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Ideal Protein Diet Website

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Ideal Protein Diet Website – It’s been a while since I reviewed the Ideal Protein system, but the response to my review has been overwhelming to say the least.

I have received hate mail, suggestions, and even a few customers approaching me because they can no longer be on this system. Really, a mixed bag – but as with everything I write, I like to know that people are reading my stuff and reacting…even if the response isn’t the – stay positive! It makes them think, and that’s the point.

Ideal Protein Diet Website

Ideal Protein Diet Website

There are two reasons for doing this review: a pharmacy in my neighborhood started selling the system, which put it on my mind again. Also, a reader and former IP dealer approached me and gave me some very interesting information about the company.

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I wanted to see if anything had changed with the company or the program since my 2016 review, so I started by going to their website.

The first thing I noticed is that the program has the same lame body image on a slim female figure. Pfft. As if ‘skin’ equals ‘health’. Very 90s.

The first phase is what the IP basically calls the ketogenic diet, and you stay on this phase as long as it makes you lose 100% of your weight goal. During this phase, you will eat three IP meals (packaged meals) per day, with an additional 8oz of protein at dinner, and vegetables (some unlimited, some not, depending on the type).

Foods that are not allowed include milk, fruit, root vegetables, carbs such as pasta, fruit, and sweets. The first two levels feature well under 1000 calories per day, which is the starvation diet. A true ketogenic diet is not a starvation diet.

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I have seen a disgusting combination of chicken patty with zero chicken and all kinds of processed ingredients.

I also find that these food substitutes contain a ton of highly refined starches, 5 different sweeteners with 3 sugars, and palm kernel oil.

But sell food based on them while trying to convince people that what they are eating is not ‘healthy’. This is an astronaut’s dry food.

Ideal Protein Diet Website

The second phase is 14 days long and is almost the same as the first phase, but with an additional 8oz of protein at lunch and only two IP meals. You are allowed one ‘limited’ IP food per day, such as cheese curls or a bar.

Is A Low Protein Diet Better For Longevity Or Weight Loss?

The third stage is also 14 days. You will cut the IP meals down to once a day and increase the 8oz of protein three times. It also includes fruit, fat, and carbs in the breakfast.

According to Ideal Protein, “Introducing carbs at breakfast is said to help restart your pancreas’ insulin production and train it to produce the right amount.”

Phase four is a 12 month period with ‘ongoing support’ to help you lose weight. By ‘ongoing support’, the IP usually means an office person who checks on you regularly.

Some of the craziest guidelines for this phase include the separation of carbohydrates and fats: ‘Carbohydrates and fats should be separated. Like two troublesome students, the teacher must place them at opposite ends of the classroom. They can be good on their own, but together they can be problematic.’

Janeva’s Ideal Recipes — Janeva’s Kitchen

And: ‘It is wrong to think that if you have carbohydrates for lunch, you will be able to burn them throughout the evening and if you have complex carbohydrates for dinner, your body can store them. It’s not that simple. Your body doesn’t eat your lunch during the day. It has to eat, turn and mix your lunch before it can use it for energy.’

IP was also ordered to take up to 17 pills a day – multivitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, potassium, and magnesium – all ‘Ideal Protein’ brand. Also ask: 1/4 teaspoon of salt per day, and yes – Ideal Protein has its own ‘Salt Level’.

This is a good time to mention that the research studies provided by Ideal Protein to ‘support the technology’ behind their diet… actually don’t refer to their diet at all.

Ideal Protein Diet Website

These studies talk about the effect of weight loss on many diseases and conditions, but we know everything. What I would like to see are peer reviewed studies with a rigorous methodology showing how many IP clients lose weight and keep it off for a year, 5 years, and beyond.

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There are many testimonials on the site from doctors, which may be comforting for people with cancer at first glance. Don’t let it be.

Trust me when I tell you that there are many doctors who are willing to sell garbage like this to their patients without a second thought. Because of $$.

