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Diabetic Diet Plan South Africa

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Diabetic Diet Plan South Africa – India is called the diabetes capital of the world! “In 2020, according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), 463 million people worldwide have diabetes, of which 88 million are from the Southeast Asian region. Of these 88 million, 77 million are from India. According to the IDF, the population prevalence of diabetes is 8, making up 9%.” – International Diabetes Federation.

Checking yourself weekly to check your blood glucose can be overwhelming. I saw my dad go through this and I can relate. In fact, one of the reasons I chose this career as a holistic nutritionist is to help people heal through food.

Diabetic Diet Plan South Africa

Diabetic Diet Plan South Africa

No one has to constantly worry about the location of their favorite food. So, let’s discuss how diabetes can not only be prevented, but also reversed through lifestyle and dietary changes.

Think Before You Eat & Drink

Imagine you are eating something (anything). When you eat it, the food breaks down into something called

Your body needs this glucose to function. Everything you do, even something as simple as using your eyesight to read this blog, requires sustained energy. When your body takes in these sugar molecules, it quickly distributes them to the parts of the body that need energy.

But at that time we never eat as much as the body needs. We can eat more or less. Therefore, the body decides to store excess glucose molecules that we do not use in the liver and muscles.

‘ This is important because if we are hungry or skip meals, glycogen is converted to glucose for energy.

The Best 7 Day Diabetes Meal Plan

In diabetes, the body cannot convert and store glucose into glycogen. Thus,

The hormone responsible for converting glucose into glycogen is called insulin. It is produced in the pancreas.

Unlike type 1 diabetes, where the pancreas limits or even stops insulin production, type 2 diabetes is where the pancreas produces enough insulin, but for some reason, glucose does not change.

Diabetic Diet Plan South Africa

Think of insulin as a key that allows glucose to enter the muscles and liver.

Almased Synergy Diet Powder

Sugar is a type of carbohydrate. Many people think that only carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, so if we stop eating carbohydrates, there will be no excess free glucose. So, they are rice, bread, bread etc. Stops eating.

Turns into glucose. Fats can also be broken down in the same process to be used as energy. Thus, restricting total calories may have a short-term effect, but it is not a long-term solution because it lowers the body’s overall metabolism.

Think of it this way. If the grass in your garden turns brown, would you paint it green to make it more beautiful? Or do you water the soil, add fertilizer, till the soil and provide plenty of sunlight?

Cutting carbs is like painting grass green. This is a temporary solution without working hard to fix the cause. You need to understand why the body does not store excess glucose as glycogen and why the body does not respond to insulin.

Diabetic Diet: What Foods Should Diabetics Eat?

I have linked many studies for your reference. Although the steps mentioned below are not drastic, consult your doctor before making any lifestyle changes.

Obesity is undoubtedly associated with diabetes. A person with a BMI of 35 or more has a 93 times greater risk of developing diabetes than a person with a BMI of 25 or less.

Even if you are thin, it is important to have enough muscle mass. Muscles need more glucose to function, so there is less free floating glucose.

Diabetic Diet Plan South Africa

A plant-based diet allows you to eat anything that comes from plants. You cut back on meat/eggs and dairy, but choose to eat something that is minimally processed and as close to nature as possible.

Global Nutrition Report

You don’t have to worry about portion control or separation. You can still enjoy roti, sabzi, dal, chawal and still lose weight.

In long-term studies, it’s clear that people who lose weight by switching to a plant-based diet keep their weight off better than dieting and following a calorie-restricted diet.

Think of eating plain rice. This leads to an increase in blood glucose levels. Eating the same rice with pulses/lentils reduces blood glucose by half.

But not only that, if you have a passion for lunch, your blood glucose level will slowly show rice for dinner, even if you have white sugar for dinner! This phenomenon is called the lentil effect and is widely studied.

Avocado And Diabetes: Benefits, Daily Limits, And How To Choose

This is because beans are prebiotic fiber for the gut and stimulate the production of something called SCFA (short chain fatty acids). These SCFAs increase the absorption of insulin in the body.

Beans are a fibrous carbohydrate rich in vitamins. Be sure to add a source of vitamin C like 1/2 lemon/pea serving for better absorption.

Sometimes it’s the simple changes we make in our lifestyle that make a big difference. This is one of those simple changes that doesn’t even require lifting a finger or an elaborate diet.

Diabetic Diet Plan South Africa

Over a thousand articles have been published on the benefits of black cumin and reversing diabetes. Apart from controlling blood sugar levels, black cumin is also known for its benefits in lowering cholesterol and weight loss. See the meta-analysis below:

Calorie High Protein Low Carb Diet Plan {with Printable}

The above meta-analysis combined seven different studies and showed the benefits of consuming just 1/2 teaspoon of black cumin per day.

As long as you follow this lifestyle change while working with the other changes mentioned in this article, you will see results in less than 6 weeks! If you are taking diabetes medications, work closely with your doctor to adjust your dosage, as you will receive great health benefits.

Whether through the molecular mimicry mentioned in the blog above or through saturated fat, chemicals, hormones and dairy industry fraud, dairy may be the biggest cause of diabetes.

I would also like to extend this to animal proteins that come from meat. It is not known whether it is saturated fat, heme-iron, hormones, or excess AGE products of meat (or a combination of all of the above). But eating less than fifty grams of meat per day is associated with an 8% increase in the incidence of diabetes (the more you eat, the more likely you are to develop diabetes).

Full Article: Food And Beverages Promoting Elderly Health: Six Food Based Dietary Guidelines To Plan Good Mixed Meals For Elderly South Africans

People with diabetes are more prone to coronary artery disease because their blood vessels become clogged with saturated fat from dairy/meat and fatty foods.

Any type of fat (including coconut oil) is empty calories without the nutritional benefits that can otherwise be obtained from different food groups.

Avoid fat or limit it to two-week rewards. Explore oil-free cooking and you’ll be amazed at the variety of cooking you can do.

Diabetic Diet Plan South Africa

If you are reading this and thinking that cutting fat out of your diet is impossible.

Group Based Intervention In A Primary Healthcare Setting Was More Effective For Weight Loss Than Usual Care

I personally like to cook in steamer, pressure cooker, air fryer and oven. Cumin, mustard, bay leaves, whole dry red chillies etc. Try roasting dry spices

At this time, you can add other vegetables with ground spices. Cooking without oil takes a little more time, but is a necessary step in treating yourself.

When you take a grain of wheat and grind it into flour (fine), the starchy endosperm part highlighted in pink/purple in the image above remains.

By further refining or processing the grain, its nutritional value is reduced, but the sugar spike it creates in the body is increased.

Weekly Meal Plan: 5 Worldly Dinner Ideas

Switching from brown rice to white rice makes you 16% more susceptible to diabetes, and in fact, grains are anti-inflammatory and help treat diabetes. Don’t give up whole grains, they’re good for you.

Swap white roti/rice for whole grains like barley, ragi, foxtail millet, quinoa, buckwheat and brown rice. Avoid anything floury or polished, such as bread and white rice.

If you think about it, white rice has little taste. It will add flavor to any dish you cook. Try cooking brown rice and millets instead and eat the same with vegetables/pulses.

Diabetic Diet Plan South Africa

You can make all the changes you want in your diet and exercise program, but if you can’t deal with stress, the rest is pointless.

Diabetic Foods And Diet Plans

In today’s world, are there deadlines to meet, debts to pay and relationships to settle?

There are various ways to manage stress, such as taking time for yourself, exercising, learning time and people management skills and trying to tap into meditation.

Have to work with you

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