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Elimination Diet Dinner Recipes

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I’ve been a little MIA (aside from a few cookie posts) since Thanksgiving…I didn’t mean to promise. I was neck-deep in garland and LED Christmas lights with a fridge full (and I mean FULL!…Turkey, two whole chickens, green beans for an allergen-free green bean casserole, and more) when I decided I wanted to help my dad with an elimination diet. She’s had a lot of health issues over the years, and I can tell you that a lot of them are related to food intolerances. She has lost a lot of weight in the past few months because she can’t really eat. I found out he lives on Gatorade and beef broth…no nutrients, just salt and sugar…NOT GOOD! I won’t go into details, but his wife has been unable to cook for him for a few months due to health issues, and we went there for Thanksgiving, so I decided to put him on an elimination diet until . the chance (my MIL doesn’t believe in it… and/or… doesn’t want to change my diet). I made enough food to last him a month. Yes, a month! I also made EVERYTHING from scratch – even the broth! I didn’t realize how much of a commitment that was, especially since her diet has even more restrictions than what I was following. I had to come up with a bunch of new recipes for him. I had about a week to do everything, so I started cooking and put everything together so that he would like it). I was literally cooking 24 hours a day and had 3 pots going day and night! I actually had a pot fish on me too – never done that before 🙁

Elimination Diet Dinner Recipes

Elimination Diet Dinner Recipes

As I discussed in my last post, there are lots of different things that can cause food sensitivities or intolerances – check out my post Could I have a food intolerance? to read more. It’s pretty obvious to me that my FIL has food sensitivities, so I put him in touch with an integrative health care provider who recommended this elimination diet. I recommend that you see an integrative or functional medicine health care provider if you suspect you have a food intolerance. There are blood tests that can be done (like mine) but sometimes they can be expensive, if so you can do an elimination diet. My FIL hasn’t eaten anything yet so the elimination diet was relatively easy. I should say that I am not a healthcare provider, please read my disclaimer here, I help monitor healthcare providers.

Best Elimination Diet Recipes

Are you ready to change your life? If you’ve taken the plunge into an elimination diet, check out some easy recipes I made for my FIL. All of these recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, egg-free, yeast-free, refined sugar-free, citrus-free, nightshade-free, bean-free, corn-free, shellfish-free, and most are grain-free (even if I allowed my FIL rice), and preservative-free – Many are also paleo (or easily adaptable to the paleo diet):

Foods with nightshades: If you have decided that you can eat nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers), then these are great! Breakfast can be one of the hardest meals when you’re on a strict diet. On an elimination diet without eggs, gluten, dairy, and more, it can be hard to come up with good breakfast ideas. These elimination diet breakfast ideas are sure to kick start your morning and keep you full and satisfied!

I’m not much of a breakfast person. I usually have a banana and then have a real meal for lunch. But I also think that breakfast foods can be eaten at any time of the day, and I made these recipes for lunch, dinner, or an evening snack. There are too many other rules in the elimination diet to worry about eating at the right time of day.

Let’s start with brunch. These baked sweet potatoes filled with breakfast sausage and drizzled with real maple syrup will be a hit at any company you’re in. They are the perfect balance of sweet, salty and savory and will appeal to even the pickiest of breakfast eaters.

Elimination Diet Meal Plan Online Program

Baked sweet potatoes can be on a whole other level. There’s no reason to limit them to sweetening them with butter and brown sugar instead. These sweet potatoes retain their unique sweetness while adding flavor, spice, salt, and all the other foods that make for a healthy meal. Don’t forget the pickled red onion!

Pancakes are an American breakfast classic. For some reason. To be honest, I usually find them too sweet for breakfast. But these gluten-free banana pancakes made with rice flour make for a healthier pancake breakfast. Never forget real maple syrup!

As with all pancakes, these rice flour banana pancakes are also a great dessert. I think this recipe makes a decent amount for two people. I had it for the first time and could have topped it with maple syrup, better to share with a friend.

Elimination Diet Dinner Recipes

Elimination diet breakfast ideas start and end with some kind of oatmeal. Oats are certainly a pillar of any elimination diet. They are locky, high in fiber and very friendly to those with allergies and sensitivities. This twist on the classic adds sugar-free cocoa powder and cherries for a delicious variation on the usual oatmeal. It can be a great snack or even dessert!

Cassava Flour Recipes For Kids Elimination Diet

You can use milk according to your dietary needs. I used coconut, but any non-dairy or dairy-free milk will work. You can also use regular milk if you can eat dairy products! All of the elimination diet recipes are substitutes.

Vegan and gluten-free cooking is challenging. I won’t lie to you about that. This zucchini bread also has a trick, and it’s even better on the second or third day after making it! This is perfect for an elimination diet breakfast throughout the week. Top it with raisins for extra sweetness and enjoyment!

I love this zucchini bread with coffee. Every time I cook, I make myself more coffee just because they go so well together.

Many people struggle to stay away from eggs for breakfast. If you can eat soy, tofu is a great alternative to eggs. This Tofu Scrambled Egg Breakfast Bowl also uses sausage, so it’s perfect for our friends who can’t eat eggs but aren’t quite ready to go full vegan! This elimination diet breakfast idea works well for lunch or dinner.

Elimination Diet: Do It Right

I know it’s hard to find egg-free recipes that aren’t vegan. The push to go egg-free seems to offer only completely plant-based options. There is nothing wrong with that, but I know that there are many people who cannot eat eggs, but still want meat. This is yours!

Sometimes you just want a lighter portion for breakfast. Smoothies are perfect for a quick energy boost on the go. This creamy peach smoothie is a citrus-free option that comes together in less than 5 minutes.

If you are a fan of smoothies, you can make a triple batch of these. Just shake or shake before serving. And of course keep the fridge.

Elimination Diet Dinner Recipes

More oats! Make friends with oats, it’s best to keep them in the pantry during an elimination diet. Overnight oats make mornings easy. You can make it the night before and it’s ready in the morning. You don’t even need to warm it up.

Allergy Elimination Diet: Sample Menu And Time Saving Tips

These overnight oats are my midnight snack. I don’t always eat breakfast, but I always want something when I leave work late. On Monday, I prepare doses for the week and only take them one at a time throughout the week. Easily digestible oats are perfect before bed.

It is not necessary to give up bread products on an elimination diet. The muffin top is the best part of the muffin, and you don’t need a muffin tin or paper to make it! They travel well and are surprisingly filling thanks to the oatmeal and carrot fiber.

I love raisins, I think people are too hard on them. They are tiny bits of candy and add different textures. But if for some reason you really hate them, you can of course replace them with another dried fruit.

Even the list of elimination diet breakfast ideas mentions eggs. If you include eggs well in your diet, then this recipe is for you. The crust is gluten-free and the filling is filled with dairy-free ham and vegetables.

Day Migraine Safe Meal Plan

I’m not a big fan of eggs. I

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