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Diet Pills 1960s

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Diet Pills 1960s – There comes a time in every Cold War housewife’s life when the restrictive protection offered by simply a good bra isn’t enough to keep those pesky curves in line.

The glamorous Betty Draper, once the enviably slim wife of Mad Men, still finds herself among the masses of women who know they need to shrink their waists.

Diet Pills 1960s

Diet Pills 1960s

One look in the mirror and poor Betty knows that the new slim fashion is not for her. Crestfallen, you know in your heart that “your greatness” is no longer “your greatness.” Suddenly, dressing up isn’t as much fun as it used to be.

Meth—from Diet Pill To Deadly Drug

Looking at a photo from a weekend trip with Don to Hunter Mountain a few winters ago, he marveled at how thin he was in the glow of the fire. His dark eyes brood, “Would you think so now?”…

But the real food takes over. Testing hours between meals when hunger strikes is a change many weight watchers crave.

Fortunately for her, there is no shortage of new nutritional products to help my lady fight her bump. Flipping through your Ladies’ Home Journal shows that there is a way. By the late 1960s, more than five million were helping with this mid-century wonder – the Metrecal.

Betty is ready to turn to Lobster Newburgh for her figures and join Metrecal for Lunch Bunch  to work her way back to her former slim figure.

The History Of Dieting (part 2)

Along with a generation of busy mothers, housewives like Betty Draper have long relied on Mead Johnson & Co, makers of Pablum and Dextri Maltose, to feed their children.

Ready-made formulas bought on the recommendation of their family doctor are very useful for breastfeeding.

In the fall of 1960, these same mothers were buying a new Mead Johnson product, a powder called Metrecal, that promised the opposite—to shed mom’s unwanted pounds!

Diet Pills 1960s

Tip for Jana… It will be useful for post-pregnancy girls who want to lose extra pounds.

The Odd, Often Unhealthy, Weight Loss Methods Of The Past Included Smoking Cigarettes And Eating Tapeworms.

In the great American marketing tradition, Metrecal is indeed an old product being re-marketed to a new food-conscious population.

In an effort to change something, genius researchers at Mead Johnson came across an unusual food called Sustagen. A combination of milk, soy flour, corn oil, minerals and vitamins, Sustagen – the predecessor of today’s Boost – is intended for hospital patients who cannot eat solid food. It worked so well, making patients feel like they were eating solid food and reducing hunger pangs, that Mead Johnson decided to rename it Metrecal and market it as a weight loss diet. The only change is the recommendation of a limit of 900 calories of Metrecal per day.

Like many do-it-yourselfers, Betty wouldn’t dare start any slimming regimen without the advice of her trusted family doctor.

Once you can rule out any glandular problem as the reason for your excess weight, you can enjoy the 900+ calorie, whole body goodness of Metrecal with your doctors blessing.

Bizarre Weight Loss Scams In American History

Naturally, as a pharmaceutical company, Mead Johnson wanted to retain the goodwill of the doctors who prescribed most of their other products, so they wisely began promoting Metrecal in the American Medical Journal and eventually published it in general markets. Cleverly ending each ad with a plug to “see your doctor” about weight issues gives Metrecal all the important marks of AMA respect that many other nutritional mixes lack.

Since 1955, Elsie’s husband Elmer has been on a diet. “But dear, when you eat, you don’t have to starve,” Elsie suggested cheerfully to Elmer. To which he replied in a melodious tone “And what’s wrong with my proposal?” 1961 metric ad on the left targeting business people.

Mead Johnson was expanding its market as fast as the American waistline, penetrating the male world of 3 martini lunches.

Diet Pills 1960s

Metrecal was originally presented as a powder that would-be chefs mixed with water or skim milk. It soon became available as canned Metrecal, which was sold to the planting dealer. A 1965 print ad said, “None of America’s Top 50 Companies Has a Fat CEO!”

The Pros And Cons Of Medical Weight Loss Procedures: Pritikin Wellness

If Don starts to slack off a bit, Mead Johnson suggests that he keep those canned Metrecals in the lunchroom fridge and join the Metrecals for lunch.

