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Dog Natural Diet

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Dog Natural Diet – The three most important parts of owning a dog include socialization, training and providing them with the best possible nutrition!

A healthy and balanced diet has a positive effect on the current and future health of the dog, and helps to reduce the chances of developing behavioral problems.

Dog Natural Diet

Dog Natural Diet

In fact, dog food can play a bigger role in their overall health than most dog owners realize.

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Did you know that most serotonin is produced in the gut, not the brain? This means that a healthy microbiome can have a direct impact on how happy and comfortable a dog is.

But if you’ve never had a dog before, it can be difficult to understand the ins and outs of feeding.

While this is a good start to learning more about dog food, remember that you should always seek specific nutritional advice from your dog’s veterinarian.

It is important that your dog gets a balanced diet that should contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals – all washed down with a fresh supply of water.

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Dogs are omnivores, which means they can digest animal and plant matter, but veterinarians recommend that the highest part of a dog’s diet be meat.

Meat makes up a large part of a dog’s diet and should generally make up at least 33% or two-thirds of their daily diet.

More and more research on dog nutrition has been done over the years and it is a minefield to say the least. With so many options – from raw to fresh, wet food to kibble – where do you start!

Dog Natural Diet

The most important thing to consider is to make sure that your dog is getting a complete and balanced diet that includes the following important nutrients:

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Dietary protein is one of the most important factors in ensuring healthy growth throughout a dog’s life cycle.

Growing puppies need twice as much protein as adult dogs, as they also provide a good source of energy for young, playful puppies.

Good sources of protein for dogs include meat, fish and eggs. This is because dogs tend to find meat and fish to be the easiest to digest naturally.

💡 Top Tip: Many cheap dog foods use protein to keep costs down. These non-animal protein substitutes can be more difficult for dogs to break down and digest, increasing the likelihood of food intolerances.

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Healthy fats are important in your dog’s diet, but too much of the wrong fats can cause health problems.

The right fats can help maintain healthy skin and a shiny dog ​​coat, as well as control inflammation and help brain development.

Dogs cannot produce certain essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6 oils, so the only way they can get them is through certain foods and supplements.

Dog Natural Diet

Good sources of healthy fats include fish and low mercury fish oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil, hempseed oil, avocado (meat, without skin or stone), borage and rosemary oil.

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These carbohydrates are recommended to be high in fiber, which is considered to be good for a dog’s health.

Although dogs do not need grains in their diet, certain grains have been found to provide a good source of fiber, which helps absorb more water in the colon and acts as a prebiotic for good gut bacteria.

Because many food production methods include food that is cooked at high temperatures, some dog foods do not contain the daily needs of natural vitamins for dogs.

Good sources of vitamins are found in meat, bones, shellfish and organ meats, as well as vegetables and fruits (in small quantities).

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💡 Top Tip: Although many people believe that large dogs need food that provides additional vitamins and minerals, there is currently no evidence to support supplementing a large dog’s diet in this way.

Minerals help with various body functions and processes, helping with metabolism, bone formation, muscles, bones, tooth development and more!

“Ash” is a term used to measure the amount of minerals found in food, so when checking out different dog food options, it’s a good idea to look for options with a high ash content.

Dog Natural Diet

It is very important that growing puppies get enough minerals, as their bodies at this stage of life need these minerals for healthy development.

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Hydration is very important for active dogs, so you should make sure that your dog has fresh, clean water at all times.

In general, advice recommends that most dogs need to drink one pound of water for each body weight per day.

It is recommended to feed your dog between 2 and 3% of its body weight, divided into two or three meals a day.

Remember that all dogs are different, and some may need more or less depending on breed, size, age and level of activity.

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Much research has been done on the health benefits of feeding your dog a raw or lightly processed diet, but we appreciate that a raw diet is not for every dog ​​or parent. everyone at home.

If you are feeding your dog cabbage, make sure it is the best and highest quality you can afford, and take the time to think about feeding your dog fruits and vegetables. , a raw egg or oily fish as a healthy topper.

Freeze-pressed and freeze-dried kibbles are great alternatives to raw food, and they offer many health benefits!

Dog Natural Diet

It really depends. All-purpose dog foods may not provide the necessary nutrients for pregnant dogs or growing puppies, and sometimes inexpensive, prepared kibbles do. little nutritional benefit at all.

Healthy Diet For Dog: Natural Dog Food Recipes Ebook By Candal Wellington

For this reason, it is always a good idea to do research on the best dog food that is made specifically for its health condition.

All About Dog Food allows you to enter your dog’s information to find out which food is best for your dog.

You can search your dog’s current diet and find out if there is a good option available within your budget.

💡 Top tip: Your dog should be fed a diet that is at least 75% nutritious, but higher.

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❗Important: As previously mentioned, although the dog nutrition chart provides general guidance on nutrition, it is important to contact your veterinarian for specific dietary advice. Raw pet food is becoming more and more popular. Many people choose to feed raw food because it is more natural and less processed than many types of pet food available today. Some feed their pets raw food because it makes sense that if they feed themselves and their family a balanced diet, then it makes sense to feed their pets the same. Some simply feed raw food because their dogs love it! There are many health benefits that come from feeding your pets a raw diet, including:

There is no better way to support bones than with bones! Real crushed bone is a natural source of calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and marrow. All these components make your dog grow well throughout his life, as well as maintaining healthy joints and bones. (1)

The immune system is the first line of defense against infection, so it’s important to keep it up. Providing a healthy and balanced diet is important to help your immune system thrive, and an organic diet has the added benefit of greater digestion for your dog. Some examples of natural ingredients that boost the immune system may include:

Dog Natural Diet

Meat – It is the main part of a dog’s diet, and raw muscle meat provides high-quality and easily digestible protein – the basis of health and immunity. In addition to this, many fats, vitamins and minerals needed can be found in raw meat proteins that, unlike many sources of meat products, are not reduced in the cooking process. Giving your dog a variety of fresh meat proteins also ensures that he has access to a wide variety of nutrients that contribute to his overall health.

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Fruits and vegetables – A variety of fruits and vegetables contain a complete and balanced natural package of vitamins and minerals. (2) In addition to this, raw fruits and vegetables that have not been damaged by the cooking process are still rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients and enzymes that are all beneficial. to the health of domestic animals. For example, citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, carrots are a source of vitamin A and leafy greens are rich in vitamin K.

Superfoods – Superfoods such as wheatgrass (3), kelp (4) and garlic (5) also have a positive effect on puppy food in general. Packed with amino acids, enzymes and vitamins, these superfoods can help detoxify your dog of any nasties that may enter the digestive system, as well as improve immunity. of the body as a whole.

Raw food contains many ingredients that support the health of the skin and coat, one of the most notable and researched is omega-3 fatty acids. Healthy omega fats play a major role in supporting healthy skin and soft coat as well as providing anti-inflammatory

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