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Ketogenic Diet Breast Cancer Success Stories

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Ketogenic Diet Breast Cancer Success Stories – Early Evidence Shows Fasting, Keto Diet Make Chemo and Other Cancer Drugs More Effective and Tolerable

Cancer loves sugar, so fasting, calorie restriction or following a ketogenic diet can make chemotherapy and other cancer treatments more effective and easier to tolerate, preliminary evidence suggests.

Ketogenic Diet Breast Cancer Success Stories

Ketogenic Diet Breast Cancer Success Stories

Jocelyn Aguilar felt so bad after receiving the first treatment of four powerful drugs that she decided to stop.

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She had no detectable cancer after undergoing two operations for breast cancer, so chemotherapy was the treatment that Aguilar, 37, after being diagnosed in October 2019, wanted to reduce the risk of a revolution.

Later, he decided to continue because, starting with the next round of chemotherapy, he helped test a controversial-but promising way to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and increase its effectiveness against cancer; the effects of fasting.

“During the week (when) I was supposed to receive chemotherapy on Friday, I received four boxes of food listed on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Friday. The only food on those days is eaten from the box of that day. On Saturday morning, I woke up and started eating regularly again,” said Aguilar , a nurse who works at the University of Southern California (USC), where the case occurred.

“The pain I experienced with the first cycle of chemo, fasting, was so bad that I could not stand,” said Aguilar, who described the pain as pain and soreness throughout his body. “In fasting, there is some side effect, but not too much. It makes a big difference.”

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Aguilar says that each box of his food contains 300 plant-based foods, food from those who distribute it as having micro- and macronutrients that are healthy but not known as body food that mimics fasting.

It’s hard to imagine a better anti-cancer treatment than fasting – why deprive the body of essential nutrients when it seems to need it most? – but many studies show that fasting can reduce the toxicity of cancer drugs and increase their effectiveness.

Some evidence also shows that the ketogenic diet, which prevents the body from consuming food instead of full calories, may increase the effectiveness of some cancer treatments. In fact, there are also those who believe that these two foods can help prevent cancer, although the evidence for this is limited.

Ketogenic Diet Breast Cancer Success Stories

When it comes to boosting cancer treatment, the nutritional benefits haven’t even been conclusively proven — unless you’re a rat. “The data on fasting animals, which started in our lab but are now coming from many labs, is amazing. It’s hard to think of anything in the past that has happened successfully,” says Valter Longo, who holds a doctorate in biochemistry and is the Edna M Jones Professor of Gerontology and Biological Sciences. and director of the Longevity Institute at the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology.

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Healthy cells and tumor cells respond differently to fasting. Healthy cells shut down their growth pathways shortly after nutrient intake and focus on cell repair. Cancer cells, on the other hand, often do not slow down their uncontrolled growth to exercise their own defenses.

Fasting increases the strength of healthy cells to withstand the harsh conditions of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, but leaves cancer cells that suddenly have little nutritional support for rapid growth, incredibly weak and vulnerable.

Fasting also reduces stored carbohydrates. Normal cells can adapt to this by running on two sources of energy made from fatty acids and ketones, but cancer cells are more dependent on sugar, starch and insulin to get them into the cells.

Most modern mouse studies have examined the effect of fasting during chemotherapy or radiotherapy, but one study found that a low-calorie-mimicking-mimicking (FMD) diet with simple vitamin C could reduce the growth of KRAS-positive colon cancer. Another study, published in the prestigious journal Nature, found that fasting and FMD increased and increased the effectiveness of the hormone drugs tamoxifen and faslodex (fulvestrant) in mouse models of hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer.

Early Evidence Shows Fasting, Keto Diet May Make Chemo And Some Other Cancer Treatments More Effective And Easier To Tolerate

The first clinical trial of short-term fasting in humans, published in 2009, showed the results of 10 patients with different types of cancer. He found that fasting reduced chemotherapy-related toxicities — fatigue, weakness and stomach effects — in six patients who fasted 48 to 140 hours before and five to 56 hours after their (but not all) chemotherapy sessions.