Metrecal was so successful that it attracted 40 imitators from other major companies: Sears Roebuck brought Bal-Cal, Quaker Oat’s pitched Quota, Jewel Tea Company in Diet-Cal; even the deep discount Korvette is a hawkish Kor-Val. to name a few.

Betty’s head swam from the selection. If it’s the reliable Elsie of the Cow, who clearly watches her waistline too, says her product “Ready Diet: is the ‘sweetest drink,'” perhaps you should try Borden’s rich elixir and cream. Their scientific blend of 900 whole-body calories is ready-to-drink from a golden box without measuring, mixing, dissolving or diluting.

Targeting the women’s market, Sego’s famous Pet Milk has packed more protein and 2 more ounces into the same 900 calories introduced by Metrecal.

Diet, Drugs, And Exercise: What Should We Recommend To Our Patients?

“Those tempting hours between meals when they’re fasting are the recovery that many weight watchers crave. Now, Sego’s new food processor promises to have built-in help for nibblers. Its secret comes from the added protein “10% more than other 900 calorie foods. Because we eat protein in moderation,” they say, “it stays with you longer and helps stave off hunger.”

They promise that with their 9 delicious flavors you’ll forget you’re eating. “Is it rough?” they ask the reader. “These richly flavored drinks taste straight from the soda fountain.”

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Diet Pills 1960s

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Central And Peripheral Molecular Targets For Antiobesity Pharmacotherapy

If the seed of the American Dream was sown in the dark days of the Depression, it grew at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, it was nurtured and planted during the casualties and setbacks of World War II. Until the end of the war

Even though it was my parents’ generation, the ones who went through the Great Depression and rolled up their sleeves and stood up and sacrificed for the greater good in the fight against corruption – of which Tom Brokaw will be honored.

For more than half a century, gullible Americans have always been promised a bright future of free pleasure, plenty, and economic prosperity. But the exuberant bubble of hope gradually burst. Together with our jobs and pensions

The Outdated American Dream Whether a mezzanine or a McMansion, the American home was the true embodiment of the American dream. Once there were signs of success, the country house was a solid investment, a guarantee that we would secure our future. From dangerous amphetamines to tapeworm pills, these are vintage ads for ways to fix weight loss products in days.

Psychedelic Medicines For Pain Go Mainstream Drugtopics

Amazing sauna pants are an absolutely amazing product from the 1970s that will help users shed a few pounds from sweatingCredit: Dog Media News

These aggressive ads prove that people are always ready to try any trendy food, but the question is to lose a few kilos.

Whether that means eating only peanut butter sandwiches in the 1970s or ‘space age’ skinny jeans, there are plenty of insanities to choose from.

Diet Pills 1960s

Fascinating photographs – many from the late 19th and early 20th centuries – reveal the story of today’s £47bn food industry.

Dieters Are Willing To Do Almost Anything To Lose Weight

An ad from the 1970s encourages people to eat cookies to lose weightCredit: Dog News Media

A 1950s weight-loss ad for Preludin, an amphetamine used as a stimulantCredit: News Aja Media

A formula from the 1970s promised consumers that they would lose three whopping inches off their waist in three days if they used their amazing “sauna belt.”

While today’s “Jif Diet” ad tells women they can get back to their high school size if they eat peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two months.

Health Documentaries On Netflix To Make You Rethink What You Eat

A 1950s ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes that suggested they would help women lose weight defied modern medical adviceCredit: News Dog Media

A 1900 ad featuring opera singer Madame Nordica encourages women to use powder baths to lose weightCredit: News Aja Media

A 1910s ad for Dr Walter’s Famous Medicated Rubber suit claimed that by wearing it on your head you could lose fat in certain areas.

Diet Pills 1960s

A midweek ad for the “Magic Couch” claimed consumers could shed pounds simply by sitting on the special chair.

Noom: What Is The Weight Loss App And Does It Work?

But some of the retro slimming products in this collection are more dangerous – like the 1950s ad for the amazing Preludin, which told women to save themselves in their skin by taking the pill.

An ad from the 1970s encourages people to eat ice cream to lose weightCredit: News Aja Media

A 1960s ad for Metrecal, a brand of falling tires

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