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Diabetic Diet Plan For South Indian

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Diabetic Diet Plan For South Indian – Thinking of south Indian or any other Indian diet conjures up images of fatty foods. But there is more to it.

However, compared to the calorie-laden north Indian diet, southern foods can help you in your weight loss journey.

Diabetic Diet Plan For South Indian

Diabetic Diet Plan For South Indian

Why not boost your metabolism with Upma. A healthy porridge made with semolina and vegetables keeps you full for longer. This means you automatically flare less.

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If you are not an upma person, why not start your day with some idlis and chutney? Did you know that WHO also chose idli as one of the healthiest breakfasts? That’s because idlis are fermented, steamed and have only 39 calories. You can easily digest it just like appams and Rava dosa.

Pair your rawa dosa and appams with vegetable curry, coconut chutney or nutritious sambar. Sambar goes well with ragi idlis if you are looking forward to flattening your belly. This is because ragi is an excellent source of fiber that prevents obesity and weight gain. Why is fiber important? read below:

Losing weight is easy with the South Indian diet plan. And believe me, you don’t have to give up traditional recipes or authentic taste. Spices used in South Indian cuisine play a vital role in rapid weight loss.

For example, black and white pepper used to make rasam facilitates digestion. This spice, when combined with turmeric, becomes more powerful against cancer.

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Pepper contains phytonutrients. These phytonutrients help break down fat cells. Eating fresh pepper starts sweating and stimulates the natural fat burning mechanism.

A compound called capsaicin found in hot peppers activates brown fat. The fast-acting nature of pepper improves fat oxidation and energy expenditure.

So don’t fall prey to any paleo or keto diets, these fad diets do not take a holistic approach to fat loss.

Diabetic Diet Plan For South Indian

Remember, no matter what diet you follow, it will always be temporary. That’s because diets come with a target date and serve short-term goals. Watch this video to understand the importance of lifestyle changes over fad diets:

The Threat In South India

When you’re on a diet, you start to see food as a temptation. And because you have a goal to achieve, you avoid it. But the moment you stop your plan, you eat everything you stopped eating.

Lifestyle changes are permanent. You are looking at the big picture of becoming happy, healthy and not escaping as a prisoner.

The South Indian diet is all about pulses, unpolished brown rice vegetables, ata podi. It also contains fresh fruit such as coconut. Do you find anything in common in them? The answer is high fiber. Peanut and coconut chutney, puttu kadala curry, a bowl of chow chow poriyal or cabbage poriyal and Kadalai Paruppu Sundal are high in fiber.

When you have high fiber foods, your body is saved from the metabolic dysfunction that leads to obesity. You also have the freedom to eat as much as you want on a whole plant based diet and not see it grow! Yes! No calorie counting as long as you eat plant based.

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The fiber in almonds and cashews reduces the risk of LDL cholesterol and heart disease due to arginine. Fiber actually helps the body get rid of cholesterol and prevent it from building up.

Foods containing fiber help prevent heart disease. In fact, you can expect to reverse the disease with your rice and sambhar diet!

L-arginine is present in walnuts, it stimulates fat burning in the body. Well, don’t be surprised because it helps reduce obesity.

Diabetic Diet Plan For South Indian

Karnataka: Ragi (millet) and steamed rice dominate Karnataka. You can have ragi/nachnidosas, Korri roti, Kesari baai, bisibela baai, vangi baai and ragi idlis as part of your Karnataka diet.

South Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss

That is because ragi is rich in vitamins, iron, protein and calcium. It helps with weight loss and adds extra fiber to your diet.

You can also stick to Udupi cuisine in Karnataka for weight loss. Use beans, grains, vegetables and fresh fruit. The complete range of vegan foods uses coconut, brown rice and jaggery.

Kerala: Rice, coconut milk and coconuts dominate the cuisine of Kerala. The typical meal combination here is called sadya. Coconuts are rich in healthy fats such as omega-3, MCTs and fibre. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties.

So go for Kadala curry (black chickpeas, onion and coconut oil), appams, ChuvannaCheeraThoran (coconut and red amaranth), pathiris rice and gothambuputtu (flour and grated coconut). For a fat loss plan, I would avoid coconut oil and coconut cream/milk.

