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Is The Cabbage Soup Diet Bad For You

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Is The Cabbage Soup Diet Bad For You – Supporters of this diet say that it can help you lose up to 4.5 kilograms in one week, but many health experts warn that the diet is unhealthy and the results are inconsistent.

Diet review scorecard Total score: 0.71 Weight loss: 1.0 Healthy eating: 0.0 Living: 1.2 Whole body health: 0.0 Food quality: 1.2 Evidence-based: 0.07 CONCLUSION: Eating cabbage soup can lead to weight loss, but because it significantly reduces calorie intake. Once you stop this diet for a week, you will likely regain the weight you lost.

Is The Cabbage Soup Diet Bad For You

Is The Cabbage Soup Diet Bad For You

Cabbage is a fast food for weight loss. Those who support it say that a seven-day diet can lead to weight loss of up to 10 kilograms.

Weight Loss: Can Cabbage Soup Diet Help You Lose Weight?

The diet works exactly as the name suggests – for one week you eat nothing but homemade cabbage soup. You can also eat 1-2 other foods each day, such as skim milk, fruits, or vegetables.

Meals are prepared for more than seven days with the goal of losing weight or moving to a long-term diet plan.

The Cabbage Soup Diet is also known by other names such as the Sacred Heart Hospital Diet or the Mayo Clinic Diet, probably because it was developed in a hospital for rapid weight loss before heart surgery.

No one knows exactly where this unique dish came from, although it first became popular in the 1980s and has remained unchanged ever since.

Detox Cabbage Soup

Summary: The Cabbage Soup Diet is a week-long weight loss diet that promises to help you lose up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg).

First you want to prepare large portions of soup to eat throughout the week.

You can season the soup with salt, pepper, hot sauce, herbs or spices. You can also add other non-starchy vegetables like spinach or beans.

Is The Cabbage Soup Diet Bad For You

Every day you should eat as much cabbage soup as you want – at least with several meals.

Cabbage Fat Burning Soup Recipe

In addition to soup, you are allowed to eat 1-2 other low-calorie meals per day. However, it is important not to make any substitutions and only drink water or other non-caloric drinks such as unsweetened tea.

You should not continue the diet for more than seven days in a row. However, you can repeat the diet if you wait at least two weeks before starting again.

Summary: Following the cabbage soup diet, you should make large portions of cabbage soup to eat several times a day. You are also allowed to eat 1-2 extra meals each day.

Although you are allowed to eat an unlimited amount of soups and other foods during this diet, the options are limited and low in calories so that it will be very difficult to eat enough to maintain your body weight.

Keto Cabbage Soup Recipe

While the cabbage soup diet can help you lose weight, most of that weight can come back once you stop the diet.

Most importantly, when you severely restrict your calorie intake or lose a lot of weight, your body responds by lowering your metabolic rate, reducing the number of calories you burn per day (

However, your metabolism may begin to drop as early as three days after switching to a low-calorie diet. This decrease may explain why it is more difficult to keep weight off after going on a diet (

Is The Cabbage Soup Diet Bad For You

Research shows that when obese people follow a low-calorie diet for 4-12 weeks under medical supervision, they can see significant short-term improvements in weight loss and metabolic health.

Spicy Vegetarian Cabbage Soup

Several studies show that even short-term, low-calorie diets can temporarily reduce insulin resistance, although they are too short to cause significant changes in body fat.

Another potential benefit of the cabbage soup diet is that you are not forced to starve, as you can eat as many healthy foods as you want each day.

The diet also includes lots of low-calorie, high-fiber fruits and vegetables.

Unlike other recipes that require you to buy expensive supplements or books, this recipe only requires you to buy inexpensive soup ingredients and a few other ingredients.

Cabbage Soup (healthy & Easy)

Summary: This diet is very low in calories, so it should help you lose weight if you can stick to it. However, it is possible that any weight loss will be temporary.

One of the biggest problems with the cabbage soup diet is that it can be followed for one week, which is not enough for significant weight loss.

Your body can only burn so much fat per week. In the first week of a low-calorie diet, only about 34% of the lost weight comes from fat.

Is The Cabbage Soup Diet Bad For You

Water weight depends on glycogen stores, which are your body’s reserves for quick energy. Normally, glycogen binds to water molecules in your body.

Easy Cabbage Soup Diet

If you don’t eat enough calories, your body uses stored glycogen for energy and then loses excess water (

However, when you return to a nutritional deficit, your body fills these stores and puts on water weight again, even if you continue to eat healthy (

A cabbage diet is so limited in food choices that it lacks many vitamins and minerals, and most days it doesn’t provide a real source of protein.

It also requires large batches to be cooked frequently in order to make the perfect cabbage soup, which can be off-putting to some people.

Best Cabbage Soup (make Ahead & Freezer Instructions + How To Add Protein)

Bottom Line: Junk food is unhealthy, hard to stick to, and lacking in nutrients. Because it only lasts a week, most of the weight you lose is just water weight, which will come back when you stop eating.

Eating cabbage soup is not recommended for more than one week due to stress and food intolerance.

Although the cabbage diet is not a starvation diet, the food is so low in calories that it may be difficult to reach 1,000 calories a day.

Is The Cabbage Soup Diet Bad For You

This is below the estimated minimum amount of calories needed to maintain a healthy weight. This minimum is usually 1,200 calories for women and 1,500 calories for men on average (10).

The Cabbage Soup Diet: Does It Work For Weight Loss?

Low-calorie diets of up to 800 calories per day are only recommended for obese people under medical supervision.

A low-calorie diet used under the supervision of a doctor is often formed with the value of food in mind (

However, the choice of food on the cabbage diet is very wide and uneven. The diet is low in protein and low in carbohydrates, fat and calories. In addition, it does not contain many vitamins and minerals.

There is no serious risk of vitamin and mineral deficiency if you follow the diet for one week, especially if you choose to take a multivitamin. But this does not compensate for the lack of calories and protein in the diet.

Best Healthy Cabbage Soup Recipe (weightloss Wonder Soup!)

As a result, many people on a cabbage soup diet complain of dizziness, weakness, and dizziness while on the diet.

Because this food is high in fiber, many people complain about flatulence and cramping as the main side effects. This may not be appealing enough to stop eating (

There have been many unconfirmed reports of gallstones and gallbladder blockages in people who have been eating cabbage soup for a long time.

Is The Cabbage Soup Diet Bad For You

However, if you don’t eat a lot of fat, your gallbladder may not empty for a long time, causing the stones to grow.

Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

Gallstones can be more common among people on a low-calorie or low-fat diet, such as a cabbage soup diet (

If you have diabetes and like cabbage soup, be careful. Low carbs and calories can cause significant changes in blood sugar levels.

However, the food is unlikely to have a dangerous effect on most healthy people if it is only used for one week, as needed.

Summary: Cabbage diet is not suitable for long-term use because it lacks essential nutrients. Despite the unpleasant side effects, taking it for one week is not dangerous for most healthy people.

Military Diet (update: 2022)

Just like other low-calorie diets, the cabbage soup diet can lead to weight loss if you can stick to it for one week.

However, since this is a temporary diet, you will likely gain a lot of weight back unless you make permanent changes to your lifestyle.

In addition, it does not make sense and does not compare to eating only cabbage soup. Many people find diets unappealing and difficult to stick to.

Is The Cabbage Soup Diet Bad For You

Although this diet can help you lose excess weight quickly, you are better off looking at other options if you want to gain long-term weight loss and better health.

Day Cabbage Soup Diet To Make The Scale Tip In Your Favor

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