There is a very sad trend of doctors using their MD credentials to sell complete nonsense like the Plant Paradox, Grain Brain, detoxes (and anything else Mark Hyman sells), Wheat Belly… I could go on. Despite the fact that these diets are not based on accurate science, these people are laughing all the way to the bank because people see ‘MD’ and they think ‘trust’. Of course not.

I also see many doctors putting patients on a very restrictive diet, without even thinking about how it affects the person’s life and how difficult it is for them to eat and maintain any weight loss. ‘Just don’t eat carbs!’ The easiest thing ever is something nutritionists hear doctors tell all their patients. them. watch It’s crazy.

How Much Protein Should I Eat In A Day?

Don’t forget that doctors and pharmacists and anyone else running this program has a huge financial incentive to promote it.

This person is an IP server and is a healthcare professional with their own practice. They even worked for IP for a while.

Keeping in mind that I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the account, here is what they told me about the financial incentives to provide the program:

Ideal Protein Diet Website

After the IP demands a cost (food and product) increase of 100% or more, the $$$ is theirs. After buying 300 boxes for 13.50/box they sell to patients at $30/box, walking away with almost $5000 (this does not include their training fee, vitamin sales or the fact that doctors have these CPT codes for insurance companies for extra kickbacks). ) is definitely shady. Think you might find it interesting.

The Single Protein Diet

Peace. My lawyer told me this doesn’t qualify under the law as a ‘kickback’, but it sure as hell isn’t clear.

They went on to say, “They’ve replaced many of the original “restricted items” with unlimited versions which means they get more “chewy astronaut food” throughout the day. ‘ reduce their weight and keep them on the program for longer. “

Another source I had from my first IP investigation told me that pharmacies can get around a conflict of interest by selling the system, food and supplements as part of an over-the-counter sale. generic drugs and then counting the money as part of the house’s profit. whole Just like they sell, like, 750 more boxes of hair color in a given month or something. That’s how it’s done without causing COI complaints.

I think this is what worries me the most about Ideal Protein: that your neighborhood health professional can use it as an incentive income stream, which creates a conflict of interest. How is this even allowed?!

Healthy Eating Plate

A good protein diet is often marketed as ‘healthy’. I’m sure you can find better options for prepared foods at the grocery store. Also: granola bars are not food.

This diet makes some false claims about how the human body works, probably because the people selling Ideal Protein don’t think you’ll study them. Doesn’t that make you angry?

The levels/food mix is ​​BS. This food is low in calories, which causes weight loss. It also makes it harder to maintain, which means you’ll keep coming back for more…Extra Protein! It’s like insurance for them.

Ideal Protein Diet Website

The ideal protein is like a bad dieter’s nightmare: Weight goals are arbitrary and unreliable. Talk about how you need to ‘Avoid Cheating’ before saying that if you don’t succeed, it’s your fault, not Ideal Protein’s. The logo suggests that the ‘right’ body type is ‘skinny’. It is very bad.

How To Make The Ideal Protein Chili

Anytime a diet asks you to take supplements to replace nutrients you’re not eating (but should be), it’s a RED FLAG. BIG ONE.

Health professionals should not receive money from selling products to clients who trust them to be unbiased. It’s shady and wrong and unfair and unfair.

The best protein says it’s about finding joy in eating, but nothing could be further from the truth. It does not teach you how to eat well or how to appreciate and love food: it only teaches you ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and ‘deception’ and punishment and restriction. Even on Level 4. Terrible.

And just in case, for every piece of hate mail I’ve received from IP fans defending the program, I’ve received another piece of mail from former IP diners, saying how badly the food hurts them. Their relationship with food, yo-yo dieting, their anxiety levels around food…everything. Losing weight can be a challenge, but the process of losing weight can be simple. The Ketogenic Protein Weight Loss Plan Is Clinically Best

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