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500 Calorie Diet Results Before And After

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500 Calorie Diet Results Before And After – HCG Diet Reviews and Results Motivation to Lose Weight with the hCG Diet Success Stories Real People – Real Stories

We’re officially at over 80 episodes of hCG diet interviews with everyday people! Where’s the party hat emoji when you need it? Wow, I can’t even believe it.

500 Calorie Diet Results Before And After

500 Calorie Diet Results Before And After

Nathan lost 110 pounds in 6 months with the hCG diet plan. Bee went from a US size 28 to a size 8 in pants. Ginn lost 80 pounds on this protocol. Bonnie went from a size 12 to a size 2 with hCG despite being in menopause. Sabrina had her body fat tested before and after this diet and it was shown that 93% of the weight she lost was FAT. All these hCG diet results are the results of ordinary people.

Alternate Day Fasting And Weight Lifting Helped Me Lose 108 Lbs

The BIGGEST thing that made me feel confident enough to try hCG injections (I mean who decides to inject the hormone very easily? Not me!) was REAL people I found on YouTube sharing their own personal way did when they did this diet.

How many websites have you visited that sell hCG, be it drops or injections, prescription or homeopathic, that have a picture of a smiling skinny person reaching for the waist of a pair of oversized jeans that are several sizes too big ?

Most likely, the kind of pictures we see on these pages didn’t lose any weight at all on the hCG diet, and it’s a big question if these people were EVER overweight to begin with – more than likely they’re just models being paid to pose. big jeans right?

I guess the point is that these types of pictures make us excited when we see them, but they’re actually NOT REAL – whatever diet product you’re looking at, don’t you want to see the REAL results people have gotten? use it?

Ease (online Monthly Fitness Membership)

BTW, I had to pay $15 to use the photo above. It was worth it to speak my mind.

I hope you can see that I am a real person who not only lost weight, but also lost weight using a real hCG diet (see my personal results here: My hCG Story, My hCG Diet Review, and Timeline of My HCG Weight Loss) .

These are real photos, unretouched and unaltered to make the change look more drastic. I realize I’m not a MODEL in the next photo – I’m now a healthy, fit, normal woman, with some excess skin left over from weight loss and pregnancy to prove it. And being a comfortable size 4 for a year and a half and now for 5 YEARS (yes, I’ve maintained a stinky size for 5 years since November 2017) is definitely nothing to scoff at. These are REAL results you can actually get if you check out this protocol.

500 Calorie Diet Results Before And After

But I also wanted to interview other regulars I found on places like YouTube and Facebook who had completely transformed their bodies and lives with this amazing protocol.

Hcg Diet Info Forums: Hcg Diet Plan Guidance & Support

After gathering the experiences of many others who have also done this protocol by talking to them, I thought it would be a good way to continue the learning journey without making things too stale. And boy, it turned out to be more inspiring than I could have ever imagined!

Not to mention great fun. Somehow I feel like the people who are willing to do something as seemingly new as the hCG protocol end up being really cool people.

Each person’s hCG story is unique and contains some pearls of wisdom that we can benefit from to help us either lose weight or keep it off.

Whether you have thyroid problems, post-menopausal weight gain, binge eating due to emotional issues, a history of an eating disorder, or are a mother with children you want to be a role model for, you may be able to understand their starting point in some way. which makes you inspire that YES you can do this protocol and also be successful.

Luke Zocchi Spills The Calories On Chris Hemsworth’s Superhero Diet

These interviews are with real people, of all ages, health conditions and life circumstances – we need to see others who have had similar problems as us lose weight with hCG to convince us that the same is possible for us.

Elaina and I originally did our skype interview in 2017, it didn’t start working until 2019 – but in a way it’s great because as soon as we posted Elaina’s interview, she emailed me sent to let me know she is still keeping up with P3toLife! Almost 2.5 years later. This was the first time she maintained her hCG weight loss after 4 rounds of hCG and also without correction.

Here, Melynda lost 69 pounds thanks to the hCG menopause diet and hormone replacement therapy. She used homeopathic hCG drops. She did 4 rounds of 45 days with 6-8 weeks of maintenance in between. Since losing her initial weight, she has maintained her ideal weight for 7 years with hCG rounds.

