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Does Low Carb Diet Cause Hair Loss

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Does Low Carb Diet Cause Hair Loss – Are you having hair loss problems on Keto? Find out why it can happen and how to get your hair back healthy without throwing a towel!

Five months after giving birth to our fourth child, we began to follow a ketogenic diet. As with previous pregnancies, postpartum hair loss occurs with about 3 months of retaliation. At first I did not think much about hair loss because it was just my hormones controlling it, but since the 4th child came back to the 3rd, my hair never healed. My hair is usually thicker during pregnancy, so losing hair later is not great.

Does Low Carb Diet Cause Hair Loss

Does Low Carb Diet Cause Hair Loss

As I began to lose weight on the keto, I noticed that the hair loss that started a few months after conception was not diminished at all. It seemed worse than usual and I started to worry because there was no sign that it was stopping. Every time I wash my hair, my hands fall out. Since I did not need to “fix” my hair, I tried throwing it in the bun for several days and it seemed to help a bit. I did as much hairstyle as I could, but I realized I was starting to panic. So I started researching to see if there was anything I could do, at least slowly.

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Thankfully, I found an effective solution for me and my hair stopped falling out by hand. Recently, my friend Jamie started following the keto lifestyle and she started having the same hair loss problem. She and I put our heads in case this comprehensive guide to keto hair loss can be of benefit to others. I have included the information below which we found helpful.

Maybe you are ready for a quick fix to your puffy hair. (I got it completely!) But first it is necessary to start with the basics of how your hair grows. There are three hair growth cycles:

Significant lifestyle or dietary changes can disrupt your hair growth cycle, causing it to accelerate. If you do not have enough time during the Anagen phase, you will experience hair loss.

Everyone loses up to 100 hairs a day, even a healthy head of hair. So when you clean your brush and pull the hair a little, it does not necessarily cause an alarm.

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If you lose yourself faster – you have every right to worry. The keto diet may not be the real culprit, but some side effects of this diet can cause hair loss. Extreme calorie reduction, stress, poor diet and too little protein can all play a role.

Eating a keto diet will definitely cause some of the side effects mentioned above. Many people, including myself, experience temporary hair loss during the first few months. Obviously, being less hungry for keto and eating more often means you are cutting calories. And adapting to new eating habits can be stressful, both mentally and physically. Combine those factors with a lack of vitamins and minerals and hair loss is a common result.

If you are new to the keto diet, you may find yourself avoiding protein at meals to maintain your macronutrients. Eating too little protein will cause you to lose iron. Iron deficiency can lead to hypothyroid symptoms, which are the key to hair loss. The main molecule that stores iron is protein, so cutting too much will lower your iron levels.

Does Low Carb Diet Cause Hair Loss

Studies show that losing too much weight causes hair loss. When calories are reduced too low, your body uses its energy on vital systems instead of hair growth. In short, fewer calories = less energy to walk around. If you need ideas to increase your calorie intake in a healthy way, check out my weekly keto meal plan!

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A big change in diet can put you in a normal state of Telogen Effluvium, which means you lose a lot of hair in 2-3 months. In most cases, it is temporary, though it is very surprising! When your body gets shocked, it should adapt and your hair cycle will return.

When starting a low carb diet, many people forget that they need to replace the vitamins and minerals they are losing. Your kidneys release the electrolytes your body needs, such as zinc, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and iodine. It is necessary to replace the electrolyte with keto to feel better.

Biotin deficiency may be another culprit. Biotin helps convert food into energy, and some studies show that biotin deficiency causes hair loss. Start with 1,000 – 2,500 mg of biotin daily.

Acting? When you start a strict diet, your body experiences all kinds of new stressors. It can cause temporary hair loss (Telogen Effluvium) or even alopecia areata (loss of large patches of hair). If you can try to limit stress in other ways.

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In an effort to track down all the possible causes of hair loss on keto, I teamed up with a doctor to do a DNA test. My results show that I have a genetic mutation that can affect hair loss because my body is not using some vitamins properly. Since then, I have made sure to supplement my body with the right vitamins it needs to function properly. If you have tried many ways to stop hair loss on keto, you may want to consult a doctor to rule out any contributing health conditions.

Hair loss on keto usually lasts 2-3 months. At that point, the stress of a new diet and pain begins to subside and your hair goes back into the Anagen (or Growth) phase. My hair loss really followed this time, after entering the growth phase, he came back healthy (thank you!).

While you may not be able to stop your hair from falling out as fast as you would like, you can help it grow back faster. Some practical actions you can take to reduce keto hair loss include getting plenty of sleep, getting enough breast milk, getting enough calories and protein, and not doing too much at one time (for example, diet). New, new exercises, irregular fasting, etc.) basically hold your body out. Keep it small.

Does Low Carb Diet Cause Hair Loss

Add the following products to your daily diet – collagen and biotin. Collagen is an important structural protein of the body and is essential for hair and nail growth. Just adding it helps! Biotin has also been shown in studies to effectively stop hair loss. Here is what I use daily:

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** I recently tested a new brand of Collagen that the brand sent me to try. Within two weeks, my hair started to fall out again. I did not connect the dots, but when I finished the brand I went back to Perfect Keto Collagen and within a few weeks my hair stopped falling out again. I can not say 100% that the brand change is the reason why my hair suddenly started to fall out again, but I have noticed a big difference since switching back to Perfect Keto.

Zinc – Zinc promotes good thyroid function and promotes the cycle of hair growth repair. You can get good nutrition or get from pumpkin seeds (or pepitas)!

Essential Oils – Peppermint oil applied to the scalp has been shown to stimulate the anagen phase rapidly. Lavender, rosemary, cedarwood and saffron also showed positive results. (Some studies show that rosemary is just as effective as Minoxidil!)

Moisturize: Dry your hair thoroughly to help prevent breakage. Try to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water. (So ​​if you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces.)

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Coconut oil – Energize your scalp by massaging in coconut oil before you wash. Be careful not to tear your hair, but this should keep your scalp moisturized to keep it healthy.

If you have not yet followed my Easy Keto / Low Carb Recipe page where I posted all my new recipes, you can join here and follow me on Pinterest. If you are just starting out on a keto diet and want more information, there are some great resources. Amazon has many great books that you might want to check out here. It’s all about learning what works best for you and your family.

Disclaimer: While I feel confident in making suggestions for a keto lifestyle, I do not qualify for medical advice. As always, when it comes to your health, seek medical advice. When switching to a ketogenic diet, some people experience a number of side effects, including hair loss. While it does not bother you, here are some tips: Keto hair loss is temporary. It is usually a short-term effect that occurs during the first half of a new diet. Over time, it will disappear and your hair follicles will begin to grow new, healthy hair.

Does Low Carb Diet Cause Hair Loss

Although this fact does not make the experience more enjoyable, it should be reassured.

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