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Dieting Fatigue

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Dieting Fatigue – In her weekly column, Bradford West Gwillimbury licensed nutritionist Noni DeLong shares health plans that anyone can use without dieting.

Most of us have many food preferences and we can choose what kind of food we want to eat and leave others. It is good if we use this energy to choose foods that help build good health, but it is harmful if we are caught in the process of choosing foods for taste. Unhealthy foods can become addictive as quickly as any drug, because of the reactions that occur in the body to the reaction of food rich in calories and deficient.

Dieting Fatigue

Dieting Fatigue

We walk around feeling like a printed bank account. And our waistlines and our appetite for junk food continue to grow. Because dirty food is never satisfied. Only food that satisfies the body.

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To fix this, we try to eat different foods. We read a few blogs, maybe get a book, buy some new food, and throw away the things we have that are hard to deal with. But this rarely works.

I used to write about my favorite healthy foods, but I thought again for two reasons.

First, I think people need technical training to successfully follow any diet. Otherwise, you may have trouble finding reliable information about what food should look like and how to get the best results. Diet is complex and you need to understand it.

Second, there is always some personal level required for anyone to be successful on any diet in the long term. People who are not educated in nutrition do not know where to personalize. They often combine ideas from one diet to another. For example, you might think that a once-a-week carb cheat on keto is a good idea. It’s a recipe for disaster for people who don’t already have processed and lean fats, which avoids newcomers to the diet. Every food has little things that make or break it. You see, you wouldn’t take your car engine in to fix it yourself if it wasn’t working right, would you? The human body is a thousand times heavier than a car engine. Trying to fix it without professional help is foolish.

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It’s no wonder that those who try to eat this way – without adequate guidance – have a poor success rate. Many always end up going back to foods that they feel are intolerable and forbidden. But a good diet made with the guidance of experts should not fail us. It creates healthy choices and changes our preferences over time so that the unhealthy foods we crave are no longer appealing. And it changes hormonal responses over time, so overeating or eating the wrong foods can cause immediate and obvious discomfort, and occasional treatment won’t stop bingeing for days.

Basically, healthy eating creates a level of awareness about our bodies and how the food we put inside affects them. It inspires us to feel good in our own skin and what it means to feel whole and good. On the other hand, food junkies cannot be satisfied. Only food can do that. This is why I refer to obesity as a state of starvation. There is no proper nutrition so the body keeps crying out for other food in an attempt to correct the issue.

I think there are now healthy doubts about nutrition, because many people try to eat a diet without professional supervision and fail. and the cultural concept of food poverty. People are not only sick and sick and tired. They fail and are tired of trying to fix it!

Dieting Fatigue

Does this mean I don’t recommend eating it for healthy people? no! It doesn’t. But what I am advocating is if a good period can be guided and monitored by a specialist to make sure the taste and hormones are normal and not just whitewashing to get the desired results. And that result should not be a loss.

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Let me say it again. The idea of ​​diet should not be to lose weight. It should be healthy and have healthy biomarkers with good mood and more energy, so that the body can better manage weight and be stronger when stress comes. Weight loss occurs if a healthy diet is necessary. As in a healthy young person, the body controls its own weight and the fat falls off. But a healthy weight is a sign of good health. We do not equate health. Otherwise, we fall into the trap of thinking that everything thin is healthy. And it didn’t happen.

Am I saying obesity is healthy? No, it was never healthy. But improving health, reducing blood pressure and blood sugar, reducing pain in the joints, reducing fatigue and increasing energy, reducing the need for junk food – should be the goal. Weight loss is a sweet side effect that we can enjoy.

To add to the image of our car, a weight loss diet is like cleaning the outside of the engine many times but never giving it new oil. It might look good, but it doesn’t really work.

With this in mind, I feel that anyone who does not consult a nutritionist for dietary guidance is better off not eating at all.

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But you can stay healthy by learning about important nutrients and foods. I’m going to share 10 simple things you can do to improve your overall health – without dieting. Try it and see the benefits you get!

Replace vegetable and seed oils with olive oil, avocado oil, organic coconut oil, and cooking oil or tallow. Since olive oil has a low temperature, it cannot be heated to a high temperature without damaging the oil, but it is better not to cook it. Some are safe from extreme cold. These oils are less inflammatory than vegetable oils, because a) they are natural, and b) they have a better fatty acid profile, which is less inflammatory.

Coconut oil is the best in terms of health benefits and stability. It contains medium-chain triglycerides, which are beneficial at various levels and even help speed up metabolism. I like coconut in a stir-fry or curry, olive oil for frying or grilling, and avocado or olive oil. The side of the brand may be healthy, but some people are sensitive to milk unknowingly (even explained) so I refrain from recommending it to everyone.

Dieting Fatigue

I cannot stress the importance of this complete change as the quality of fat in the diet determines the quality of the cell membranes in our bodies, the quality of our steroid hormones and the quality of our nerve impulses. ! Although previously thought on the subject, there is a strong connection between vegetable and seed oils and chronic diseases such as heart disease. A simple guideline is that natural foods should always be superior to highly processed foods. If readers don’t know how unhealthy and unhealthy vegetable oils are, you can watch this video by NYT bestselling science reporter Nina Teicholz.

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If you read my column regularly, this is not surprising, but you may not understand how to do this correctly with safe products that taste good. My favorite dessert is the whole world, and I also like fresh stevia leaves. You can find a short video of Stevia growing in my garden here. Readers may want to read one of my articles on natural alternatives to sugar here. In it I will go into the pros and cons of various sugar substitutes. Sugar seriously affects our health over time, including dental health, bone health, joint health, liver health, hormone health, and mood regulation, so it’s best to avoid almost, if not all, of it.

Collagen is the most abundant structural protein in our body and makes up more than 80% of our skin. It gives strength and elasticity to our tissues and we notice it working in most of our skin and joints. The integrity of all structural tissues is important, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, bones, and blood vessels. All of this begins to deteriorate with age and produces collagen. I said yes, create it, but we can also finish it. If we eat animal bones, skin, and cartilage (or juices from the same), we get them normal. But how many of us eat from nose to tail today? So I recommend using collagen protein in your coffee or tea every day. It is not good and does not change the visual consistency. It’s a simple hack to make sure you get enough.

This is an easy gamble, as it reduces the need to think about or cook one meal a day, and it helps people of all ages.

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Sarah Hi I'm Sarah, I like to write anything about health, healthy food and other health tips. Healthy living has become a necessity in this day and age, where the body needs good nutrition. Hopefully my writing can be useful for all.

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