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Tamil Nadu: Lentils, lentils and rice dominate the typical Tamil Nadu meal (sappadu). You can have sprouts for breakfast. And brown rice balls pulav or ragi and ladyfinger poriyal for lunch. You can also have an avial, or a medium bowl of Keerai thandu sambar (made with palak stem and tur dal).

Andhra Regions (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana): Andhra Pradesh is the main producer of rice and chillies. Thus, in Telugu food, spices are used liberally, which means the food is extremely hot. You can have idlis and Anapakayasambar (made with bottle protector and dals) for breakfast.

For lunch you can have a medium bowl of brown rice and kollu sambhar (made with gram and sprouted horseradish). Lunch can include Rava upma and ullipaya (a spicy chutney made with tomatoes, onions and tamarind).

Diabetic Diet Plan For South Indian

Dairy products such as ghee or butter and milk are high in galactose. This galactose is the cause of autoimmune diseases. It even causes swelling. Ghee is nothing but saturated fat. It has high AGEs (advanced glycation end products) which contribute to weight gain in women with PCOS. watch this for more:

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So, get your dose of calcium from chia seeds or other types of beans. For lunch, you can choose curd rice with chia seeds, topped with crunchy peanuts.

Dill, spinach, amaranth, brahmi and other vegetables are low in calories but full of nutrients. So, try to start your day with green vegetables as they are rich in flavonoids. Tambuli and keerai poriyal are great ways to include green vegetables in your diet. Try to get at least 50-70 grams of green leafy vegetables in your diet.

Meat and dairy proteins lead to insulin resistance and weight gain. So to burn calories and get into shape from fat, try drinking three cups of beans/lentils a day.

Blood sugar levels rise due to too much sugar. It also increases levels of leptin and insulin resistance. The body then begins to store energy in fat droplets or fat cells, which paves the way for fatty liver disease. Get your sugar fix from fruit, as processed sugar is a big no-no. To help kick your sugar cravings, aim for three cups of fruit a day.

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Drink water before meals as it fills your belly and works as a natural appetite suppressant. Moreover, it keeps you hydrated. Lack of hydration is often mistaken for hunger and mindless eating.

Try to eat up to 50-70 grams of fiber a day. Higher fiber intake is associated with a thinner waistline.

Learn how to cook without oil. Even coconut and olive oil are high in fat and unnecessary calories that you don’t need.

Diabetic Diet Plan For South Indian

Fruit is an excellent appetite suppressant because it has a lot of it. They are also rich in prebiotics, feeding the good bacteria in the gut.

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Eat until 80% of your stomach is full. It’s best to eat without technology if you want to achieve this.

A typical south Indian menu that serves weight loss best includes delicious steamed millet idlis filled with sambhar, simple ragi dosas with saagu and low calorie appams.

You can also have uttapams from the same idli batter but increase the fiber content by adding chopped vegetables like tomato, capsicum, onion. Not only will it increase the taste and fiber content, but it will also lead to weight loss. You can get nutrient rich upma, rasam pepper and fiery thorn and poriyal.

Yes, rice is great for weight loss because it is easy to digest, low in fat, and high in vitamins. However, choose unpolished brown rice over polished white rice, which is low in fiber and less filling. Rice is also a great source of resistant starch, feeding the good bacteria in your gut.

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Working with a nutritionist and changing your lifestyle is the easiest and long term solution to losing weight.

Another method is to calculate your BMR to know your calorie needs. Then, based on your taste buds and the calories you need to eat, draw up a diet chart. Remember, however, that calorie counting doesn’t always work, and it’s not a very scientific method.

Who says you have to eat oats to lose fat? South Indian Khana ghar ka bana can be 10 times more effective for fast weight loss. Opt for a plate of steamed idlis, closer dosas or appams to keep the flab at bay. Go the traditional route of getting thorns, poriyals, pudu. And choose the highly nutritious rasam to see amazing results.

Diabetic Diet Plan For South Indian

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Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan

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