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Hormone Diet Food List

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Hormone Diet Food List – It includes a downloadable food chart for each phase of your menstrual cycle at the end. Throughout this post I also have an explanation of each step. Throughout my cycle throughout the month of February, I shared a phase-specific food chart and overview of each cycle phase on Instagram (aka Cycle Sync). The response was phenomenal! I haven’t found anything else like this, so I’m very glad I put it together for you. Obviously there will be more detailed descriptions and recommendations in my book, but until then, please refer to this diagram!

*** In order for the food chart to synchronize the cycle, there is a fun free product (printable PDF) at the end that you can download, print and hang on your fridge so it is always close at hand. This will make it easier to keep track of the steps and the corresponding foods! No need to worry about downloading each image separately because I put them all on one convenient page for you.

Hormone Diet Food List

Hormone Diet Food List

There are many ways to support your body’s hormonal ecosystem, but food and lifestyle are the pillars of a healthy menstrual cycle. Let’s get into the four phases of the menstrual cycle. And also vegan food for every stage of the cycle!

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The menstrual phase can be considered as ?winter? The season in your body. Consider it a time of rest, energy conservation and hibernation. It is said that sometimes there is a small difference between intuition and logic, allowing you to have deep access to inner wisdom and gut feelings. The bleeding phase is naturally cleansing (physically and emotionally) so that when you feel raw and sensitive, you are also letting go of what is no longer there for you.

If you are not pregnant, then 12-14 days after ovulation is when the corpus luteum stops producing progesterone and it will be reabsorbed into your body. It is this drop in progesterone that causes your uterus to contract and you begin to bleed. The first day of your period (and your period) begins on the first day of heavy bleeding. This is information you should know for tracking purposes.

Hormones are now at a very low level which means you have less energy, your skin is dry and dull, and probably redder. Maybe you’re feeling runnier than usual but that’s okay because we can’t go on? All the time!

You want to remineralize and restore your blood with food. The following foods are filling and rich in minerals such as iron and zinc. Focus on miso soups, soups and stews with sea vegetables. Other foods to focus on include water chestnuts, hazelnuts, wild rice, fennel, chlorophyll, adzuki beans, and coconut water.

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The follicular phase is the phase right after your period, when your body prepares to release an egg (also called ovulation). Can it also be considered a spring? The season in your body.

Each ovary has hundreds of thousands of follicles (sacs of cells that contain an immature egg in the center). The pituitary gland signals to release FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) to stimulate multiple follicles to grow (but only one will win!). Maturing follicles release estradiol to thicken the lining of the uterus for implantation, if the egg becomes fertilized.

All of this inner work requires proper nutrition for healthy, maturing follicles. Think lots of healthy fats! The foods listed below contain high levels of vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, monounsaturated fats, and fiber. Other foods to focus on include olives, asparagus, peas, cherries, plums, pomegranates, peanut butter, vinegar-based dressings and sauces, broccoli sprouts, and sprouted beans. Supplements to consider include zinc, iodine and selenium, vitamin B6 and probiotics.

Hormone Diet Food List

The ovulation phase can also be considered as a ?heat? Winter on your body! This is when the big event of ovulation occurs. Normally, you are only fertile for 24 hours in your cycle (when the egg is released), but sperm can live in you for up to 5 days. This is because hi is removed and kept alive by fertile cervical mucus (which is the consistency of strained egg whites). That’s why tracking your period, cervical mucus, and basal body temperature is so important if you’re trying to prevent pregnancy naturally. This way you can avoid sex or use protection.

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Around day 12 of your cycle, the dominant follicle releases a surge of estrogen, which causes a surge of luteinizing hormone (LH). This causes the dominant follicle to grow rapidly until day 14, when the follicle finally ruptures and releases the egg! This is why you may feel a sharp tingling or cramping on one or both sides of your stomach. Ovulation is an essential part of the menstrual cycle and is the only way your body can produce progesterone in the next phase (the luteal phase). You are magnetic during ovulation!

Your skin may look more radiant, the whites of your eyes brighter, you may feel more social and talkative, you have more energy, your libido is high and you probably have some great hair days!

The following foods are cleansing, fiber-rich and anti-inflammatory. Now is the time to focus on raw fruits and vegetables. Other foods to focus on include melon, raspberries, guava, fennel, eggplant, okra, turmeric, pistachios and amaranth.

The luteal phase can be thought of as a ?fall? The season in your body. It’s time to go within, get clarity and get answers. It’s time to prepare for ?winter? And do the things you put off for a month. You will feel inclined to finish projects, clean out the closet, prepare meals and clean the interior of the house. All this thanks to progesterone, the relaxing and anti-anxiety hormone that regulates your mood and promotes deep sleep.

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The point is that in order to produce progesterone you need to ovulate (as you learned in the section above). The corpus luteum (what remains of the follicle after the egg is released) is formed into an endocrine gland and begins to produce progesterone. It is designed to protect and nourish a pregnancy, in case of implantation of the fertilized egg. If not, the corpus luteum will be reabsorbed, the progesterone drops and you get your period! This is an amazing process.

This is also the stage when PMS can strike and hormonal fluctuations can cause your skin to break out. Low estrogen levels mean less collagen so your skin may not feel plump or glowing. Combat this with softer products and all of the above foods. Do rehabilitation or body resistance exercises instead of high-intensity cardio.

The foods in the chart below are warming, detoxifying and grounding. It includes lots of fiber and natural sugars to fight cravings. Other foods to focus on are jicama, garlic, onions, parsnips, jackfruit, persimmons, raisins, dandelions, and millet. While yes, I will make different sides for my family, I also don’t want to every night. Plus if what I can eat is delicious then I don’t have to.

Hormone Diet Food List

. Not my standard “main ingredient” side but delicious, high in carbs, protein and fat and very little sugar. Since it contains more carbs than protein and fat, I want to balance it out a bit more to keep my insulin response up.

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(It helps balance hormones, manage PCOS symptoms, fight anyone with diabetes issues and fight sugar cravings in everything!!!)

All of these foods have become standards in my pantry… the one you may not have but should definitely have is tahini paste.

2. While cooking, drain and wash one can of peas (I make a double portion for more than 3 people)

3. Squeeze in 1-2 (or even 3) squirts of stench. My family enjoys the heat so we are in the 2-3 range.

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4. Add tahini paste and almond butter (you can use crunchy or soft, but I prefer crunchy for added texture)

5. Mix and heat. When the almond butter and tahini sauce heats up, it will spread throughout, but you can also add 1-2 tablespoons of water to help the process.

On this special evening we eat it as our main meal over zucchini noodles but it also makes an excellent side dish for any type of meat.

Hormone Diet Food List

I’m a big fan of grilling in general…it keeps my house cooler in the summer and produces amazingly delicious food.

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What makes it even better is when I roast my favorite vegetables, I love the combination of smoky tin with the natural sweetness of the vegetables. Each of my roast recipes has something a little different that keeps my stomach full, my hormones happy and my taste buds guessing. This is the secret to staying on a healthy path.

Because of the wonderful taste of these grilled vegetables makes the husband and the bored kids happy….. The power of the grill makes the vegetables…. (formerly yuck to some) delicious and mysterious… yes summer!

Like most of my meals and sides, it’s easy to make, and it goes really fast with whatever you’re eating and it’s fun.

It took me a while to get used to my food, my dad always prepared meat on the grill but vegetables were my mom’s thing and she wouldn’t touch them.

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