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Ideal Protein Diet Foods For Sale

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Ideal Protein Diet Foods For Sale – It’s been a while since I reviewed the Ideal Protein program, but the response to my review was overwhelming to say the least.

I get hate mail, compliments, and even some clients who come to me because they couldn’t get into the program anymore. It’s a mixed bag, really, but while I’m writing, I enjoy knowing that people are reading and responding to my content…even if the response isn’t always positive. It makes them think, and that’s the point.

Ideal Protein Diet Foods For Sale

Ideal Protein Diet Foods For Sale

There are two reasons why I am doing this review again. a drugstore near me started selling the program, which put me back on my mind. Also, a reader and former IP salesman contacted me and gave me some seriously shady information about the company.

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I wanted to see if anything had changed with the company or the program since my 2016 review, so I started visiting their website.

The first thing I noticed is that the app has the same emaciated woman logo. PFFFT How “skinny” equals “healthy”. Very 90s.

The first phase is what the IP basically calls the ketogenic diet, and you stay in this phase for as long as it takes you to lose 100% of your goal weight. During this phase, you eat three IP meals (prepackaged meals) per day, plus an extra 8 ounces of protein and vegetables at dinner (some unlimited, some not, depending on the type).

Foods not allowed include dairy products, nuts, root vegetables, carbohydrates such as pasta, fruit and sweets. The first two phases are less than 1,000 calories per day, essentially a starvation diet. A true ketogenic diet is not a starvation diet.

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I ended up with this disgusting chicken pot pie mix with zero chicken and lots of ultra-fine ingredients.

I also found these meal replacement bars with a ton of ultra-refined starches, 5 different sweeteners including 3 sugars, and palm kernel oil.

But trying to convince people that what they’re eating is “healthy” isn’t good enough to sell them a diet based on that. This is dehydrated space food.

Ideal Protein Diet Foods For Sale

The second phase lasts 14 days and is almost identical to the first phase, but with an additional 8 oz of protein at lunch and only two IP meals. You are allowed one “limited” IP meal per day, such as a few cheese curls or bars.

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The third stage is also 14 days. You will reduce the IP meals to once a day and triple the 8 oz of protein. It also includes fruit, fat and carbohydrates in the breakfast meal.

According to Ideal Protein, “Carbohydrate recovery at breakfast helps to restart insulin production in the pancreas and trains it to produce the right amount.”

The fourth phase is a 12-month period with “ongoing support” to help you lose weight. By ‘ongoing support’, an IP usually means an office person who checks in with you on a regular basis.

Some of the craziest instructions in this phase include the separation of carbohydrates and fats; “Carbohydrates and fats should be separated. Like two difficult students, the teacher should place them at opposite ends of the classroom. Individually they can be good, but together they can be difficult.” Proti Fit High Protein Wafer Bar

And. “It’s a mistake to think that if you have carbohydrates for lunch, you’ll be able to burn them all afternoon, and if you have complex carbohydrates for dinner, your body can store them. It’s not that simple. Your body doesn’t use your lunch at noon. It has to digest your meal, convert it, and digest it before using it for energy.

IP also calls for 17 pills a day of multivitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, potassium, and magnesium, all of which are the “ideal protein” brand. Also required: 1/4 teaspoon of salt per day, and yes, ideal protein has its own “ideal salt”.

This is a great time to point out that the research studies provided by Ideal Protein to support the science behind their diet… don’t actually mention their diet at all.

Ideal Protein Diet Foods For Sale

These studies talk about the effects of weight loss on various diseases and conditions, but that’s about all we know. What I would like to see are peer-reviewed studies with solid methodology that show how many IP clients lose weight and keep it off for a year, 5 years, and beyond.

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The site has many testimonials from doctors, which at first glance can be comforting to the common man. Don’t let that happen.

Trust me when I tell you that there are many doctors out there willing to mindlessly sell this type of garbage to their patients. Because $$.

There is a very sad trend of doctors using their medical credentials to sell completely bogus things like Plant Paradox, Grain Brain, Detox (and anything else sold by Mark Hyman), Wheat Belly…I can i go on Although these diets are not based on sound science, these guys are laughing all the way to the bank because people see “MD” and think they are “credible”. no

I also see many doctors who put patients on very restrictive diets without thinking about how it will affect the person’s life and how difficult it will be for them to maintain this way of eating and lose weight. “Just don’t eat carbs.” It seems like the easiest thing ever to hear nutritionists tell patients everything. from Time is crazy.

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Don’t forget that the doctors and pharmacists and whoever runs this program have huge financial incentives to promote it.

This person was an IP distributor and is a healthcare practitioner with his own practice. He also worked at IP for some time.

Noting that I could not vouch for the accuracy of their account, they told me about the financial incentives of the program offer;

Ideal Protein Diet Foods For Sale

After the IP is asked to raise the cost (of food and goods) by 100% or more, the $$$ is theirs. After buying 300 boxes at 13.50/box, they sell patients $30/box, about $5,000 (not including their coaching fees, vitamin sales, or the fact that doctors have all these CPT codes for insurance companies. extra kickback) for sure it’s a shadow. . Thought you might find it interesting.

Diet Review) The Ideal Protein Diet: A Whole Lot Of Shady

Oops My lawyer told me that doesn’t qualify as a “kickback” under the law, but it sure is transparent.

They added: “They switched from the original ‘restricted items’ to unlimited options, which meant they got more ‘chewy space food’ throughout the day, which actually slowed their weight loss. that’s what keeps them in the program longer.”

Another source I had from my first IP review explained that the pharmacy resolved the conflict of interest by selling the program, food and supplements as part of the pharmacy’s total sales and then counting the money as part of the pharmacy’s gross profit. Like if they sell like 750 more packs of hair color that particular month or something. So this is done without triggering any COI complaints.

I think that’s actually what worries me the most about Ideal Protein; that your neighborhood health care provider can use it as an incentivized income stream, creating an obvious conflict of interest. How is that even allowed?

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Ideal protein foods are marketed as “healthy”. I’m sure you can find better prepared food options at the grocery store. Also: Granola bars are not food.

This diet makes some very false claims about how the human body works, probably because the sellers of Ideal Protein don’t think you’ll actually test them. Doesn’t that drive you crazy?

The ingredient addition stage/food is BS. This diet contains very few calories, which leads to weight loss. It also makes it harder to maintain, which means you’ll be coming back for more…perfect protein. It’s like insurance for them.

Ideal Protein Diet Foods For Sale

Ideal protein is like a bad diet’s nightmare. weight goals are arbitrary and unreliable. When talking about “cheating” it’s already been said that if you’re not successful, it’s your fault, not the ideal protein. The logo states that the “correct” body type is “skinny”. It’s all too bad.

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Anytime a diet calls for supplements to replace nutrients you’re not consuming (but should be), that’s a red flag. Very large.

Healthcare professionals should never receive money from selling products to customers who trust them to be impartial. It’s shady and wrong and unethical and unprofessional.

Ideal Protein says it’s all about finding joy in eating, but nothing could be further from the truth. It doesn’t teach you how to eat right or how to appreciate and love food; it teaches only ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘deceit’ and punishment and prohibition. Also in stage 4. terrible

And on the flip side, for every hate mail I get from IP followers who support the program, I get another from former IP dieters saying how badly the diet messed them up. Their relationship with food, their yo-yo dieting, their level of anxiety around food… all of it.

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Sarah Hi I'm Sarah, I like to write anything about health, healthy food and other health tips. Healthy living has become a necessity in this day and age, where the body needs good nutrition. Hopefully my writing can be useful for all.

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