with them altogether.

“It really affected my mental health. As a guy, no matter how old you are, you never talk about these things and it’s hard.”

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The turning point for Riggs came after his seven-year-old son Harrison came home from school and found the body. “He looked me straight in the eyes and asked if I was going to die,” he says.

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“It hit me hard when I thought about the fact that my dad had two heart attacks at 36 and 42.”

Then Riggs accepted a friend’s offer to take him to the gym. “He took me to the spit and sawdust style gym, it was like something out of Rocky,” he says of the visit. Riggs used to be horrified at the thought of going to the “gym” and looking like a “fat guy”. But it turned out that they “were the friendliest people.”

Since then, Riggs hasn’t looked back and trained for an hour every day. It’s a bodybuilder-style program that targets different muscle groups each day. He manages to break a sweat by resting just a minute between sets and ending his workouts with 10 minutes of cardio on the machine.

Losing Weight 70 Diet 30 Exercise

“It also had a really positive impact on my marriage; I have more energy,” says Riggs. “I can play football with my son and ride my bike with my daughter.”

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When it came to isolation, dropping 50kg after a year of daily training, Riggs was determined not to stop the progress he had made. He bought himself dumbbells and barbells, but with a set of resistance bands he found he could recreate many of the exercises he did at the gym.

Riggs had another amazing trick when it came to cardio. “I used to roller skate,” he says. “During lockdown, I dug them up and started again. I didn’t skate for 15 years, but I started with a few miles. By the end of quarantine, I was walking 12 miles every time I went outside.”

During the isolation, Riggs managed to lose another 20 kg, bringing his body weight to 87 kg. To achieve his goal of transforming his body, he also had to drastically change his diet. When he first stepped on the scale at 157kg, he estimated that he was consuming 6-7000 calories per day, despite the recommended daily allowance for men being approximately 2500 calories.

At that point, he ate three to four takeout meals a day and could drink a whole bottle of rum in an evening. “I think drinking was part of the fight against how bad I felt,” he admits.

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In addition to his physical exercise, Riggs eliminated alcohol and junk food and followed a high-protein, low-carb, calorie-deficit diet. A typical day might include oatmeal with bananas for breakfast, then chicken breast, brown rice, and carrots for lunch. Dinner might include turkey breast, sweet potatoes, and broccoli.

To cut off any desire, he allowed himself one cheat meal a week on Saturdays. This gave him and his children something to look forward to and, in his words, “they taste much better when you don’t eat three or four meals a day.”

After losing weight, his life changed completely. She feels more confident and loves to go out with her family. “It also had a really positive impact on my marriage; I have more energy,” he says. “I can play football with my son and ride my bike with my daughter.”

Losing Weight 70 Diet 30 Exercise

Riggs’ advice to anyone who wants to lose weight is: “Go to the gym and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks – no one is watching. One of the most important things I’ve learned since I started in the gym is that everyone has a story and goals. Just focus on yourself and start living a healthier lifestyle. It’s never too late to start!”

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As a professional chef, Beverly Pierce (62) has spent her career surrounded by food. “You always try and those flavors add up,” she said. She retired in 2018 to take care of her granddaughter but kept the weight she’d gained over her career.

In August 2021, I found the necessary motivation

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