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Gerson Diet Wiki

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Gerson Diet Wiki – You’ve probably heard of Gerson Therapy recently, especially if you or a loved one has cancer—it’s one of the many options offered as an alternative to cancer treatment. Proponents of Gerson Therapy say it’s a natural treatment that improves the body’s ability to heal itself, including its ability to fight cancer. Gerson’s regimen usually consists of drinking organic or green juice every hour, high-dose supplement use, and a daily schedule of up to five cups of coffee.

However, an examination of the reasoning behind Gerson’s treatment reveals that it is a harmless, expensive, and costly diversion from the use of real medicine.

Gerson Diet Wiki

Gerson Diet Wiki

For many users, following the Gerson diet is an expensive option. In addition to the cost of overseas travel to a Gerson approved facility, one user reported paying over $10,000,000 to begin Gerson treatment.

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In addition to the initial installation cost, a user is encouraged to spend about $1,300 per month to maintain the Gerson Diet:

As some patients are encouraged to follow the Gerson diet for up to two years, a Gerson follower can quickly find that they are paying over $40,000,000 for treatments that have no real effect on their disease and are harmful.

There are few side effects associated with Gerson therapy. Coffee is known to cause sickness, dehydration, constipation, indigestion, mineral imbalances, heart and lung problems, and even death in severe cases. What’s more, the Gerson diet has been shown to cause headaches, indigestion, loss of appetite, diarrhea and sickness. These negative effects are difficult for a healthy person to tolerate – for patients with serious diseases, these symptoms can cause serious harm.

The effects of Gerson’s treatment outweigh the side effects. Proponents of the Gerson diet often claim that it can and will cure cancer—claims like these prevent patients from getting real treatment at critical times.

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Cancer patients are understandably fearful, so it’s tempting for purveyors of alternative therapies and miracle cures to invest in appealing claims. However, the success stories associated with the Gerson Diet do not stand up to scrutiny, and the best scientific evidence does not show that there are any benefits to following the Gerson Diet.

At worst, the unsubstantiated claims of Gerson’s medical promoters can discourage sick patients from following their doctor’s advice, causing them unnecessary suffering and even unnecessary death.

In addition to offering no help, following the Gerson regimen requires drastic and highly unpleasant lifestyle changes, including regular intake of juice supplements and up to five very uncomfortable cups of coffee a day. For those already suffering from serious illness – or perhaps even developing – this extreme lifestyle can cause months of weakness and pain. Unfortunately, some of Gerson’s patients have been known to spend their last months away from home and loved ones after a serious illness.

Gerson Diet Wiki

If you’re considering trying Gerson Therapy, we strongly recommend checking out some of the links below and talking to your doctor. We strongly believe that your time and money will be spent on treatments that are proven to work.

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”, the book makes the case for and against alternative therapies. The authors of this book are Simon Singh (founder of the Positive Thinking Association) and Edzard Ernst (the world’s foremost professor of complementary medicine):

“… the use of Gerson’s medicine often causes patients to abandon their usual treatment, thereby compromising their vital hope of recovery. Although the Gerson Institute has an office in California, it operates its main clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, where it claims to be able to cure cancer – this geographic relocation is important because US doctors Prohibits treating Gerson. The Gerson Diet is advertised as a cure for cancer, but the only source of analysis is now recognized as flawed and should be ignored.” This article is written as your personal opinion, personal essay, or argument. An article expressing the feelings of the Wikipedia author or presenting an original argument about a topic. Writing in cyclopedic format. (August 2016) (Learn how to remove this template message)

Bleichröder was born in Berlin. He was the eldest son of Samuel Bleichröder, who founded the S. Bleichröder Banking Company in Berlin in 1803. Gerson first entered the family business in 1839.

The bank maintained close ties to the Rothschild family; The Bleichröder banking house served as the Berlin branch office of the Rothschilds bank.

Olivia Newton John (1948 2022)

In this conflict between the growing and expanding Prussian state and the German “pro-Austrian” alliance, the Rothschild bank was often caught in an awkward position in the middle of the conflict.

From 1851, Otto von Bismarck was the Prussian ambassador to the German Confederation, based in the then-free confederate city of Frankfurt-am-Main in West Germany.

In one of his last acts before leaving Frankfurt for St. Petersburg, Petersburg, Russia, Bismarck consulted with Baron Mayer Karl von Rothschild to name a banker in Berlin who could communicate business personally and for the Prussian state.

Gerson Diet Wiki

Why Bismarck turned to the Rothschild Bank to name a rival bank to which Bismarck and Prussia could turn may not be as difficult to understand as they first thought. Everyone in Frankfurt knew that Prussia had to break away from the Rothschild bank and sever the Rothschilds’ foreign ties with Austria-Hungary, Prussia’s greatest rival. Yet neither Bismarck nor Prussia wanted to burn their bridges and completely alienate the Rothschilds.

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What better way to avoid this rift with the Rothschilds than to ask the Rothschilds for the name of another bank.

Rothschild provided the name of Gerson Bleichroder, who was involved in Bismarck’s private banking activities and transferred loans and/or loans on behalf of the Prussian government and the German Empire. Thus, Bleichröder was not only closely associated with Bismarck, but also played a major role in the unification of Germany.

In the decades after Bismarck’s life, it has become a belief in German history that Bismarck was instrumental in unifying Germany under the Prussian Empire. This theory, based on “The Great Man Theory” of history, has been severely criticized by conservative historians. Importantly, the German economic historian Helmut Böhme argued that the Zollverein customs union of North Germany, not Bismarck, was the most important factor in German unification.

Consider the large German-speaking part of Europe during the Napoleonic era. No German government. Instead, there are many divisions of petty officials, chieftains and kingdoms. As the largest and most powerful of the German-speaking countries in Central Europe, the Austrian Empire held the position of head of all German-speaking countries in Central Europe. In 1815 the Congress of Vienna created the German Confederation, which organized almost all German-speaking countries under the dual control of Austria and Prussia.

The Gerson Therapy: Gerson, Charlotte: 0052550017007: Books

However, Prussia was the weaker of the two German powers. Economically, the Austrian Empire was based on an aristocracy. This landed aristocracy demanded that the Austrian government keep high taxes on cheap imports. This raised food prices in the Austrian Empire more than in other European countries. Prussia, located near the Baltic Sea, was a rising power in Europe based on a new economy of trade, commerce, and industry.

As a largely trade-based economy, Prussia’s economy prospered only when trade barriers fell — barriers such as high protective tariffs on imports from other countries. As a result, Prussia united with the rest of Germany in 1818 to form a customs union – the Zollverein. Countries affiliated with the Zollverein were other German states that benefited from trade and thus supported low taxes or “free trade”. Generally, the states affiliated with the Zollverein were located in the northern part of the German-speaking part of Germany. The Zollverein was a Prussian-dominated economic union of German-speaking countries.

By 1861, he had begun to outline his vision of a new political union of German states that would grow out of the Zollverein. The German-Austrian Confederation was dissolved during the revolution of 1848. Frederick William IV’s Prime Minister from April 25, 1849 to November 1850 was Geral Joseph von Radowitz.

Gerson Diet Wiki

Radowitz then sought to replace the old German Confederation with a new Prussian-dominated union. In October 1850, the assembly of all German states met in Erfurt, Germany and decided to establish the “Union of Prussia”.

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At the time of the Union of Erfurt, Bismarck did nothing to unify the German states

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