500 Calorie Diet Results Before And After

Jessica lost 49 pounds with hCG injections. She did 3 laps and this is by far her easiest P3 ever. She also lost almost 10 pounds while on the P3tolife program

Diet And Exercise For Transgender People

I am honored to host an ongoing resource here on the blog for group and private hCG diet and post-diet coaching with the lovely Adele Frizzell. Here is our four-part interview with Debbie and Merek. Enjoy it!

Julie maintained her hCG weight loss with the P3tolife program. She is 52 years old and lost 23 pounds during a 45 day hCG cycle. “If it wasn’t for P3toLife, I would have been eating game from day one of P3, not knowing how to eat, and going right back to my terrible nighttime ice cream habit.” – Julia

Ken lost mostly 110 pounds with hCG. He used hCG injections. His dose was 200iu-210iu. His shirt size changed from 3XL to Large and his waist size from 44/46 to 36

Becky used hCG injections with b12. She lost 30 pounds in 52 days. And lost another 2 pounds in P3.

I Lost 110 Pounds, And This Is The #1 Thing That Helped Me — Eat This Not That

She has been on many diets and has never gone from dieting to lifelong eating. With the help of the P3tolife program, she did not need a make-up day in phase 3 of the hCG diet.

Cinmayi is 62 years old and a vegetarian. She lost 78 pounds and kept the weight off for 3 years. She hit menopause, which led to weight gain through comfort eating and hormonal changes, before doing another round.

Kim, 53, completed one 73-day round of hCG on a 700-calorie protocol during P2. She successfully managed this and since then she has maintained her weight loss for over 5 months. Her starting weight was 214 pounds, and after another 4 weeks on P3 she lost another 10 pounds, bringing her to 158 pounds​​​​.

500 Calorie Diet Results Before And After

Linda’s starting weight was 154.5 pounds. She is 61 years old and has had one 6-week round of hCG injections. Her post-hCG weight loss at P3 onwards is 7.5lbs and has been stable and successfully maintained for over 8 months. The hCG protocol helped Linda lose 26 pounds in just one round!

Calorie Workouts You Can Do In 30 Minutes

Heather is 57 years old. Her starting weight was 236 pounds and her average weight loss per day on hCG is 0.54 pounds. She stayed on hCG for 23 weeks, without a break, and lost 87 pounds in 161 days. She was taking Bioidenticals (progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, vitamin D3). She used injections and her doses were around 220 and adjusted to 175 as needed.

Adele losing 28 pounds is amazing! She is going through menopause, has Hashimoto’s disease and hypothyroidism. A powerlifter, she stayed active while keeping the protocol and following the 800-1000 calorie version of the hCG diet. She also tried different types of hCG: injections, homeopathic drops and RX pellets.

Lyndsay lost 50 pounds with Simeon’s original hCG diet protocol and 21 pounds of that was through P3tolife! She used hCG injections at 150iu for almost the entire round. Weight aside, her total inch loss was 52.5 inches! She also shared some tips and tricks that she found in phase 3 with pure success.

Lori did a 40-day round of the hCG diet and initially dropped from 157 pounds to 129 pounds, then continued to lose more weight and further dropped to 125 pounds. She has struggled with weight most of her life and has tried many low-calorie diets in the past without success. He is also an advocate of the ketogenic diet and shares his article on the Keto diet in his interview.

How Samara Blasted Belly Fat

Teresa, 58, is 6 years postmenopausal and had health problems before starting the hCG diet. She had problems with her back, knees, legs, type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea. She has done both homeopathic hCG drops and hCG injections and shared her findings. She started at 225.8 lbs and is currently at 191.5 lbs and has used the p3tolife program to successfully maintain her weight loss.

Mary is a vegetarian who has weight problems

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Sarah Hi I'm Sarah, I like to write anything about health, healthy food and other health tips. Healthy living has become a necessity in this day and age, where the body needs good nutrition. Hopefully my writing can be useful for all.

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