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Ayurvedic Diet For Urticaria

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Ayurvedic Diet For Urticaria – Hives are also known as hives or are caused by an allergic reaction. Hives appear on the body as red, raised, itchy rashes. Urticaria papules can be of different shapes and sizes, but they usually look like nettle stings. An important characteristic of hives is that, although the rash may persist for weeks, individual lesions usually disappear within a day and usually last only a few hours.

In some patients with chronic common urticaria, the release of histamine from mast cells in the skin is triggered by factors circulating in the blood, such as antibodies directed against their own cells, a process known as autoimmunity.

Ayurvedic Diet For Urticaria

Ayurvedic Diet For Urticaria

The bumps, known as papules, appear as a pinkish or red rash on the skin in an oval or round shape. They can sting a lot and have a red glow nearby.

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In some cases, hives can last several days. People with chronic hives may have warning signs for months or years.

Beehives in Ayurveda can be correlated with “Sheetapitta”. Sheeta-pitta contains two words where sheeta means cold and pitta means heat. Therefore, it is due to the greater control of “cold” over “hot”.

All Ayurvedic treatments will be customized by the doctor only after a detailed consultation. Treatments can be changed based on individual strength. Hives is a skin rash caused by medications, foods, stress, or other irritants. Symptoms include bumpy, itchy, red or discolored skin. Urticaria is also known as hives.

It occurs when the body reacts to an allergen (antigen). Antigen-antibody complex developed, releases histamine and other chemicals under the surface of the skin. This leads to inflammation and accumulation of fluid under the skin called hives.

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In Ayurveda, all skin diseases are explained in Kushta Roga (means Skin Diseases). But some allergic conditions like Sheetpitta, Udard, Kotha are explained separately. Allergic manifestation is mentioned under the concept of Satmya (tolerance) and Asatmya (intolerance) in Ayurveda. Due to similar symptomatology, urticaria is correlated with Sheetpitta.

It develops suddenly and lasts less than six weeks. The causes will be respiratory allergens, food allergens, psychological factors and any infection or medication.

It occurs in very few cases and the rashes persist for more than six weeks or months or years. The causes will be hereditary, autoimmune and idiopathic.

Ayurvedic Diet For Urticaria

“The factors that cause hives are usually other things besides the infection, although they can be hormonal changes. It may be from a virus. It could even be emotional stress or an allergen or some kind of allergy that you have.”

Pdf) Ayurvedic Management Of Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

Sheetpitta, Udard and Kotha are explained separately in Ayurveda. Sheetpitta is also called Udard, Kotha and Utkotha. This group is Sheetpitta correlated with Urticaria due to its similar symptoms.

Before the onset of disease, the body produces some symptoms which is called Purvarupa. Urticaria purvarupa is:

The various stages of formation of any disease in Ayurveda are called Samprapti. Vitilized Vata (Vital Force) and Vitilized Kapha (Vital Force) due to cold weather and exposure to cold wind get mixed with Pitta (Vital Force). These three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) spread all over the body (under the skin) and a red itchy rash occurs with itching sensation and this condition is Sheetpitta.

Stress can make hives worse. With the help of Yoga, reduce stress through its techniques that promote relaxation through Deep Breathing. Yoga and asanas that are helpful in hives are as follows:

Siddhanta Ayurveda, Multi Speciality Clinic In Marathahalli, Bangalore

Acharya Chakradutta clearly and systematically described the Shamana Chikitsa of Sheetapitta giving considerable importance to Doshagati (transit of doshas). He advised that people suffering from Sheetapitta can get Sheeta or Ushna aahara and Paniyas keeping in mind the due of Doshagati. Acharya Bhavaprakasha described Sodhana (purificatory), Shamana (palliative) and Bahi Parimarjana Chikitsa (external therapies) in Sheetapitta.

Therefore, at IAFA® we offer certain treatment measures following Ayurvedic principles for the Ayurvedic treatment of urticaria (hives). These treatment measures include internal medicines and external therapies along with purifying therapies.

The IAFA of Dr. Gupta is committed to bringing about change through Ayurveda in the way people perceive health care. IAFA ensures that we take care of all your health needs.

Ayurvedic Diet For Urticaria

Answer: Ayurveda works on the single cause of disease in the most natural way. Acting on all aspects, not just the skin, it restores the three doshas (vital forces) of the body. The perfectly chosen IAFA urticaria treatment plan can help get rid of the itching, papules and also correct the hypersensitivity of the immune system responsible for the hives. Ayurvedic medicines are amazing to not only relieve itching and get rid of hives, but also prevent recurrence.

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Question: Will I need to take steroids for my hives condition for the rest of my life? Will it not lead to any kind of side effects?

Answer: Corticosteroid pills will alter or suppress the immune system and temporarily reduce allergic reactions. It is always used in severe attacks of hives or any life-threatening condition. The side effects of regular corticosteroid intake cause a wide range of complications such as stretch marks, weight gain, hair loss, hormonal imbalances or Cushing’s syndrome, anemia and many more serious adverse effects are commonly known.

Answer: Hives are also likely a sign of other health problems within the body. Therefore, IAFA focuses beyond the symptoms to address the root cause. Several factors increase the chances of having hives:

Answer: Yes, Ayurvedic medicines and lifestyle change can help you get out of the disease and feel better.

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Answer: If Nidan Parivarjan (disease causing factors in the patient’s diet and lifestyle) is done, there will be no chance of relapse again.

Answer: Angioedema: swelling of the tissue below the surface of the skin can be confused or associated with hives. It can be caused by allergic reactions, medications or a hereditary deficiency of some enzymes. The following symptoms may indicate angioedema:

The best way to identify your symptoms is to talk to an Ayurvedic allergist who can diagnose and treat urticaria and angioedema.

Ayurvedic Diet For Urticaria

Answer: Hives is a symptom and is not contagious. The causative factor of hives can be contagious and the causes of hives must be ruled out as there are viruses, bacteria and parasites that can cause hives.

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Answer: Yes, absolutely. Urticaria can be treated much more safely, anciently or holistically with Ayurveda.

The target of Ayurvedic treatment is the T-cells of the patient’s immune system, NOT just the superficial skin symptoms.

The goal is to eliminate the root of hives by “calming” or regulating (but not suppressing) the overactive immune system that responds erratically and excessively to harmless substances.

This is the extraordinary scope and reach of Ayurveda!! 5000 years to date, hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from it, while millions more are experiencing the amazing healing powers of Ayurveda to successfully thwart this frustrating, irritating and potentially serious disease.

Effect Of Vamana In Chronic Autoimmune Urticaria: A Nonresponding Case To Steroids And Cyclosporine Sharma P, Sharma B

Answer: Yes, Ayurveda can effectively treat urticaria by eliminating dosha and purifying body toxins with Ayurvedic medicines for internal and external use.

Answer: There are several causes of urticaria such as: excessive intake of salty and spicy food, exposure to cold wind, sleep during the day, improper vomiting, etc. dosha and cause hives.

Answer: Most of the time patients get symptomatic relief only because the underlying pathology is not properly treated, but if the underlying pathology is treated under the guidance of an Ayurvedic specialist, there will be no relapse.

Ayurvedic Diet For Urticaria

Answer: It depends on the condition and severity of the disorder. Treatment may be necessary for a few weeks to several months.

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Ayurvedic Diet For Urticaria

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