Several other human trials, all of which followed a small number of patients for a short period of time, also found that fasting reduces drug-related toxicity such as fatigue or DNA damage in healthy cells.

For example, the Dutch trial assigned six breast cancer patients to follow a healthy diet and seven others to fast for 24 hours before and after treatment. Nonhematologic risk was not different between the two groups, but the researchers found evidence that fasting reduced bone marrow toxicity and reduced chemotherapy-induced DNA damage in some healthy blood cells.

Ketogenic Diet Breast Cancer Success Stories

Some of these small trials suggested that fasting increases the effectiveness of treatment, but none was large enough (or lasted long enough) to prove that fasting increased patient survival. There is less evidence for fasting or a ketogenic diet compared to immunotherapy, although this remains a possibility.

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The only major human trials reporting results so far have been concluded – for unexpected reasons.

The researchers randomly assigned 131 Dutch women, all of whom were eligible to receive chemotherapy for HER2-positive breast cancer 2/3, to eat according to the guidelines or follow the FMD. Sixty-six women were assigned to follow the FMD but, unfortunately, so few followed that it was not possible to assess the effects of the diet. Only 32% of women in the non-fasting group fasted before half of their chemotherapy, and only 24% of them fasted before the whole.

Patient non-compliance was particularly frustrating because FMD was developed by Long – who has a financial interest in a company that sells FMD diet kits – as a low-cost way to get the full effect of a true, zero-calorie fast.

“Not easy,” said Aguilar, “but it could be done.” I’m not usually a healthy eater, and I was on steroids at the time, so my appetite was unquenchable, but I still managed it because it reduced my pain a lot.”

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Hopefully, patients in several other large studies, all nearing the end of days, will follow fasting protocols long enough to help researchers determine whether short-term fasting can prolong life, reduce drug toxicity, or in patients with glioblastoma, lung cancer, lung cancer; the cost of cancer, cancer and skin cancer.

A positive result could change the standard of treatment for all types of tumors within a few years.

For patients who cannot wait long enough to make their own treatment plan, the obvious question is whether they should ask their oncologist about starting now with short-term fasting or FMD.

Ketogenic Diet Breast Cancer Success Stories

Indeed, a group of Italian doctors recently published a letter in the journal Nature Reviews of Cancer, which warned against what they consider to be too much of the fast’s benefits and insufficient caution about its potential to harm some patients.

Pdf) Effects Of A Ketogenic Diet On The Quality Of Life In 16 Patients With Advanced Cancer: A Pilot Trial

He is concerned “that the use of fasting in oncology has been reported by the media as a way to improve medical treatment, to the extent that FMD findings have recently been marketed,” the doctors wrote. “This can interfere with cancer care, because patients at risk of malnutrition or sarcopenia (muscle loss) can limit protein-calorie intake during treatment.”

Long agrees that patients who are malnourished or responding to this treatment should try fasting or FMD outside of clinical trials. However, they believe that the data from both animals and early human trials are valid for fasting when conventional drugs have stopped working.

“I think (the testicle only) is enough to say to the oncologist: ‘Look, your treatment isn’t working.’ I’m fine from here. These fasting mimics are very effective in mice. Why don’t we do it? something about him? You have to understand that there are dangers, but you also have to understand that we can’t do anything.”

Fasting is not the only way to lower blood sugar and insulin. Patients can lose about the same amount by following a ketogenic diet that provides about 80% of calories from fat, 12% from protein and 8% from fat.

Study Presented By The American Society Of Clinical Oncology Shows That Balanced, Low Fat Diet Reduces The Risk Of Death From Breast Cancer In Postmenopausal Women

Low blood sugar means less sugar in the blood, which means less insulin – a hormone produced by the pancreas to push sugar into the muscles and increase their growth and/or function.

Healthy muscles, as mentioned before, can absorb all their energy from fat, although most people feel tired for a week or so.

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