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Arthritis Diet In Marathi

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Arthritis Diet In Marathi – At the end of the study, it was found that a plant-based diet can help reduce the pain associated with arthritis.

There is a perception that arthritis occurs only in the elderly. While it is true that aging and wear and tear from overuse of the joints is the cause, in recent years the incidence of arthritis in adults has increased due to a sedentary lifestyle. The disease is characterized by stiffness, swelling and pain in the joints and is caused by sitting for long periods of time and wearing a tie. Generally, arthritis means inflammation of the joints. However, this condition also includes many other joint-related disorders.

Arthritis Diet In Marathi

Arthritis Diet In Marathi

There are also several types of arthritis. For example, rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, is an autoimmune disease that attacks healthy cells in the body, causing inflammation. Needless to say, it is a disease characterized by intense pain, and patients often end up using or worse, dependent on painkillers. However, simple lifestyle changes can help you manage this condition better.

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A study published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine found that a vegan diet is the key to relief from rheumatoid arthritis. It helps if a vegan diet is low fat without calorie restriction. Not only does it improve joint health, it also helps reduce obesity and cholesterol levels.

The study divided 44 adults with rheumatoid arthritis into two groups for 16 weeks. The first group followed a vegan diet for four weeks, then reintroduced the complementary foods for the next three weeks, and then individually reintroduced the modified foods for nine weeks.

The second group did not follow any diet and ate whatever they wanted. They were simply given a placebo capsule, which had no effect in the study. After 16 weeks, both groups switched diets. At the end of the study, it was found that a plant-based diet can help reduce the pain associated with arthritis. Studies have shown that those who follow a vegan diet have lower inflation and lower levels of LDL and HDL cholesterol. They also lost weight.

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Marathi food is a combination of mild and spicy food. Maharashtrians consider Marathi food more austere than others.

Just the word ‘pav bhaji’ makes me drool. Food is an integral part of Maharashtra’s cultural heritage. Because each subregion represents its own unique story.

Being the third largest state in terms of land area, Maharashtra is distinct in its cuisine and eating habits. There are also significant differences in the use of spices.

Arthritis Diet In Marathi

There are few dishes for Marathi food. These include pitla, bhakri, bharleli vangi and ukdiche modak. Also aluchi patal bhaji, talipeet, pav bhaji, puran poli, shrikhand and vada pav. Additionally, missal pav, Mumbai chaat, puneri missal, sambar vada and selucha chana, all hail from Maharashtra. Fabbox: Veggie Chips

It spreads over various landscapes such as coastal areas, highlands and large rivers. The basic diet of most Marathas is lacto-vegetarian. Many communities like Brahmins or members of the Varkari sect follow this diet. However, parts of the coastal, northern and eastern regions follow a meat-centric diet.

Based on geographical location, cuisine can be classified into five important sub-regions. There are Konkan (coastal), Khandesh (north), Vidarbha (east), Marathwada (central) and Desh (west).

For example, the Konkan food culture is rich in fish, coconut and its milk, which are part of the pescetarian diet. Moreover, Khandesh or the northern border of Maharashtra is the land of ‘Kala masala’. The prepared food is spicy with various grilled and baked ingredients. The food of Vidarbha state is Marathi food. Foods here include whole grains, sun-dried vegetables, beans, and black pepper.

Marathwada is a rural and agricultural community. The dry climate and nutrient-rich volcanic soil are ideal for agriculture. You are sure to find delicious rice concoctions, curries and local specialty chutneys. One such chutney is the Solapur chutney.

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Desh or western region is Puna or Brahmin food, Maratha warrior food – warrior diet. It is a mild and sweet vegetarian dish containing mainly legumes, grains and roots. Different types of flour are used in everyday food.

A typical breakfast includes pohe, misal, shera, upma and sabudana khichadi. It also has phodnicha Bhat and thalipeeth. A simple rustic dish might include dal, bhaaji, bhakari, raw onions and pickled vegetables. In urban areas, the food is a bit more refined with a combination of:

Marathi cuisine is influenced by many historical dynasties, rulers and saints. This diversity is found in different diets in five major geographic regions.

Arthritis Diet In Marathi

Over the centuries, Maharashtra has seen dynasties such as the Satavahanas and the Chalukyas. Also there were Dnyaneshwar, Namdev, Tukaram and Mughal, saints of the Varakari religious movement.

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Marathi food or traditional Marathi food can be really healthy. Over time, as the street food culture developed, the traditional food took a modern twist. Come to think of it, the moment I say Mumbai you think vada pav. An authentic Marathi thali rarely crosses your mind.

When it comes to the benefits of a Marathi diet, home-cooked meals with seasonal vegetables are the best. Maharashtrian cuisine has variety, variety of herbs and flavors.

However, the further we move away from traditional cooking methods, the more processed and unhealthy foods we find. Some of these processed foods are fried foods dipped in oil, dairy products like mutton, ghee and milk. As mentioned earlier, consuming these types of food products can cause many health problems.

. These are all foods that increase saturated fat and cholesterol. Instead of helping you stay fit, these foods increase obesity.

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It is optimal to include whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. It is recommended to reduce the consumption of meat products, salt and high-fat dairy products. But what about Ghee? Check it out:

A study by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Project in Maharashtra looked at dietary habits. According to this study, consumption of whole foods has declined dramatically over time, replacing dairy and meat.

Therefore, we are seeing an increase in health problems such as obesity. Other diseases like PCOS, thyroid, high blood pressure and diabetes are also on the rise.

Arthritis Diet In Marathi

Growing up in Mumbai, my father would look for every opportunity to tell me childhood stories about the days when he only had enough money to eat two vada pavs for lunch.

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The lifeline of every Mumbaikar, Vada Pav is a street food in almost every corner of the city. You don’t need to be a nutritionist to know that there is nothing healthy in maida or fried aalo.

Since it is a fried snack, a lot of oil is used. It also adds a lot of calories, and the food loses water and absorbs fat. This increases its calorie content. Such foods are high in trans fats. This can lead to many health problems. Problems like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

The fries themselves aren’t bad. Potatoes contain a large amount of resistant starch that helps improve gut health. Baked or air vada with mint and coriander chutney is a better choice! Instead, make a chaat plate with roasted vadas, various chutneys and onions. Delicious!

Sabudana is a favorite among Indians, especially on fasting days. But it does more harm than good to your body. While the sabudana seeds themselves are good, the deep frying process does more harm than good.

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Instead, try baking sabudana vadas or sabudana khichdi for an oil-free dish. This allows you to get all the benefits of grains and vegetables.

A staple Maharashtrian snack, Misal Pav is a pulse based dish. It is poured with spicy oil and flavored with pavra. Now, given its sprouts and lentils, the main ingredients can be healthy. Just avoid oil and add all the spices like garlic, ginger and chili to make your food delicious.

Replace this dish with a healthy ‘apron’, a Maharashtrian dal dish. You can also make a cabbage salad with chopped vegetables and some herbs and spices to taste.

Arthritis Diet In Marathi

Chicken and mutton, which are popular among the Maharashtrian population, are very unhealthy. Also, they don’t have enough nutritional requirements. In addition, they are carcinogenic and increase the risk of developing tumors.

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. Jackfruit is known to be a nutritious superfood. Additionally, both tofu and tempeh are made from soybeans. Tempeh contains a lot of protein, calcium, iron and potassium at the same time. While the plant does not contain cholesterol, tofu contains calcium, iron and nine essential amino acids.

The famous modaks prepared during the Ganpati festival may not be so bad. However,

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