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Ideal Protein Diet Nutritional Information

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Ideal Protein Diet Nutritional Information – It’s been a while since I reviewed the Ideal Protein program, but the response to my review has been great.

I’ve had hate mail, compliments, and even a few clients because they can’t be on this program. It’s a mixed bag really – but as with everything I write, I enjoy knowing that people read my stuff and react to it…even if the reaction isn’t always positive! It makes them think, and that’s the point.

Ideal Protein Diet Nutritional Information

Ideal Protein Diet Nutritional Information

There are two reasons why I am revising this review: my local pharmacy has started selling the program I remember again. Also, a reader and former IP salesperson reached out to me and gave me some solid information about the company.

Chicken Fajita Bowl (ideal Protein)

I wanted to see if anything had changed with the company or the program since my 2016 review, so I started visiting their website.

The first thing that struck me was that there was a similar disabled image of women in the program. Pfff. “Clean” is similar to “healthy”. 90s

Phase 1 is basically what IP calls the ketogenic diet, and if you need to lose 100% of your weight, you’re in this phase. During this phase, you eat three IP meals (pre-prepared meals) per day, plus 8 oz of protein and vegetables for dinner (some are unlimited, some are not).

Foods that are not allowed include carbohydrates such as dairy products, nuts, root vegetables, pasta, fruit and sweets. The first two phases appear to be less than 1,000 calories per day, essentially a starvation diet. A true ketogenic diet is not a starvation diet.

Keto Protein Powder, Chocolate Flavor

I found this disgusting looking chicken recipe that has zero chicken and very subtle ingredients.

I also found these meal replacement bars with a ton of ultra-refined starch, 5 different sweeteners, 3 sugars, and palm kernel oil.

But it’s not good to sell a diet that tries to convince people that what they’re eating is “healthy.” This is dehydrated astronaut food.

Ideal Protein Diet Nutritional Information

The second phase lasts 14 days and is the same as the first phase, but with an additional 8 oz of protein at lunch and only two IP meals. One “limited” IP food per day is allowed, such as some cheesy crackers or a bar.

Health & Weight Loss Solutions

The third stage also lasts 14 days. By reducing the IP strip to one serving per day, you triple your 8oz of protein. It also includes fruit, fat and carbohydrates for breakfast.

According to Ideal Protein, “Carbohydrate processing at breakfast helps the pancreas process and produce the right amount of insulin.”

The fourth phase is a 12-month period where there is “continuous support” to continue weight gain. The term “regular support” means an office worker who usually checks in with you on a regular basis.

Some of the craziest instructions for this stage include the separation of carbohydrates and fats: “Carbohydrates and fats should be eliminated. Like two problem students, the teacher should put them on opposite sides of the classroom . Individually they can be good, but together they can be a problem.’

Peanut Butter Protein Bar

And: “It’s a mistake to think that if you have carbs for lunch, you can burn them in the afternoon, and if you have complex carbs for dinner, your body can store them. It’s not that simple. Your body doesn’t use lunch. Lunch must be digested, digested and metabolized before it can be used for energy. ‘

The IP also prescribes taking 17 pills a day – multivitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, potassium and magnesium – all of the Ideal Protein brand. You’ll also need: 1/4 teaspoon of salt per day, yes – Ideal Protein has its own Ideal Salt.

The research presented to “support the science” behind this ideal protein diet… is actually a great opportunity to emphasize that their diet is not compromised at all.

Ideal Protein Diet Nutritional Information

These studies talk about the effects of smoking on various diseases and conditions, but this is what we know. What I’d like to see are peer-reviewed studies with solid methodology that show how many IPs lose and retain clients one year, 5 years, and beyond.

Application Of The Ideal Protein Concept In Pigs

There are many testimonials of doctors on the site, which can give comfort to those who work at first glance. Don’t let it happen.

Trust me when I tell you, doctors are willing to sell this kind of crap to their patients without a second thought. Because $$.

There is a very sad trend of doctors using their MD credentials to sell completely bogus products like herbal paradox, grain brain, detoxes (and other things Mark Hyman sells), wheat bellies. Even though these diets aren’t based on solid science, they get laughs all the way to the bank because people see MD’s and think they’re “credible.” No.

I also see many doctors put patients on very restrictive diets without considering how it will affect their lives and how much weight they will lose if they continue on this diet. “Don’t just eat carbs!” Perhaps the easiest is what dietitians tell their patients. . This time is crazy.

Vegetable Chili Mix Ideal Protein

Don’t forget that there is a huge financial incentive for the doctors and pharmacists and those running this program.

This person was an IP distributor and a healthcare professional by experience. They even worked on IP for a while.

Note that I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the account, I was told about the financial incentive to offer the program:

Ideal Protein Diet Nutritional Information

Once the IP (food and items) are charged 100% or more, the $$$ is theirs. After buying 300 boxes for $13.50 and selling them to patients for $30, they walk away with about $5,000 (this includes coaching fees, vitamin sales, or all the CPT codes for an extra kick to doctors’ insurance companies doesn’t include) it’s definitely shady. I think you will find it interesting.

Vegetable Bolognese Spaghetti Mix

Bye Bye. My lawyer said that this is not called “pulling” under the law, but that is not clear.

They continued: “They’ve replaced most of the original ‘restricted items’ with non-restricted versions, getting more ‘chewy astronaut treats’ throughout the day, which will continue to stay in the program longer.”

Another source in the first IP investigation said that methadone pharmacies could resolve the conflict of interest by selling the program, food and supplements as part of the general pharmacy sales and then counting them as part of the general pharmacy revenue. Just as he sold another 750 boxes of hair dye in the same month. This was done without triggering COI complaints.

I think the thing that worries me the most about ideal protein is that your neighborhood medical professional could be using it as a source of income, which creates an obvious conflict of interest. How is this allowed?!

Fine Herbs & Cheese Omelet Mix

The best protein foods are ultra-processed and marketed as “healthy.” I’m sure you can find better options for ready meals at the grocery store. Also: granola is not a snack.

This diet makes false claims about how the human body works that the people selling this ideal protein probably don’t think you’ll actually check. Doesn’t that drive you crazy?

Elements combining phases/foods BS. This diet is very low in calories, which leads to weight loss. It also makes it hard to keep going, which means you’ll be coming back for more… The ideal protein! It’s like insurance for them.

Ideal Protein Diet Nutritional Information

Ideal protein is like a bad diet nightmare: weight goals are arbitrary and unreliable. He talks about how to avoid cheating and says that if you don’t succeed, it’s not your ideal protein, it’s your fault. The logo suggests that the “straight” body type is “thin.” Everything is bad.

Meal Replacement Chocolate Drink Mix

If you have to (and should) take supplements to replace your junk food, that’s a RED FLAG. BIG.

Healthcare providers should never receive money from sales to customers they believe to be unbiased. It’s shady and wrong, rude and unprofessional.

Ideal Protein claims to be a pleasure to eat, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It does not teach good eating or appreciation and love of food: it only teaches “good” and “bad” and “cheating”, punishment and restrictions. Even stage 4 is terrible.

Plus, for every hate mail I get from IP followers defending the program, I get another message from ex-IP dieters telling me how broken the diet is. Relationships with food or eating, anxiety around food…all of it.

Ideal Protein Thai Pork Flavoured Soup Mix

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